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Solar Power Training Ohio

Solar Energy Panels an Alternative Energy Source Save Money with Solar Energy Rebates

Imagine harnessing the power of the sun to reduce your utility bills. Despite the large initial investment, solar energy panels are a green renewable energy source that can add value to you home and reduce your energy costs paying for themselves over time. This is your Union Plus Green Minute and I'm here to tell you how to go green and save green at the same time. By installing solar energy panels to generate your own electricity, you can save between 400 and 700 dollars a year. You can also install a solar powered.

Water heater and save hundreds more. On sunny days when no one is home, you might generate more electricity than you use. Your meter will run backward and your utility will actually owe you money. Solar energy panels for your home are not as expensive as they seem because you'll get a 30 percent federal tax credit. Most people recoup their investment in eight to twelve years, though that depends on where you live, how much sun you get, what your utility rates are, and other factors. And that's not all. If you use your Union Plus credit card to pay for energy efficient.

IGS Energy Dublin Headquarters Awarded LEED Platinum Certification

Well in tonight's Next 10 a Central Ohio building is only the fourth in the state to achieve the highest award for being environmentally friendly the new IGS Energy headquarters in Dublin just received LEED Platinum certification from the US Green Building Council. 10TV meteorologist AJ Smith takes us inside what may be the most energyefficient building in central Ohio and perhaps the whole state. Lots of natural light, open floor plans, and computers, it sounds like any other company headquarters but this is the new environmentally friendly IGS building in Dublin the energy company focused on energy efficiency.

Starting with the building materials the insulation value the windows in the roof and in the walls they all keep the cold out in the winter time and the heat out in a summertime. The lights it's also programmed to recognize the natural light and it'll actually dim itself automatically. and even these computers they don't create excess heat so the air conditioning doesn't need to run as high. We're saving twice in a lot of these little things. employees like Christine Tarragon feel a different in the new office. so you don't feel so cooped up in its just.

It something about the mood, it's kinda hard to put your finger on it, but you definitely notice a difference. and appreciate that the company is acting on its principles. There are so many little things to do that it's not necessarily installing 400 solar panels on your roof. It's you know taking small things into consideration. of course IGS did install solar panels, but many of the changes are small enough and easy enough for other companies and even individual homeowners to copy. anybody could do this, but you have to really.

solar panels toronto solarpanelstoronto Robbie Goulden

Brother golden director marketing a partner insular and sustainable energy is company we are at the stroller power company insulation solarpanelstoronto thing as commercial installations we've been in business for twenty years doing major commercial installations solar panels toronto um. you can see our tagline experience counts as we've been doing it for some time so we do the commercial installations redo the home installations but we do the really cool stuff in that stuff in between like for example the solar solara solar cell the solaris solar sail is unique and it's the only one in north america the reason we designed it as the solar.

Cell was because our client ph x amount of ajax operation center we installed a hundred kilowatts on the roof of the ajax in uh. operation center and they want people took to realized that they have solar power on the roof when you drive by one of the beautiful things about solar is that it is visually and knock us you can't see it it is non intrusive um. but some people would like you to see it because they want you to know that they have so this is credible philosophy in their best practices the town of ajax is one such client so what.

We did with the town of ajax as we not only put a hundred kilowatts on the roof but we made redesigned engineered and installed the solar installers sale and it's a fabulous piece of engineering degenerates two point five kilowatts of power which is in a lot but it's not about the power as much as it is the aesthetics and the marketing dollars and that's why we get it we made it out of these co panels um. we also have colored solar panels colored cels so we can do all goes than anything.

Solar cells are now available in a rainbow of colors we can do just about every color you can imagine and we can have several colors uh. in one insulation so we can do your logo gonna cut design and install a large tracking system and put your corporate logo made out of solar sells in the proper colors we can colored any color you want and do a custom logo job for your company in front of your factor where house or any of your facilities what we're doing at solara is we are creating innovation in.

Engineering Outside the Classroom Solar Education Outreach

My name is Robert Breetz. I'm in electrical and computer engineering, specializing in power and control, and I'm from Solon, Ohio. Activities that I'm involved in outside of class, include Solar Education Outreach, which is a project team here at Ohio State. And I'm also a teaching assistant for the First Year Engineering Program. So Solar Education Outreach is a student group here at Ohio State, which I'm actually the president of. We went down to a school in CroixdesBouquets, Haiti, where we installed four 240watt panels, seven lights and two power outlets,.

For a school that previously had no access to electricity. So at night, students who want to learn couldn't, because there'd be nowhere that they could reliably go that is a safe place. So what we're aiming to do, is to provide a safe learning environment, kind of like a community center, that anybody can go to at night. What we do is we take a team of eight engineers down with us to go down. So it's a service, learning, design, engineering project where both Ohio State students benefit while the Haitians on the other side.

Benefit as well. When down there we actually also work with students from the Haitian State University and University Caraibe, coming together so electrical engineers and other engineers, together, in order to implement this system. So our largest project is to go down to Haiti each year to install these solar panels, but we also do numerous other solar projects here in the Columbus area. One of them is that we solder solar cells together in order to make solar panels. What we're planning on doing with these solar panels is going into local.

Middle schools and providing like outreach and showing them that, 'hey, with this solar panel you can power this light or power this buzzer' and do a little handson activity to get kids interested in engineering. Another one of our projects that we work on is we install offcampus security lights, motionactivated solar lights, in dark areas offcampus so that when somebody walks by, you know, the light will pop on and hopefully try to make offcampus a safer place. My advice to a new Ohio State student would be to get involved.

The college of Engineering has over 30 different project teams ranging from solar to concrete canoe to EcoCAR to Baja. It just goes on and on. And something to note is that employers look at these, and say Hey, this person is interested in engineering both in the classroom and outside of the classroom, really passionate about it.' And they definitely take that to note when looking for new interns or coops or even new hires. Because you are, you're getting that handson engineering experience that makes you a wellrounded person.

Tennessee Virtual Tour Solar Decathlon 2011

Music Our house is named Living Light, and that was a concept we were interested in exploring. Both the architects and engineers came together, and we came up with six strategies that we felt embodied living light, which include harvesting the sun's energy. So, of course, this is a solar competition, getting power from the sun. We also include thinking about how we can live lightly on the earth, also looking at giving the user control over all the functions of their house, having a compact space that also transforms based on the function, and having lots of natural daylight.

We've designed our house around two cores that are pushed to the extents of the plan. Those house our utility wing, our kitchen cabinetry, and then our bedroom cabinetry and our bathroom, and that leaves us a large, open, flexible, living space on the inside. There are actually two features that we showcase here. One is our photovoltaic array, which is a cylindrical tube. We're able to keep it at a flat orientation, and it provides shading for our facade. So it saves us energy while it's creating energy. And then, our glass facade. Along both the north and south walls of our home is all glass,.

So it allows us to make use of natural daylighting and views, while it also is part of our ventilation scheme. It's where all of the fresh air is supplied to our home. The house can be lit entirely by daylight during the day, so you don't need any artificial light. But then in the evening, our ambient light actually comes from along the facade. So, in the top along the facade, we have fluorescent lighting, and on the bottom we actually have color changing LEDs. I think the thing that's most exciting about this competition is actually that everyone.

Marylands Solar Decathlon 2011 Sales Audiovisual Presentation

WaterShed, the University of Maryland's Solar Decathlon 2011 entry, attracts buyers who desire all the functions of a large home in a more efficient and sustainable footprint. WaterShed's target market is working couples who want use the house as both a home and an office. This demographic is prevalent in the Baltimore and Washington, DC markets, where many individual firms exist in consulting, law, and architecture. WaterShed easily and quickly adapts to provide the variety of spaces needed for a livework environment. During the day, the south module functions as an office supporting home business and telecommuting.

The office niche provides a primary work space with a tiered desk. An adjacent conference table provides additional workspace and allows for collaboration on larger projects. At night the space transforms into a comfortable bedroom. The desk slides away into the office niche and the conference table transforms into a fullsized bed. In the North module, cooking, eating entertaining and relaxing are easily accommodated for the homeowners and their guests. The dining room table can easily be arranged for both quiet dinners for two and larger dinner parties with friends. Living room furniture can be arranged to accommodate.

A variety of gatherings. The space opens onto the entry deck to accommodate larger events. Just outside the kitchen, fresh produce can be picked from the garden deck. The scraps can then be composted and reused to fertilize the gardens. Durable materials allow the owners to spend more time enjoying and less time maintaining the house. The exterior cooked wood siding and decking is bug and rotresistant without using harsh chemicals. Recycled concrete countertops in the kitchen and bathroom are easy to clean, affordable and durable. Many of WaterShed's engineering systems are offtheshelf products making it easy to find replacement.

Parts and repair over time. The systems gain efficiency and save money through unique coupling. The southfacing roof features a 9.2 kilowatt photovoltaic array powering the home year round. A solar thermal array provides hot water, space heating and dehumidification. Two minisplit units independently control the temperature of each module. Superior insulation protects against drafts, saving energy and money. An intuitive home automation system allows residents to control lighting and ventilation systems for maximum functionality. A green roof on the northfacing roof stores storm water and provides added thermal insulation. Lowflow fixtures and a dual flush toilet in the bathroom minimize water usage. The.

Dr. Nitin Bhatt ECE Almnus

Music music music music music music music music My name is Nitin Bhatt. I am one of the faculty here at The Ohio State Medical Center. My background in engineering was a great preparation for what I do everyday as a physician. The challenges of going through an engineering degree are very similar to the challenges of going through a medical degree and its very good preparation. You learn how to approach a problem, you learn how to solve a problem and you learn how to work with others in solving a problem.

And thats what you do every day as an engineer and thats what you do every day as a physician. Its kind of strange path for someone to start out in engineering and end up in medicine or at least I thought it was. When I got into medical school I realized that a decent number of people in my medical school class were also engineers and in my specific field in pulmonary and critical care, the intensive care unit, every piece of patient monitoring equipment involves engineering technology and thats where a lot of the new advances are coming about these days.

For example, this is a electromagnetic navigational bronchoscopic procedure this is what we see here through the end of our bronchoscope with a special piece of equipment at the end of it. Using the software developed by this company you see a 3D reconstruction of the lung with the different branches of the airways and this is the small target that we are aiming for right here and on the CAT scan you can see the pathway that you are going to follow trying to get down here towards that target.

And in real time you see the inside of the lung and you see a reconstruction of the patients lung with the pathway you need to follow and as you go down the airways you can see the line telling you which way to go ultimately leading you towards your target which is this green dot here. And one of the other advantages of an engineering background in medicine is that as technology continues to evolve there will continue to be opportunities for people who have a background in engineering in all aspects of medicine and medical care.

Team New Jerseys Solar Decathlon 2011 Sales Audiovisual Presentation

A sleek, eyecatching housing design that joins the affordability and mass customization possibilities of precast concrete. With a lowmaintenance home appealing to all ages and needs. This is ENJOY A Generation House. The house is designed for a fictitious elderly couple who's interested in retiring to the Jersey Shore and what's interesting about our client is that, one of them is wheelchairbound. So the entire house is designed using Universal Design principles, and what that means is that, anybody who is interested, any age range, could move into this house and use the house barrierfree. The layout is in accordance.

With the ADA American with Disabilities Act. So we have one level that is centralized around our central core, and we have ramps on either entrance. There are no stairs. We have floating fixtures in the house, made of concrete heavy material. And what they do is they actually mount into metal rackets in the wall, giving the appearance of floating off the ground. Something that we thought was important not only conceptually but also it allows us to have accessibility access for ADA standards. Everything in the home has a dual purpose.

So a hallway is not just a hallway. A closet is not just a closet. For example, our main closet space is storage, laundry, and an office space. Another example of that is our living, dining, and kitchen. Since it's a small home, you have everything centralized right in one core. The landscape of the house was designed primarily to promote outdoor physical activity. So, on the north side, there's a large public space which is where you go outside to have dinner or lunch. The eastern side is a kind of more privatized, closer.

To the bedroom, where you'd go out or try and enjoy a cup of coffee while the sun rises in the morning. We designed the ENJOY house with the idea that it would be both mass producible and mass customizable. We could roll these things out on assembly lines and that would dramatically drive down the cost of any ENJOY house. As a property of concrete, the house is fireresistant, it's earthquakeresistant, it's waterproof so the leaky ceilings in the roof is less of a worry than a typical Aframe house. Just during construction we.

Used little to no VOCs. Concrete is mildew and mold, and even pestresistant. And just upkeep and typical cleaning it's much easier to clean than a sheet rock. We really wanted to show the versatility of concrete. Not only can it be structureable, not only can it be a piece of our house such as our closet, it also can be colored different colors our floors are darker, slate gray and our walls are trying to be lighter and white, trying to lighten up the space. We really wanted to take what concrete is doing for.

Us efficiently in the energy aspect and also showcase it in the idea of how it can be a finish in architectural design, in interior design, in industrial design. Most of the house's eyecatching aesthetic comes from the design of the roof, which is designed entirely to optimize our solar and rainwater collection. The house will stand out on a block. It doesn't look like your typical woodframe house in any neighborhood in America. But what it stands for is a good thing that we all want to see in the future of housing.

Green Really Does Sell

ANNOUNCER GSA's march toward a zero environmental footprint is also proving that sustainability can be profitable, Administrator Martha Johnson told corporate leaders during a forum at George Washington University. JOHNSON We touch a huge amount of government consumption and when you think of that river of consumption, who better to start interrupting that with sustainability notions than us We're strategically positioned to do that. I think we're beginning to understand that green really does sell. It is now something the consumer is listening for a great deal. ANNOUNCER One of the critical keys to success is that.

Industry and government work together. JOHNSON The lesson of sustainability is with leadership, with strategies, we change languages, with measurements, with good collaboration we can move forward. But you can't do it one dimensionally. I think there are ways in which, if we're all pushing on all of those pieces, we'll move forward. ANNOUNCER The agency isn't just TALKING about sustainability GSA is acting to move the nation toward a clean energy economy. Ongoing initiatives include the launch of a swift and aggressive push to get Americans back to work in longlasting,.

Appalachian States Solar Decathlon 2011 Engineering Audiovisual Presentation

Every square foot of land is designed and developed to live sustainably, to maximize resources. So instead of taking space to grow crops, now we're harvesting solar energy. Sure, we could have systems that were custom, well very expensive and custom jobs, but that's not really a homestead attitude. One of the new features of our Solar Homestead is a modern Trombe wall. We use the thermal leverage, if you will, of phase change materials they melt at a constant temperature so as long as you have phase change materials melting.

You don't overheat. We melt at about 27 to 29 degrees C Celsius. As the sun comes in you melt the phase change materials stays warm but not too warm, and we don't have to have as much thermal mass. The phase change materials leverage, because you're changing phases, you have lots of thermal mass available. As you get afternoon sun the wall will warm up, and when it cools down at night, and you need the heat, they will reradiate the heat back into the space. Our photovoltaic power system is incredibly dynamic. One aspect being.

The fact that we are a completely zeroenergy home, with an 8.2 kilowatt system. We are integrating bifacial solar panels. The panels that we decided to go with on our house can collect solar radiation from both sides. Obviously this is a nice performance boost. It did lead to some interesting design scenarios where you had to account for that extra boost, and prepare your system for higher than normal currents of voltages, but overall it's a perfect match. Another innovation in the Solar Homestead is the integration of two technologies, a.

Skylight, and solar thermal collection. So we call it the Solar Thermal Skylight. We decided to go with concentrators to cut cost basically, as well as reach the high temperatures, which is very critical for the latent energy storage the phase change material needs. We spent a lot of time picking out energy efficient appliances that are all Energy Star, of course. The rest of the team quickly pointed out that it also had to look good. We didn't want to be extravagant but we also weren't afraid to spend money, because it's important and.

That will pay back. Our house is very tight, it has controlled air infiltration and it also has a very robust thermal envelope where we reach R40 on all surfaces walls, ceilings, and floors. And we also have R5 windows. We don't need large HVAC systems. We decided to use the range hood as a whole house fan, so we could activate that if we needed to draw in fresh air into the house. We have separate passive fresh air openings, as well as some active ones. Most hot water heaters, as you've seen them, they're big tanks full.

Of water, and you have an element, an electrical element, for backup, and then you have a solar loop putting solar heat into it. We have no water, we don't store the energy in water, we store the energy in phase change materials. So we use a paraffin phase change material, and we pack the heat into that. And we can store nearly the same amount of heat as you can with a 200 gallon water tank. We're trying to build a reputation for the solar industry, in providing quality products at a good price that are going to work the.

Solar Training Turbine Training 4

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Solar Turbine

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