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Why Teslas Powerwall Battery Is Amazing

All of humanity just won a really important victory in our battle to lower the CO2 emissions that are causing climate change. Tesla CEO Elon Musk introduced the world to the Powerwall, a wallmounted battery for your house which aims to accelerate our transition to clean solar and windpower. Before the powerwall, there was no way to store the energy generated from the panels that capture sunlight on our roofs. So during the day they could give you the power you needed, but at night, you had to rely on the grid, which gets most of its.

Electricity from coal, natural gas, and nuclear reactors. There had been some early home batteries out there, but nothing that was nearly this affordable. But Tesla, which has built thousands of large, lithiumion battery packs for its growing electric car business, was able to produce a similar battery for buildings at a scale that dropped the production costs dramatically. The lowest capacity model will cost just $3,000. And this is the first generation of the productbefore Tesla's even completed building its massive new Gigafactory, or any real competitors have entered the market, events that will surely push the price down.

Even further, while increasing the energy storage capacity of the Powerwall. Here's how it works. When the sun is out, solar panels will power your house and charge the Powerwall at the same time. And when the sun goes down, this charged battery will kick in to meet most or all of your electricity needs until the sun comes back up again the next morning. This is gamechanging. More and more people will go completely offgrid. Every building whether it's a home, office, business, warehouse, factory they can all.

Install solar panels and some Powerwalls and instantly see their fossil fuelgenerated electricity needs drop significantly. Not every building will be able to go completely solarpowered, but most will get pretty close, especially as our appliances become more and more energy efficient. And it gets even better. The powerwall will be connected to the Internet and the rest of the energy grid. Here in Southern California, and most other heavily populated places, the electricity company charges us a lot more when we use electricity during peak timethat's in the afternoon and early evening when the temperatures are warmest and most of us are.

Home and still awake. The Tesla battery is smart, and knows when electricity is cheapest, so that's when it will draw from the grid to charge itself. And then, during peak time when you need electricity, the battery will power the house. Sometimes, you'll be able to sell back unused power to the utility company during peak time to even make a profit. It's basically going to make each individual building its own power station. Overnight, Tesla seems less a futuristic car company, and more like the man who inspired the company's name, a revolutionary electricity engineer named Nikola.

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Today germany produces one third of its entire energy using solar and wind. so lets explore how the solar fan works. this is the solar propeller and this is a small toy motor and now you affix this plastic fan to the axle of the motor. there are two leads coming out of this toy motor. these are attached to two screws and the motor is mounted on a wooden stand. the propeller must rotate freely. this is the solar panel. this is the underside of the solar panel from where the two leads are coming out and are attached to two crocodile.

Energy 101 Wind Turbines

MR. We've all seen those creaky old windmills on farms, and although they may seem about as lowtech as you can get, those old windmills are the predecessors for new modern wind turbines that generate electricity. The same wind that used to pump water for cattle is now turning giant wind turbines to power cities and homes. OK, have a look at this wind farm in the California desert, a hot desert next to tall mountains an ideal place for a lot of wind. Here's another one on the windy prairies of Wyoming.

Now, today's wind turbines are much more complicated machines than the old prairie windmills, but the principle is the same. Both capture the wind's energy. OK, here's how it works. First, a wind turbine blade works sort of like an airplane wing. Blowing air passes around both sides of the blade. The shape of the blade causes the air pressure to be uneven higher on one side of the blade and lower on the other and that's what makes it spin. The uneven pressure causes the blades to spin around the center.

Of the turbine. On the top, there's a weather vane that's connected to a computer to keep the turbine turned into the wind so it captures the most energy. Now, the blades are attached to a shaft which only turns about 18 revolutions a minute, and that's not nearly fast enough to generate electricity by itself. So the rotor shaft spins a series of gears that increase the rotation up to about 1,800 revolutions per minute. And at that speed, a generator can produce a lot of electricity. So why are wind turbines so tall Well, the higher up you go, the windier it is more.

George Shultz Walks The Talk On Clean Energy

Sound. Stanford University. gtgt It's not a matter of opinion, it's a matter of fact, that the globe is warming. We should be looking at ways to lessen our dependance on oil at all. And that's why I like my electric car, my Nissan LEAF. You gotta talk about the subject, you gotta walk to talk, you gotta do it yourself. Just take the plug out, and put that over that thing. sound Put that in. I use practically every day. Over to campus and back, or over to the shopping center,.

Or the golf course or wherever I want to go. No problem. Then, I drive it up to San Francisco. Get in the car. And I'm all set to go. I have solar panels on the roof of my house here at Stanford. They've long since paid for themselves by the savings in electricity costs. sound And I have my electric car running on electricity from the sun which costs me nothing and there's plenty of it here. So I'm driving on sunshine. Take that Ahmadinejad. sound Gas station You ask me about a gas station, what's that And you talk to the guys at.

Stanford, or MIT or elsewhere, who are working on batteries. They just know that five years from now they're going to be a lot better. So we are getting somewhere and it's important to keep that going. Keep that pressure on for RD. What you do today is going to have a big impact on the future. I have three and soon to be four great grandchildren so I'm thinking, I've got to do what I can to see that they have a decent world. And if we let this go on and on the way that it's going right.

Sahil Doshi Solving the worlds problems at 15

I've always liked science. I've always liked building different projects just different contraptions that could come from my imagination. As a matter of fact when I was in second grade I tried to make my own Xray machine using a bunch of magnifying lenses. I mean, that didn't work out, but that's the kind of the drive that I had. TEXT Sahil Doshi America's Top Young Scientist Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge My name is Sahil Doshi, I'm a 15yearold, and I invented Pollucell, which is a carbon dioxide battery.

That uses recycled materials and carbon dioxide to generate electricity. Here you have the silverplated copper guitar string and the aluminum foil, both of which are commonly recycled items. Since a young age I've always been a problem solver. And so when the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge came up, I decided that I wanted to solve problems that affected the most people. The basis of this idea is to target two worldwide problems. One is global carbon dioxide pollution and two is the energy crisis in developing countries. People my age are starting to realize the potential for clean energy and that's where we're moving forward.

We're moving away from using natural resources to generate energy. We're trying to go towards solar energy, wind energy and alternative forms of energy. My dream job would probably be leading a company that develops these sort of lifechanging technologies and improves the lives of people, because I think that it's important to access a global audience and to create technologies that people can use on a daily basis, and hopefully with these technologies that I develop the world becomes a better place and we slowly and slowly move toward eradicating problems like climate change.

SolarCity Unveils Worlds Most Efficient Rooftop Solar Panel with more than 22 Module Efficiency.

The Sun provides endless energy, but the average solar cell panel can convert only 14 to 20 of the energy it collects into usable electricity. Now, American energy company SolarCity has built the world's most efficient rooftop solar panel, with a module efficiency exceeding 22 percent. The new SolarCity panel generates more power per square foot and harvests more energy over a year than any other rooftop panel in production, and will be the highest volume solar panel manufactured in the Western Hemisphere. SolarCity will begin producing the first modules in small quantities this month at its 100.

MW pilot facility, but the majority of the new solar panels will ultimately be produced at SolarCity's 1 GW facility in Buffalo, New York. SolarCity expects to be producing between 9,000 10,000 solar panels each day with similar efficiency when the Buffalo facility reaches full capacity. SolarCity's panel was measured with 22.04 percent modulelevel efficiency by Renewable Energy Test Center, a thirdparty certification testing provider for photovoltaic and renewable energy products. SolarCity's new panel is created via a proprietary process that significantly reduces the manufacturing cost relative to other highefficiency technologies, and it.

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