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The GEN Renewable Energy For Your Home

I was tired of paying so much for electricity, so I decided to generate my own. Hi. My name is Marcio Pugina, and this is my invention the GEN. It's an electrical generator that combines wind and solar technology into one compact unit. For over 2 years, I've generated about 50 of my own electricity, and I'm working on a newer model that will generate up to 70. For a long time my wife and I wanted to produce our own electricity, but the only options available were solar panels and windmills, and they can cost up to 50,000 dollars. It.

Just didn't make financial sense. Plus, what happens when it's not windy or when it's dark We certainly didn't want to buy both. Solar panels and windmills also draw a lot of attention, and many cities and homeowner associations won't allow them. So that's when I said to myself, I'm an engineer. I'll just come up with my own invention. So after working in my garage for over a year, I came up with, the GEN. The GEN combines wind and solar technology. Since it's not always sunny, and it's not.

Always windy, this allows the GEN to produce a more consistent flow of electricity. Because the GEN is relatively small, it costs a lot less than the alternatives, it fits comfortably on your roof, much like an air conditioner, and it's more broadly accepted by cities and homeowner associations. The first month after we set it up, I got the power bill in the mail, and I was shocked. It was cut in half. I was so excited I called my husband right away. He thought I had won the lottery or something.

We are excited about the GEN, and we want to make it affordable for everyone. Our goal is to offer the improved model for 6000 dollars. Depending on where you live, you can actually get back enough tax and energy credits so that you end up paying nothing. Let's say that where you live, the GEN still costs you 3000 dollars. Compare that to the alternatives. Even after tax and energy credits, solar panels on half your roof would cost 20,000 dollars, and a windmill would cost 30,000. Now let's say you spend $150 per month on electricity. This is the average American.

Electric bill. And if you produce 50 of your own electricity, you save 75 dollars per month. At this rate, the solar panels would take approximately 22 years to pay off. With an average lifespan of 25 years, the solar panels give you only 3 years of free energy. The windmill would take about 33 years to pay off. With an average lifespan of 20 years, a windmill would never pay for itself. The GEN, on the other hand, would take only about 3 years to pay off. With an average.

Lifespan of 20 years, that gives you up to 17 years of free energy! Not only does the GEN make financial sense, it helps you become selfsufficient and better prepared in the case of a natural disaster or power outage. Plus it's safe for the environment. A lot of people have been asking me, So Marcio, when can I get one of those Well, that's where you come in. We need your help to raise $60,000 so we can begin manufacturing the GEN. The one I have on my roof has worked great so far, but it's just a prototype. The newer model is a patent.

Pending design, with additional solar panels and an improved alternator and wind turbine, and it will be manufactured here in the U.S. And it will generate as much as 70 of the electricity you need. We need a minimum of $60,000 to get started, but the fact is, the more money we raise, the more GENs we can manufacture at a lower cost, making it more affordable for everyone. So please, click the green button to donate, and help us make the GEN a reality. You'll even get a cool reward when you do.


During winters we wear dark clothes because they absorb a lot more heat. to do this experiment take two aluminium cans. one colored black and the other should be shiny aluminium. now fill both the cans with same amount of water. fill both the cans to the to. then take two thermometers and place one in each can and measure initial temperature of the water. then keep these cans in the sun outside for almost 3 hours. after 3 hours you will be surprised that the temperature of the black can would have risen by 6.5 degrees. which.

Rural Australia and the Renewable Energy Target

The drought, it's awe consuming. You come home and you know that you're going to have to try and sleep and get up and do it all again. We were approached to host a wind farm, we're reaping the benefits of a decision in a really tough time through the drought. If the government cut the renewable energy target, all of that opportunity has disappeared overnight, it's gone offshore. The best way to support famers is to have a stable renewable energy target that encourages investment in regional Australia. I'm not a scientist, I'm not an economist either, but it's pretty simple isn't it.

Alternative and Clean Energy Talking About Renewable Energy Sources English Conversation Lessons

Welcome to twominenglish. Teaching you English through twominute lessons. In this lesson you will learn how to talk about alternative and clean energy. Sometimes I'm afraid of these wind farms. Don't you think those large fans will break if a hurricane comes Don't think of crazy things like that! They're way too heavy and strong to be blown over by a hurricane I was just wondering. It seems we have no electricity problems now, though. Thanks to renewable energy! By the way, why is it called renewable energy Because this energy is created by natural sources, like the sun and the wind, which are not exhausted when they're used.

They don't produce any pollution either, right They don't produce any pollution either, right Correct! That's why they are also called clean energy. Hans, what are you're doing on the roof I'm installing a solarpanel roof! Goodbye, power bills! You mean you'll put solar panels on your roof Yup! My roof tiles were old, anyway. Great idea, but what about the rainy season That'll be fine, I didn't disconnect the power cables. So, you'll use both. Man, I should get a solar roof, too! Of course you should, you'll save money and help the environment!.

Billy, have you noticed there's something different about the city You're right! It feels a bit livelier than before. What's different I think it has something to do with the taxis! Taxis The new Mayor ordered all the taxis and public transport to use clean fuels that do not produce much pollution. Thanks to the Mayor, this city doesn't stink of oil or smoke anymore! The electricity bill is killing me! They're going to raise the rates again! I think it's better to switch to alternative energies. You mean solar energy.

For us, yes! But there are other types too, like nuclear power and wind power. Yeah! I heard they are also extracting energy from the ocean and seas. That's right. They can even make energy from garbage! Hmmm.That'll really help us control pollution. Sometimes I'm afraid of these wind farms. It seems we have no electricity problems now, though. They don't produce any pollution either, right I'm installing a solarpanel roof! Man, I should get a solar roof, too! You'll save money and help the environment! I think it's better to switch to alternative energies.

Renewable Energy Services Wind Resource Assessment

How do I know if my site is right for wind energy What is the right layout for my site's unique terrain How can I maximize power production Will my project get financed Will my investment pay off over time From sophisticated measurement and analysis, to accurate power projections, Black Veatch using cuttingedge data tools from 3Tier and Windsim can help you explore the potential power of wind on your site. We will help you prioritize turbine locations, determine project scale and estimate power production over your plant's life cycle. This includes during peak and off peak hours and.

Normal climate cycles, ultimately helping you maximize production and efficiency. Onsite, Black Veatch professionals optimize your collection campaign and ensure precise meteorological measurements. We are experienced in the installation, maintenance and operation of industry proven met masts, as well as leading technologies such as SODAR Sonic Detection and Ranging and LIDAR Light Detection and Ranging using the optimal combination of data collection methods means you will see a more accurate, detailed view of your site. We process and translate this data to provide you with advanced analysis of location, elevation,.

Wind speed, wind direction, turbulence, thermodynamic properties, gross capacity, air density and sheer for each turbine in the provided layout. Due to normal climate cycles, the characteristics of the wind will vary from year to year. So we use the observational data to tune a 30year meso scale weather simulation for the site. The simulation output helps us quantify with a high degree of certainty, how the project will perform over its lifetime. It is also used to inform site design. To optimize wind turbine placement, we model the meso scale of weather data using powerful.

Simulators software based on computational fluid dynamics. The software combines advanced numeric processing with compelling 3D visualization in a userfriendly interactive interface. The proven, stateoftheart modeling takes into account the most complicated terrain to predict how air flows through a site. Armed with critical data and the best modeling tools, Black Veatch can predict the annual wind speed at your site more accurately, which translates into a capacity factor and annual production estimate that you can rely on. From North America to South Africa, no matter the scale, scope, location or status of your project, Black Veatch will help you make.

Physical Science Going Green With Renewable Energy

Hi, I'm Steve Jones, and I'm going to tell you how to go green with renewable energy. Now, we know that at the moment we use these fossil fuels oil, gas, coal, and nuclear fuel. We use them all to generate electricity for our houses, we use oil in our cars, petrol comes from oil. But, can we replace these things by using these renewable forms of energy geothermal, biomass, hydro, wind, and solar energies Well, the answer is, in general, yes. For example, biomass at the moment is being used to replace oil. Oil, petrol that.

We get from oil can be replaced by biodiesel, and biodiesel is a very important fuel. The one thing we have to remember is that biomass, which is plants, the energy comes from the sun, so we have to somehow resolve the use of biomass also with production of food. We can't turn every field into production for biomass. So, if we're going to produce diesel from biomass we have to think well, you know is this sustainable Can I get enough food for the people to eat otherwise, I'm actually defeating my purpose. However, for well over.

Seventy, eighty years we've been using hydroelectric power particularly on big rivers like those in America and in Russia, like the Colorado River has several large dams, and each of these produces hydroelectricity. A more modern way of doing it, of course, is to use wind power. Wind power is quite effective, especially near coasts where there is plenty of wind. Solar energy is generally used for smaller uses, because you can't actually produce large amounts of energy using solar energy unless you have very large arrays of solar panels. Geothermal energy well, you're lucky if you've got a geothermal power plant in your area.

Renewable Energy by Shmoop

Renewable Energy, a la Shmoop. Hey there, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, meemaws and peepaws. and welcome back to Renew it or Lose It! Today we have our two contestants. Ashley from Portland, whom we caught running her thermostat at 61 degrees on a 67 degree day! Let's have a warm welcome for Ashley! And Contestant Number 2. Fletcher from Omaha! We picked up Fletcher after we found him sitting in his living room with every single light switch in his home left in the on position! Hello, Fletcher! One of these two energyvillains is going.

To walk out of here with the grand prize. of not being hung entirely upside down while strapped to the blade of a wind turbine! Good luck to them both! Okay, now down to business. when you know the answer, just shout it out. When was the very first electricitygenerating wind turbine built Ooh, sorry, neither of you are correct. We were looking for 1891. and you could have gotten an extra point if you had known it was built in Scotland. As it is, you both move one notch on the Turbines of Nausea!.

Okay, next question. why was the first solar cell built No, sorry. it was to increase the distance that phone signals could travel. Ashley you should have gotten that one. We've seen your cell phone bill. we had you pegged for an expert. Give 'em another notch! Okay, redemption time, you two. How long did the first largescale wind turbine last before it broke You guys do not know your renewable energy! It lasted 45 days. We've come a long way, baby. Next question. when was the first diesel engine successfully run on vegetable oil.

Aw, those are some nice, totally random guesses. but they are unfortunately totally off the mark. It was in 1900, a little before petroleum oils became readily available. Speaking of oil. Fletcher, you look like you're about to slip out of your bonds there. hold on, buddy! You don't want to fall from that height! Okay, let's keep the steam train chugging along. How much of the world's power is made by solar panels You know what I'm not even going to give you guys a chance to answer that one. it's half a percentage point.

You wouldn't have gotten it. Crank the lever, Jimmy. One last question, and we're still looking for a winner. How big is the biggest wind turbine in the world Oh, so sorry. a single blade of the biggest wind turbine is 250 feet long. So.just be grateful we only strapped you to this itty bitty one. Final notch, Jimmy! Well, Ashley and Fletcher, it looks like we have ourselves a tie today! We're going to leave you hanging for a few minutes so you can reconsider your energy consumption habits..and we'll see the rest of you next week on. Renew It or Lose It!.

Energy Sources GCSE Revision

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GCSE Physics Revision Tidal Power

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