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Pika Energy Company overview and a look at the wind turbine nacelle

Hi this is amy from the alte store. we’re here on location in westbrook, maine at pika energy and I’m here with Andrew Hickok. Hi Amy, Welcome, Thank you very much. So it is a beautiful November day so I thought we come out and take a look at your place. So can you tell me a little bit about Pika Energy? Sure well Pika Energy is a manufacturer of solar and wind powered electronic products and small wind turbines. So the facility that we’re at here is in Westbrook, Maine, just outside of Portland, we have a.

13 person dedicated team that we have been manufacturing here since 2013, manufacturing mainly our wind turbines here, we also ship out our inverter/charge controller products here as well,. So we provide both grid tied, off grid and starting in 2016 islanding inverter products for the residential and commercial market. So we’re gonna actually do another tutorial getting a tour inside as well so thank you very much. Yeah well let’s check it out! Alright. Hi I’m Amy from the altE Store we are here again.

In westbrook, maine at pika energy and i’m here with chip means and he’s giving me a tour around the place. Hi there. Hi Amy. Thanks for coming. My pleasure. So what do we have here? This is the t701 wind turbine in mid production here so this is one of the steps in the process where the nacelle of the turbine is an aluminum casting here. It’s being outfitted with our circuit board and this is the control mechanism for the data that runs through the same wires as the power transmission on our system that reads the.

Microgrid. the other element that this board has is a grid rectifier to bring the wild AC current from the alternator up to that 380VDC inverter, and this right here is a close up of the slip ring assembly, for a brush pup. This is when the turbine is moving around , yawing in the wind , this stays stationary and the turbine moves around it so the wires dont get tangled or anything. Right over its harness right here and what we do with the brush pup is we add double redundant alloy brushes so they can’t fail as easily.

In fact we have some simulations set up here that we can show you where we have been simulating high wind conditions for several years and proving that our brush pup assembly is really resilient and strong. Which is a point of failure on some other turbines so we really sought in our designs to overcome that . And then here is what would be the front of the turbine when it is up and spinning. This is the blade hub right here so the blade is attached up here, and you get a shroud on the nacelle pop it on the tower and thats your wind turbine.

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