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Solar Powered Tent

Inflatable Solar LED Lantern

OWL HOOTING Psst, hey. Do you know where the flashlight is I've gotta use the bathroom. The batteries are dead. GROAN Fine. Be careful out there. Yeah,yeah. GROWL Was that a cat MEOW Come here kitty, kitty, kitty. ANGRY NOISES SCREAMING Oh! Ow! That's not a cat! What happened I don't want to talk about it. The LuminAID light is the last lantern you'll ever need. It's an inflatable, solar powered, LED light. When not in use, the light folds up in a compact pouch, as it automatically charges in the sun.

When you need it, just inflate using the attached valve, and hang the lantern where you need it. The inflatable pillow diffuses the light like a lamp shade. The LuminAID offers up to 16 hours of LED light, with low and high settings. An excellent camping tool, the LuminAID features three attachment points, and a handle. The LuminAIDSs tough vinyl is built for adventure, and the water resistant light even floats. The LuminAIDs compact, fold flat design, and off grid power, is ideal for emergency preparedness. So while we hope you never find yourself in this situation,.

Charge Your Phone With A Solar Powered Bikini!

This episode of Dnews is brought to you by BASF, THE Chemical Company. The sun is cool and all, but is there a way we can use it to make our lives better.It just dawned on me. Hey guys, Tara here for Dnews and I apologize for that awful pun earlier. It's a sickness and I can't stop. Anyway, we've been talking a lot lately about simple things you can do at home to decrease your carbon footprint. Recently I showed you how to start your own backyard compost, and.

Today I'm gonna be talking about solar power. Now typically when people hear solar power, they think of solar panels which are great for the environment. But they're also expensive and complicated to install. But that's ok because it turns out, there are tons of solarpowered devices out there that don't require installation, that you probably never even knew existed. A keyboard, for example, is something almost everyone uses and Logitech makes one that's reasonably priced and runs on solar power. What's even cooler about this one, is that.

You don't need natural sunlight to charge it. Any light source will work, including a desk lamp. And it has great reviews, too one person on Amazon said they kept it in a dark room for several months, and the power level never dipped below 100, which is pretty insane when you think about it. Another product that's nowhere near as useful as a keyboard but interesting, nonetheless a solarpowered bikini! For the person who has everything, except shame. This was created by Brooklynbased designer Andrew Schneider, who spends around 80 hours on each one, handstitching.

Hundreds of strips of photovoltaic film together with conductive thread. Of course the downside, is that you can't actually use it in water, but hey if checking Facebook at the beach is THAT important to you, you can always custom order one through his website. For a less girly product, a company called Husqvarna makes a line of solar hybrid robotic lawnmowers like Roombas, but for your yard. These are pretty pricey, around $24K, BUT their list of features is pretty damn impressive. They can be used at night, in the rain, on.

Steep hills, on uneven grass and did you notice they look like miniBatmobiles! If your dream is to own a Batmobile, and you have 4,000 dollars lying around it would be downright irresponsible of you, not to buy this. Yeah. I said it. All the money in the world can't buy this next product but that doesn't make it any less amazing. A pair of Swiss aviation pioneers recently unveiled the Solar Impulse 2, a singleperson aircraft powered entirely by the sun. The surface of the plane is covered with 17,000.

Solar cells, and custommade lithium batteries store that energy for nighttime making it the only plane in the world with unlimited endurance. To raise awareness about clean energy, its creators will attempt the first 5day, nonstop flight around the world in March 2015. And since I know you're all wondering yes, the seat does double as a toilet. God the future is incredible. And hey, speaking of great inventions Discovery Digital and BASF are teaming up once again, to get kids to use their imagination and demonstrate their knowledge of all things science.

Children in grades K8 are encouraged to submit a 24 minute tutorial about an educational and creative science experiment related to chemistry, sustainability, innovation, technology, or energy. One Grand Prize winner will receive a $10,000 college scholarship and an iPad, along with a Stuff To Blow Your Mind prize pack. All you have to do to enter, is submit your tutorial to stufftoblowyourmindscienceawards by May 23rd. The winner will be announced June 6th, and the winning experiment will be featured on StuffToBlowYourMind so if you wanna be internet famous while spreading the gospel.

SunZilla A DIY SolarPowered Generator To Go

SunZilla is a portable solar generator designed to replace conventional diesel generators in remote areas or outdoor events it travels in a box and the solar panels just unfold like a flower but it's even more it's an open source framework which allows you to develop your own modules We put all the different functions like inverting from DC to AC, for example we put them in standardized boxes which can be just plugandplayed to each other All the plans are open and you know exactly what you have to do.

To make a module which fits to our system and you can even adapt the code to make it perfect to your needs It's tackling 2 problems The social problem is that there's lots of people in the world that don't have access to energy you don't have to bring a whole grid to them but you can just bring SunZilla Of course, the environmental impact is there's less use of fossil fuel the diesel generator emits noise and air pollution and SunZilla does not in the bigger picture it's about making people independent again.

From big power suppliers we want to create grids from the bottom and not from the top of course, I could go to a big company as an engineer, I would earn a lot of money but this is not what I want I want to leave my footprint a positive footprint in the world and use the time I have in my life to do something great and make the world a bit more sustainable I was always looking for a project or something where I can put my energy in.

Which will provide a benefit to the environment or to people, in general, in the world for me, it feels very selffulfilling to know that we work as a group and we are deciding on what we do and why we do it You feel connected to a bigger community of people who try really hard to work on this issue it feels like, okay, we are going in this direction and maybe we'll arrive there and could contribute something to it, too life is about learning and with such a project.

Big Solar Electric Water Filter Operating

This is the assembled filter What looks it looks like before putting up the solar panels You can see the filter down here in the front Right in here. Here is the tray for storage, the extension cord in this case powerpack Today I am not using the power pack but this is where the battery and controller would go And around the back, we can see where there's space for additional solar panels larger size On top is the water tank 100 liters but it can go bigger and on this side is the water input.

And in the back the waste water drain tube When the Sun comes out a little bit more I plan setting her up and and giving her a test run This is the unit operating in not bright sunlight, partly cloudy and Those are the 2 solar panels come up here think you can probably hear it operating get the microphone nearby That's the pump running Battery pack's down here not in use today Running straight off of solar Filter system, water tank Input and the output hose You can see it operating.

2 solar panels stored back here there's space for a much larger panel Up to 4 panels depending on their size This is the final prototype of the big water filter solarpowered Do a quick look around here on this. I will show this assembled. The front part is where the filter goes Down here is where the battery goes another tray for more batteries or for storing things and also I plan another a storage shelf in there for things like an additional pump, but we will get into that later.

Using solar power to purify water

This technology is the product of six years of research on solar powered clean water systems at MIT. Each system is optimally configured from low cost, commercially available components using our analytical tools and software. This ensures that customers receive the best systems for their locations, input water chemistries and daily demands. Each system uses a microcomputer so it operates effectively under varying conditions automatically. This enabled end user operation with limited attention. To demonstrate the effectiveness outside of the lab, the MIT team, with the support of the Kellogg Foundation, installed a.

Prototype system in a remote Mayan farming village in the center of Mexico's Yucatan peninsula. This unit fits into a small garden shed, however it can produce enough drinking water for a village of about 450 people. The system can purify captured rain water, pond water, or brackish well water. All these have substantial dissolved solids and biological contamination. The water produced meet international water quality standards. The system is configured from easily serviced or replaced components. It is powered by solar panels. Water purification is an energy intensive process. Solar powered.

Saving Energy with Solar Power Using a Solar Powered Water Heater

So what you see here is our water heater. And this water heater is a big one, because we want to store as much water as possible when we get the hot water from the sun. If you would use only a 10 gallon or a 20 gallon water heater, and we take a shower, then the water will be gone. So we use a big one because we want to store as much water as possible. And it's double insulated, so it has not the normal insulation, it's double insulated so.

It can store the hot water for at least 23 days before it gets cool. What we use in here, it's a little bit unusual because we use rain water in here. Many of you know that the water heater's really get problems when you have hot water because they get clogged up by the limestone, and they are, then you have to call a repair man or even throw it away, because nothing comes out there anymore. But when you use rain water, the rain water has no limestone in there. No lime, no hard particles. So this water heater is here for 12 years.

Now, 13 years now, and it will never clog up because rain water does not clog up a water heater. So that's a good thing. Another good thing is when you open it up on your faucet, the hot water you will not have the stains. When you use the rain water in your washing machine, then you only use a quarter of the detergent that you normally use because the detergent has not too soften your hard water. So, you save money there. And, as you know with a washing machine, you have the problem that the limestone is building up in there.

Too, and it clogs up your washing machine, and it gives stains in the machine and on your clothes. So, with rain water you don't have this problem. I only can recommend using a rain water catching system, and it's easy to do and it's not very expensive. Many states even supports the use of rain water in giving you a tax rebate on your rain water harvesting system. Here in Texas, we don't pay sales tax on it because when you tell your company you buy it from, the will cut out the sales tax, because Texas wants to have people use.

Orange Solar Tent

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