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Solar Wind Destiny

Battle of Giant Windy Stars

NASA's Swift and ESA's XMMNewton satellites have used their Xray telescopes to watch the interaction between a pair of gigantic stars. This is a stellar grouping called Cygnus OB2, one of the richest collections of hot, massive Otype stars in the galaxy. Unfortunately for optical astronomers, this spectacular sight is mostly hidden by dust clouds. One of these stars is a radio source simply called Cygnus OB2 number 9. In 2008, astronomers concluded that the changes in radio emission only made sense if the star were actually a binary, with two massive stars in a tight orbit. Massive stars run so hot.

That they actually drive away some of their gas in powerful outflows called stellar winds. In binaries with two large young stars orbiting closely, these hot outflows collide and produce Xrays. Only a few of these colliding wind systems are known, and they aren't especially well behaved for astronomers. The collision may become turbulent, and Xrays may appear only at some times in the orbit. Which brings us back to Cygnus OB2 number nine. It should produce Xrays where the stars' winds collide, but there was no evidence for it. Perhaps it only occurred when the stars.

Were closest in their 2.4year orbit. The first opportunity to test this came during the close approach on June 28, 2011. So astronomers enlisted Swift and XMMNewton, as well as groundbased observatories to monitor the system at intervals throughout the year. As the stars approach each other, their fierce winds crash together at several million miles an hour, reaching temperatures of millions of degrees and creating Xrays. As they separate, the collision strength decreases. Even so, these powerful winds will influence star formation in the binary's neighborhood. Cygnus OB2 number nine has turned out to be a model colliding.

Searching For a Better Battery, with Brad Templeton

One of the biggest barriers in making computers faster is how much power they consume. And in fact, one thing that stopped your computer from having a faster clock rate, where it used to be it was another gigahertz every year you double that clock rate, is that that requires a lot of energy. And it's so much that your chips would melt if we ran them a lot faster. And if you looked inside a modern desktop computer you've probably seen it's got a big tower with silver veins and fan blowing on it. That's to get all the heat.

Out. And that's making it hard to make the desktop computers faster. In your pocket you're limited by what the battery can do. And we have had better battery chemistries over time, but again this is an area where breakthroughs are needed for cars, as well as for devices we have in our pockets, and even for storing power that's generated from the power grid. We really would love to switch to renewal power like solar and wind, but the problem is that these only come when the sun is shining or the wind is blowing and so you need to.

Store the power to use at a later time and that's actually a pretty difficult challenge. Batteries are one potential way to do it, pumping water uphill is a way to do it if you have reservoirs, but that itself presents its own some challenge. Now when you get down to the battery you've probably, if you've ever looked inside a modern phone, that is if you have one you can open anymore, you've probably seen that most of that phone is actually the battery. That's the thing which is giving you all the weight.

It's the thing that makes an iPad hard to hold in your hands because it's got a big heavy battery. We would love to see improvement in that. There are lots of things in the lab, but there's a pretty important rule that people have come to understand. When someone tells you I can do this in the lab. I can make it for a dollar a kilogram. Or whatever it is the price they think they can do, the correct answer says Okay I'll order a bunch. And then I'll say Oh wait I can't actually deliver them to you. So you have to really make it.

Energy 101 Marine and Hydrokinetic Energy

We all know energy can come from the wind and the sun, but there's a plentiful renewable resource covering more than 75 of the planet that you might not have thought about our water! The movement of the ocean's waves, tides, and currents carries energy that can be harnessed and converted into electricity to power our homes, buildings and cities. The energy available in this moving water is called kinetic energy. Scientists and engineers are learning to capture clean renewable ocean power using marine and hydrokinetic technologies. Water currents occur naturally all over the.

Planet. Waves crash against coastlines. Tidal currents ebb and flow and large currents move water all around our oceans. We can tap into each one of these sources to generate electricity. It's estimated that along U.S. coastlines, there is enough energy in waves and tides to meet a significant portion of America's power needs. So, how does it work That depends on what kind of hydrokinetic power you're trying to capture, but the concept is essentially the same extracting power from moving water. For example, a buoy can harness energy from the vertical rise and fall of ocean waves,.

As well as backandforth and sidetoside movements. Currents and tides can also spin a turbine in various directions as water moves through an ocean power device, generating electricity. The Energy Department is supporting research on a range of innovative turbine technologies to capture energy from waves, river, and tidal currents. Devices that operate in water have to work under turbulent and harsh conditions. They must be built to withstand strong currents and impacts from debris carried in the water. Of course, they also have to be designed to preserve the integrity of the marine environment. One of the greatest benefits of developing.

Marine energy or, ocean power, is that many of our water resources are right where we need them near the most populated areas. More than half of all Americans live close to coastlines where the potential for ocean power is the greatest, and some cities and towns can use power from tidal currents. Marine and hydrokinetic technologies are still a ways off from widespread adoption. But today, dozens of organizations are already working to deploy ocean power systems throughout the world. Marine and hydrokinetic technology a new wave in harnessing clean, renewable energy.

AUBG Sports Facilities second national volleyball coach Naiden Naidenov

Conditions offered here are, I may say, world class level! This hall is a very modern facility that satisfies us. A lot of people did not believe that there is such a hall in Bulgaria. I tried and managed to convince them and now they are all very happy that we did our training camp and preparation here. We've been here for the past two weeks. We are about nineteen players and ten staff. We really made a good preparation and I hope that we will be able to negotiate and come back again in August to prepare before the European Championship.

Used Class B Motorhome, Florida, 2007 Coach House Platinum 232XL, Port Charlotte, Ft Myers, Sarasota

2007 Coach House Platinum. It's 23 feet long, it has one slide out and it only has 22,000 miles. Also comes with a power patio awning, and a satellite Leather Captain's Chair, rearview monitor, Pioneer touchscreen LCD radio. Also has navigation. There's a leather convertible dinette, In the kitchen we have a single sink, two burner rangetop, convection microwave, coffeemaker, two door Dometic refrigeratorfreezer. Bed in the rear. There's a corner shower with a glass surround, porcelain toilet. We also have a Zenith LCD TV and a DVDVCR combination. here to visit our YouTube.

Destiny Only Use For Solar Wind

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