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Solar Wind And Rain

Hi this is Amy from the altE Store. Well, I’ve already shown you a tutorial, justkind of in general showing how shading affects panels. But what I wanted to do is show you a littlebit more details, and different options that you can take if shading is not avoidable. How you can wire your panels differently tohelp minimize the shading. So I have two identical 50W solar panels here. They are 12V, so their Vmp, their MaximumPower Output is about 18V. And their Imp, their Maximum Current is about2.78A. Now it is getting to be almost 4:00,

so I’m not going to get perfect performanceout of this, but I think that you are really going to be able to see quite well how shadingaffects panels. Now I’m going to be talking about cells. Each solar panel is made up of a series ofcells. So you can see here, this is one cell. So each cell puts out just over about 1/2volt. So what you do is the silver that is goingacross here, this is wire that is wiring all of these cells in series, so that increasesthe volts so the output becomes about 18V.

Now , most of the 12V solar panels that you’llsee are actually 36 cell panels. These are 72 cell panels. These are altE Store panels. The reason that is, is they have actuallygot two parallel strings of 36. So we’ve got 36 cells wired in series, 36cells wired in series, and then those two sets are wired in parallel. So, I just wanted to let you know when I’mtalking about cells, that’s what’s going on. Ok?

Ok, so right now, I just have one of thesesolar panels wired to my test setup. I’ve got the MPPT Midnite Kid charge controllergoing to my MK Battery 12V battery. So I’ve got a 12V panel right now just goingby itself through the charge controller, into the battery. And we can see that I’ve got coming rightout of the solar panel, I have 14.9V, and 2.46A. So that’s pretty good, consideringI’m not at perfect conditions. And coming out of the charge controller tothe battery is 12.6V and 2.59A. So you can see even when it’s a 12V panel and a 12V battery,the MPPT does drop the volts and raise the

amps a bit. So let’s take a look at the power rating. So I’ve got 36.6W coming out of the solarpanel going into the charge controller. And then 32.7W going into the battery. So there’s always going to be a little bitof losses through any sort of equipment that you go. Alright? So those are the numbers that we’re goingto be taking a look at.

So, here again is one cell of a solar panel. So I’ve got 72 cells. Now I want to show you what happens if I shadeone full cell of this solar panel. So I go from 2.45A, with one cell shaded,I drop down to 1.7A. So, you would think that OK, well boy one cell dropping it down thatmuch, what’s 2 cells going to do? Ah, that drops down to 1.4A, but you’re goingto notice, the volts isn’t all that impacted. We’re at 14.9V, if I shade the 1, I’m stillat 14.9V. Even if I start shading several of them, I’m really not seeing much differencein the volts.

Our Off Grid Solar Cabin Update 42415 Garden rain water collection and more

Hello Bill and Rosa our off grid solarcabin Just wanted to show you we are homewe did get rid of the other 2 roosters and we kept grandpaw roosterHe ah he has been with us almost a year and a halfgood rooster and I decide to keep him the others had been a little to roughand all the little ones now are more relaxed momma hens back is healing up afternosy got ahold of her but we have 3 large hens thats layingand 1 rooster we have 10 little bard rocks that should belaying around june or july time frame

Hello Rebel’s Mr Movie star chiwawahWe did a little bit of a garden this year Its not done weather has been pretty badwe ah went over to take care of our family issuesand ah our family is doing well we appreciate your prayers and your commentsand keeping us in your mind but my mother is doing well, my sisters aredoing well and I am doing well, just took a little timeto get my noodle straight. but we are all good nowWe do appreciate everything you have done for us.Especially your prayers

but let you see what I got in the gardenDown there I got white onions, between the white onions and the strawberry plants Igota organic yellow onion and then I planted Rosa 2 types of beets downthere ones like a purple beet and the other a redbeet and then down here on this end I planted okrafrom there back up to there cause momma don’t like okra but Ido.and then this roll ah right thru there is green snap beansand then this roll from right here to right were this stick is sticking up is right thereif I can find it. there it is right there

is a few organic new potatoes or reds andfrom down there at that end to right there I planted what they call butterfinger potatoes.and from there to up to here I planted russet potatoes all of them are what they say isorganic non GMO and then right here we have some squash hookneck squash, yellow squash people call them different thingsand then right here i got georgia cabbage down to a certain point right therethen I got cabbage Thats Ga collards and this is the cabbageand then down here is the broccoli and then right here I have I forgotwhat did I plant

thats pretty bad, let me see what it isCucumbers these are the short fat cucumbers and these here are the these 3 here are thepickling cucumbers I put them over here so I when I cut somemore rolls I could flip their vines Thats a banana pepperthats a red bell pepper thats a green bell pepperThats a heritage tomato and then the one on the end is a heritagetomato and homestead tomatoand a akison tomato Did not buy any hybridsbut Ido have my other seeds trying to get

startedit’s not a real big garden for now but us being truck drivers and only having a abouta day to get it done thats what we got done when it comes to thegarden, I got corn to plant and gourds to plant and a few other things butright now I guess you call that 16 or 20 foot by 25to 30 foot Hey rebelsBut we mainly just took care of family stuff and alllet me walk around here We had a WIFI company come out and see ifwe could pick up their WIfi, but we are not

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