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Solar System Bedding

How to Put up a Tent Setting Up Tent Bedding Free Online Camping Guide

Hi! This is Brian on behalf of expertvillage. The next step in preparing your tent for use at a campsite at night is to lay down your bedding. Now I don't show it here for this particular example, but one thing you do want to do is have a foam or air mattress laid down underneath, as well as some additional blanket material. This will help prevent heat transfer out of your body. Two ways in which blankets provide insulation and heat is either through radiation in the case of the reflective thermal blankets, used for safety that I'm.

Sure you have seen what is called loft. Basically what loft is, the density in the thickness on your sleeping bag. Fortunately, this is a cold weather sleeping bag and as you can see it has a quite bit of loft. To prepare your area for sleeping just select the area of the tent in which you want to sleep and roll out the materials. Obviously, if you are using a pad you want to put the sleeping bag down on top of the pad. Lay it out flat and then lay on it momentarily, just to make sure that you are not above any rocks or anything.

DIY Home Security System Motion Sensor Lights for Home Security

Hello! My name is Tony Ramirez from Tampa, Florida and on behalf of Expert Village, this is do it yourself home security systems. Let's get started. A great form of external home security is a motion sensor light. These of course, are best used at night. What they are is basically just what it says. It is a light that is triggered my motion. So if a burglar or potential burglar or anybody that comes near these lights, they will actually turn on and light up a pretty bright area. These are pretty bright flood lights that.

DIY Home Security System Why you Need a Home Security System

Hello! My name is Tony Ramirez from Tampa, Florida and on behalf of Expert Village, this is do it yourself home security systems. Let's get started. So why choose a home security system The easier question to ask yourself is why not. Why not choose a home security system. You pay for all these things in your house whether it be fine china, expensive appliances, electronics. Whatever it may be jewelry, anything that you have, it is yours and you want to protect it. This is the main reason to do your own home security system.

A lot of things are very inexpensive. You can buy your own cameras, outdoor cameras for under $50 but of course, you can spend a lot more if you want full color, rotation or anything like that. But the main thing is doing it yourself and doing it on a budget. You can actually buy better locks for your front doors. Yes, the price of a lock does matter. Let's see what else could you buy. You could buy labels for your products. You could buy pretty much anything. Doing it yourself home security is very simple and these are.

EnergyShouldBe News November, 2012

R. Buckminster Fuller said You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. Welcome to EnergyShouldBe News November, 2012 Electricity. Researchers have made butterfly wing material through the use of lasers. that can mimic the iridescent colors of a butterfly wing and is also waterproof. A tidal power turbine is now generating power off the coast of Maine at the mouth of the Bay of Fundy. There is a short animation with the newspaper article that might be worth checking out.

This is a prototype of a deep ocean current generator that is one megawatt in size. It turns out that deep ocean currents are very steady and stable. The company is considering a spot a few miles off the coast of Florida for their first installation. California has set a new record of eleven thousand homes for a total of sixty six megawatts of home solar installations for the third quarter of 2012. A study shows that solar panels worked just fine in snowy areas. If the panels are tilted the snow slides right off and the sun.

Reflects off the snow and increases the output of the solar panels. It turns out that just like for lawns and cars and kitchens we'd like to keep up with the Jones's for solar, too. The study goes into depth on why people install solar. Transportation. Copenhagen may be the best city in the world for bicycles. As this author noted As I zip along the beautifully maintained bike lanes it strikes me that I've never had a city biking experience quite like this. Not only do I feel totally safe and secure but I'm able to get to my destination faster and.

at a fraction of the difficulty and costs than if i were driving a car. In Copenhagen they spend more than twenty percent of the transportation budget on bicycles. As you can see from this picture, in the background in some places the bikepaths are raised up off streetlevel, and in other places where they are at street level they're painted solid blue and you can see that in the foreground. The bicycles have separate traffic lights and traffic lights are timed so that a bicycle con go as many as fourteen traffic signals without.

Stopping. China dominates the mining and production of rare earth metals. These are used in tutorial displays and in some electric vehicle motors. Large price increases for rare earths have caused manufacturers to look at alternatives. Now Tesla currently manufactures its motors without rare earths. But Ford and Chevy and others are finding ways to reduce rare earth used in their motors. Miscellaneous. These are glass roof tiles. They have the same shape as normal clay tiles but they have this very light and airy look. And, solar panels, either electric or for solar heating can be installed.

Beautyberries for Chickens

Hey Everybody. I'm standing out here next to this American Beautyberry bush, and if you're part of any homesteading group on any social network, then this is the season, from about a month ago and probably for another month to go, that people keep posting pictures wondering what is this is it edible and so forth. Well, it's American Beautyberry. I've got a post and another tutorial about it and also poke berry, which is not edible. Somebody's gonna argue about me about that. But just go watch the tutorial and read the blog post that I'm attaching to this. Beautyberry is.

Used by many to make a jelly. What I'm going to do this morning is clip off some and see if my chickens like it. I'm more interested right now in some chicken feed and I've got 7 acres with this stuff scattered all about. So I'm gonna clip off several strands of the Beautyberry and take them to the chickens. Music So we're over here at the run for our chickens and ducks and you're about to see that they don't particularly like the okra pods, and we put some egg plant in here as well, and.

They just haven't figured out how to get into those yet, but lets see if they know what to do with the Beautyberry. Here chick chick chickens It's a pretty cold morning out here, so it's gonna take a minute for somebody to realize they can eat off that before everybody else says that they want some too. They're pretty slow to go, but here they come. We've got some interest now. You know, with feed for chickens being from anywhere from $1020 a bag depending on if you're getting the cheap.

Stuff or the organic stuff or what not, it makes a lot of sense to me that, just as you would for your own consumption, looking for wild edibles, that if you can find something that your animals can use, that you ought to feed them that as well. Well, I guess we're not gonna get a mad craze for this. We do have a brand new automatic feeder for the chickens and ducks so that they're probably not starving to death, and it's in the low 50's out here this morning, so they're just not all that active either, but they're over.

Here and they're eating. And it's just one more thing that, like I said before, if you're looking to feed your animals, look around your property first. You might be able to give them something more natural and not have to spend the money on store bought feed. But if you're going to feed your animals this way, make sure that you understand the nutritional content of what you're feeding them and that you're not leaving anything out by just feeding them individual wild edibles. Make sure they're getting a good round balanced diet with all.

Plant Care Tips How to Deadhead Flowers

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen from vanveenbulbs. Next we are going to talk about how to deadhead flowers. So it is really not that complicated. My theory in my garden is if it looks lush and beautiful leave it alone and if it looks dead cut it out. Deadheading is just like it sounds. You are just cutting the heads of the dead flowers out. So right now these acidenthera have been blooming but there are still some blooms on them. The bottom part looks tacky so I'll just cut these little parts that are done blooming out or I can.

Pull them right out too. A lot of times if you leave them they'll go to seed and then you can spread the seeds around but with deadheading you are pretty much cutting them out before they go to seed. As soon as they look tacky you are chopping them out. So I am kind of just pulling these out that is a good way to do it. I have got this agapanthus, it's done blooming, the color is gone. It is making seed pods so to deadhead it I am actually.

Just going to cut it to the ground and cut the stem out. These are actually seed pods so my rule of thumb is they are not completely dry but there is still seeds in there so instead of throwing them away what I have done is just cut them out and I'm cutting the greens out and I'm just letting those seeds drop back down by my agapanthus or Lily of the Nile and a lot of times they will start new starts that way. The same with my Cala Lilies,.

A lot of times towards the end of the blooming cycle you will get what is called seed pods and these actually are pods of bulbs. So I'm deadheading but I'm actually saving these seed pods and so my rule of thumb is I don't usually hold anything because I am too busy to deal with it later so I will turn around as soon as I deadhead and plant that seed pod back in the ground. It might not do anything for a few years but eventually it will grow.

That is what I've always been so amazed about. The same with these Cana Lilies. They are done blooming but the stem right here looks tacky so I'm just chopping it to where the leaf is. The leaf is still helping. So again I've got all these little seed pods so I could just clear those out but again I always give plants a chance to grow so I am actually cutting the seed and I could save them and plant them next Spring or I could throw them in the ground.

Now but I kind of just take the seeds and sprinkle them around and over the years I find that I get lost more plants in the future. So a lot of times when I deadhead too, you know this is still blooming but it has just kind of fallen over and looks a little bit tacky so I am actually going to cut it out and these too. A lot of times just by straightening them out a little bit they will look a lot better and they won't fall over. So it is.

Not necessarily the blooms that I cut out, anything that turns brown or looks tacky I have been chopping out of my garden and it just makes it look better. It is like giving my garden a haircut and there are all types of plants that you can deadhead and the same thing like this Galtonia is just about done blooming so I'm just going to chop it out and again I can save the seeds, sprinkle the seeds around or I can throw them out. It really doesn't matter, they're going to come back no matter what I do. When you deadhead you.

Don't have to be that strict. I kind of just go in and cut out the dead plants. I have got a little tiny geranium here and I am just cutting the dead flowers out. So eventually as I keep clearing out everything I will find that it just looks better and I do this maybe only once or twice a month and it seems to make all the difference and it makes it a lot easier task at the end of the Summer when everything dies back. So deadheading is something.

How to get mains power into your tent Know Before You GO

Gtgt Ian This is the Crusader Mobile Mains kit, and this is what you need to run mains power into your tent. Its got surge protection, a circuit breaker just like you have at home. And most importantly 3 sockets just like you've got in your house There's a 20metre lead which will run out of your tent to the site post where you will find something like this where you plug that into it and off you go You'll definitely got to have one of these, because at the campsite they check that you've.

Got on of those. You can't bodge itself, because you'll end blowing the electricity on the campsite and being very unpopular. So we will go have a look at how you feed it into your tent. Most tents at GO Outdoors will have access a point for the power lead to head out to the campsite site post. If you have a look at the outside of the tent you will see a logo like this. What you will find is a zip, unzip that, and simply feed the lead through.

Off Grid Solar Homestead rebedding Raised Boxes

Off Grid Solar Homestead rebedding Raised Boxes,.

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