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Solar Shades At Home Depot

DIY Home Repairs How to Reduce Indoor Heat Gain From Windows

Hi I'm James with JNC Home Repair and today I am going to show you how to reduce indoor heat gain from your windows. Basically there is a couple of different things you can reduce the heat coming in through your windows. You can actually replace the window with a double pane, double hung window pane glass. That will definitely help with some of the heat transfer coming through the window. If you don't really want to get that extensive you could go with something just as simple as actually installing a solar screen around.

The window. That will actually reduce about 50 of the heat coming in through the window and it will actually block it before it even hits the window the screen will. Sometimes you can even just put your hand up to the window and you can actually feel the heat coming through the glass and that is actually going to hurt your energy efficiency inside the house. Another couple of things you are going to do is you can also make sure that where the frame meets the drywall all the way around the window you can make sure that.

It is caulked real well. You can see right here that this window is caulked real well. There is no cracks, there is no leaks. You can tell that there is no kind of air flow actually coming in between the frame and the wall and the other thing that you can do to reduce heat gain is also make sure to look where the window is actually meeting the aluminum frame and what that is is just some basic silicone or weather stripping that is actually in there that is sealing the glass to the frame and if you look in there and you see.

Any kind of cracks or you see that it is peeling back or anything, you may want to just rub some silicone down in there and kind of help seal this because that is where your air flow is coming in or out. If it is cool inside and it is hot outside then naturally the hot air is going to want to try to come in and you just want to make sure that this is all sealed up well and that you don't have any kind of leaks around the window and by doing.

Decorate with Custom Graphic Roller Shades

At one time the traditional fabric roller shade were the only option for convertible window shades. They were also drab and boring. Now there are exciting new custom printed options which can really give your home an incredibly customized look! With Sign Grafx dot com, See how these new roller shades can replace boring miniblinds or one color window treatments In the past, roller shades were one color, they were often made of really unattractive plastics, and just screamed dated when you saw them in someone's home or office. Roller shades have come a long way since then! Today, there are exciting new options for your new.

Printed roller shades from SignGrafx. Just look at these examples, you'll see the amazing looks that are possible with this new generation of roller shade. One great new thing about today's window shades is the fact that they aren't the completely blockout type window shades. SignGrafx roller shades allow 40 of the brightness in the room without the glare and the stark light that sunlight can provide. Instead, the roller shade dissipates the light into a soft glow that comes complete with a custom and high quality graphic. Of course, if you want roller shades that block more light, we have options.

For this too. As you can see from the photos, adding graphics to your roller shade can really have a dramatic impact on the room itself. Window shades no longer have to be functional pieces only. The day and age has arrived where you can use window shades to really accent your interior decor plan. And one of the most exciting things about it is that you can pick the graphics. You can even design and produce the images you want! Roller shades from SignGrafx are affordable too. When you compare the cost of our roller.

Shades to plantation shutters the economic winner is obvious. A 24 x 48 roller shade from SignGrafx is as low as $120. And a 24 x 24 roller shade can be as little as $45. It's not often you can find custom decor pieces such an economical price! One thing that everyone must consider is, how easy is it going to be for me to actually put this in my home or office With SignGrafx, the answer is easy. We've worked hard to construct a roller shade using parts that are easy to install. And to help you, we've created an.

Installation tutorial in which you can follow along with and easily install your window shade. You could set up an entire living room set in less than a day! Are you ready to find out how our custom printed roller shades can help you with your upcoming decor plans or your redecorating project Our sales associates are ready to discuss the details of your project and help you find the right accent pieces that will really have your friends and neighbors in a tizzy. Call us at 1800'29860, visit us at signgrafxand.

How to do Basic Home Repairs How to Replace a Window Screen for Home Improvement

Replacing a torn window screen is very easy to do not only will it prevent insects from getting into your house, but replacing it will improve the look of your house, which, you know, you want to keep looking as nice as possible. ltPgt The first thing you want to do in remove the old screen is by removing the old spline which is this cord that tucks into the channel that holds the screen in place. You can dig it out with an end of a screwdriver or a screw something pointed and just pull it out. you might be able to.

Reuse the old spline when you put the new screen in, but I find that a lot of times it's very brittle and you don't want to do that if you don't have to new spline is pretty cheap. ltPgt So once you've got that removed the screen comes right out and you want to try to keep it intact as possible just for purposes of cutting a new screen to size. So what you want to do is find the same type of material that you're replacing at your home center, lay it out, put the old screening on top of the new and leave an inch margin.

On each side. In this case, I'm just going to leave these two sides longer and just cut this an inch beyond using a straight edge and a utility knife. And it does not have to be a precise cut because you're going to be trimming off the excess anyway. ltPgt Ok, with the new screen cut, you want to lay the frame out and set it over it. and now you're going to start attaching it with the spline. You want to start of one cover of your choosing and with a spline roller, use the wheel with the groove in it there.

Are two wheels on there, but one has a groove which hugs the spline and presses it into place. Once you've got it started, you want to pull the screen tight and this particular span as you roll it into place. And then when you get to the corner, you want to make sure to keep it tight as you turn the corner and be careful not to bunch up the screen under it. ltPgt And when you're done putting the spline into place, you're simply going to trim it off at the end, and then with your utility blade, you're going to trim off.

Install Energy Efficient Windows Doors Energy Saving Rebates on Home Improvements

Are your windows so drafty you stay away from them in winter And do they turn your home into a greenhouse when it's summer The good news is that new energy efficient windows, doors and skylights can save you money and make your home more comfortable. This is your Union Plus Green Minute and I'm here to tell you how to go green and save green at the same time. By purchasing Energy Starqualified windows, doors and skylights, you'll lower your utility bills and keep a steady temperature inside. If you have singlepane windows, replacing them with energy efficient ones can save you.

Between $140 and $500 dollars a year, depending on where you live. You'll also help make our air cleaner, you'll stop those wasteful drafts, and with lowe coated windows, you'll even protect your valuables because they act like sunscreen. And thanks to Union Plus, going green will save you even more! If you use your Union Plus credit card to pay for energy efficient home improvements like new windows, you could get a $100 dollar energy savings rebate for every $400 dollars you spend, up to a maximum of $500 dollars back.

Kitchen Roller Shades Custom Decor

How important is your kitchen to you Is it a place of chaos and unrest where people just come and go as they please Or is your kitchen a place of peace, and tranquility Does your kitchen have too much light or too little of it Simple decorations like a SignGrafx kitchen roller shade may be able to solve all of these problems. Great lighting can affect many things. Feel like you don't have enough counter space While lighting can't give you more of it, it can help you optimize all the counter space.

That you do have, and SignGrafx kitchen roller shades can give you the amount of light you need to do just that. Our kitchen roller shades are produced on a lightweight scrim material that is white and somewhat translucent as opposed to dark opaque material. Even when the roller shade is down it gives off a glow of the color that is printed, and let's approximately 40 of the light through, filling your kitchen area with a warm, welcoming light. With the simple addition of kitchen roller shades from SignGrafx, your once drab and dreary kitchen can come alive with light and.

Energy. In fact, it may look like a completely different kitchen altogether! Never before has curtain shopping been easier. No longer are you forced to choose between just a single color, or random patterns that you see at the store. Now you can design your entire decor completely from scratch. Your kitchen's roller shades can be one color, multiple colors, wording, an image of your choosing, or anything else you can imagine and design with SignGrafx kitchen roller shades. SignGrafx kitchen roller shades, like all of our products, come with access to installation.

A chance to recharge

So, this is a solar umbrella. Through a company called Zone. And then the umbrella structure is actually called PowerSol. It uses the sunlight to generate electricity through the panels on top of the ribs of the umbrella, that can then be stored in the battery hub that sits on top of the table and allows you to charge your phone.. using the energy generated by the solar panels. This project really is kind of one example of many that we have on campus that Carolina is really a leader in its commitment to sustainability.

How To Assemble A Yotrio Aluminum Solar Umbrella The Home Depot

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