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Solar Power Training Florida

Solar Power Is Postponed By Petty Politics The Real Ratigan

Solar is the future of American power. Solar is the future of global power. The only question is, 'how long is it going to take' And, the answer that question will be determined by how long American politicians take money from those who are against solar. The irony, of course, is that the biggest resistance for solar the entire country is in Florida and then Arizona, which are two of the sunniest states in the country. Why is that Because money in the political system from fossil fuel companies is directly injecting the the political thinking,.

FloridaSingapore Team Interview Solar Decathlon 2015

Gtgt Team We are the University of Florida and National University of Singapore and Santa Fe College. gtgt Female The name is Solar Living House. So, that says a lot about what we're trying to do making livability a big priority, but it's the spatial organization, really thinking about our target audience as a median Florida family of average means, thinking about how we can design a home, not just a house for research that's not very interpersonal or things like that. So, we thought a lot about lifecycle costs, how to design a home that really grows.

With the family and really adjusts to different seasons of life. gtgt Male So we really wanted to make a house that is not this, like, foreign thing with all this technology, but that's really approachable. gtgt Female We actually already have a client. Since we are partnering with Alachua Habitat for Humanity, we have an elderly couple that we're building the house for, so we're building it kind of along the competition guidelines at first and then once we bring it back to Gainesville, we'll be adding on another bedroom module.

Richard Florida Want Job Stability Get Creative.

The main message of my work over the past decade or more has been a fairly basic message and that's that every single human being is creative. But then as with anything one has to put statistical parameters around what that means, and what I've found, is that in the United States and around the world our society is really divided into people who are principally paid to use their creativity at work and those who may be quite creative but they're principally paid to use their physical labor or they're involved in lowskill.

Service work. In any event, there are about 40 million Americans who are privileged to be members of what I call the creative class. There are people in science and technology. There are people who are entrepreneurs who work in research and development. They are architects, they're designers they work in arts and culture, the entertainment and media. And then the kind of classic knowledge based professionals that great management thinkers like Peter Drucker taught us about, people in business and management and healthcare and law and education. Now right now in the United States its about 35 percent of the.

Workforce but what's interesting is through the terrible economic crisis we've had, while rates of unemployment for manufacturing workers went over 15 percent, and in some cases over 20 percent, for people who do lowskill service work like food preparation or personal care, that kind of work went well over ten percent. The rate of unemployment amongst the creative class never went higher than five percent. And we're on track to generate another seven million of these jobs over the course of the next decade. And one thing that's really interesting, when I first look at the creative class in the original.

Version of the book in 2002, in the most advanced regions of the countries, places like San Francisco, or the Silicon Valley or Boulder, Colorado, or Austin, Texas, or Seattle or Boston, RaleighDurham, Washington, D.C. There might have been 35 or 40 percent. Now in some of these regions, almost 50 percent of the workforce we're sitting in Manhattan today and in New York county, which is Manhattan, it's nearly half of the workforce is already in this creative class and we have been able to look around the world and I added a whole.

New chapter on that in this book. You know, in some countries like Singapore or in Sweden or in Norway or in Denmark, the Netherlands, already more than 45 to 50 percent of the workforce is doing this kind of creative class work. So in my view, it's the growth force of our time and the real challenge ahead of us how do we get more and more people involved in creative class work using their minds, using their creativity, because it will afford them a better salary, it'll improve productivity and it'll hopefully begin to address the.

Solar Decathlon 2013

Sustainability is really a holistic thing. Having clean technology and clean air, it's inherent to our survival. Our current conventional sources of energy are finite and we are going to have to find additional and new regenerative sources of energy. The Solar Decathlon is a competition sponsored by the US Department of Energy and every two years they have twenty universities get together and design and build solar powered homes that are energy efficient, affordable and comfortable to live in. Everything is LED. And we chose a couple different fixtures to highlight our ambient lighting,.

Our task lighting for cooking, things like that. our task lighting for cooking, things like that. Our house is the Phoenix house. It's a disaster relief, permanent solution allowing you to easily construct your house after a disaster. The Harvest home is actually customized for a wounded veteran returning from combat. We've designed it to be accessible from a wheelchair. We've also designed it to be able to help steadily heal our occupant and also optimize the house at the same time. DALE is unique in that it's the only house here that is able to move and this is all.

To promote a California living and lifestyle, and take sustainability to the next level. So we just started the contest today and it's really going to heat up at these teams vie to see who's got the best house. We keep hearing a little buzz but you know we like to stay positive and we think there might not be too much competition. Tonight, they're going to cook for their neighbors, invite students in to sit down at their table. It's a competition but we're all one big family here. My favorite part of the competition is actually the camaraderie. Everyone's really warm and.

Welcoming, even during construction. If we're missing tools, we ask them. If they need a welder, we send a welder over there. Everyone wants to see each other pushed to the best we can do. We thought, how do we get energy to become a more central part of people's lives so it's not just that they're sustainable homes, but they're sustainable people as well. When we were really talking to the public, they were interested in you know purchasing this house, you know, to live in and that was a great feeling.

These homes showcase that sustainable living is cool, it's comfy, it's convenient. It's not sacrificial, it's not burdensome. It's inspiring me because I see like so many new ideas I just think they're amazing. What do I want to do when I grow up is I want to become an architect so I can build buildings. The Solar Decathlon competition means an incredible amount for the clean energy future. Being on this project from start to finish opens the door to a really great foundation to the rest of my career.

Anna Maria Historic Green Village Tutorial 1 Sustainable Development

Voiceover On Anna Maria Island there's a quiet revolution that's merging history with state of the art green technology. Mike We came to Anna Maria in 2003 where we used to vacation for a week or two from our businesses in the UK. Lizzie Anna Maria Island is the fantastic combination of a beautiful, natural environment, a small community where people really still care for each other and just a great city code where we have old Florida style buildings. We have beautiful landscaping. Mike The Green Village is a collection of five commercial buildings which will be powered.

By solar energy and ground source heat pumps geothermics and it'll all be put together to drive the air conditioning, the water heaters, again the rain harvests all the water for irrigation and the toilet flushing. So the whole concept of the village is to be zero net energy. Lizzie So it's very cool technology, very smart technology and we're very excited because it's not expensive technology and it's also technology that will become cheaper and cheaper over time. What we want to do is show people now so that as it becomes very affordable more people will adopt it. Our mission is.

To share all this cool technology but also the sense that a small island community like this can be a very modern place. It's very historic but it can also look into the future and think 'how do we sustain ourselves in the long term', 'how do we deal with waste', 'how do we deal with water', 'how do we deal with electricity' All of the sorts of things that we all need to think about whether it's a commercial building or a home. Voiceover The historic Green Village potentially has global implications as leaders of industries.

Anna Maria Historic Green Village Tutorial 6 Making Power Heating It Up, Keeping It Cool

Instrumental gtgt Lizzie So a key part of this zero energy equation is to reduce our energy needs. So a huge thing for me probably even more important than the photovoltaics, is insulation. Insulate, insulate, insulate! Just reduce the amount of energy you need to cool down a building or heat it up. Ray We insulated underneath the rafters. The standard in Florida for roofs is R19 we have a much fatter coat on here, we have an R30 roof so we have a lot of insulation that prevents heat from coming inside the.

Building. Lizzie We're using photovoltaic energy which is energy from the sun to generate electricity, we're using thermal energy solar thermal energy where we're using the heat and the energy from the sun to heat up water which is so important in a cafe, you imagine the number of plates that we're washing, and the amount of water we're heating up to make coffee. Ray What a solar thermal panel is is basically it's a flat panel with copper tubing in it and it's painted black and what it does is.

It heats up water. That water will heat to 170 degrees absolutely free. Lizzie And then the third crucial technology is geothermal. We have gone down 450 feet below the Rosedale cafe into an aqua fir where the water temperature is 72 degrees. So all we have to do is bring it up a 450 foot well, pass it through some heat transfer technology and cool down the air in the cafe, or in the Winter, heat the air up and we just said this has to be integrated. The whole thing has to work so that we are very efficiently.

See What Powers Vivint Solar

We had this idea. What if we grabbed our film gear, in a solar powered motorhome and set out on the ultimate road trip, hitting every natural wonderspot on America's West Coast. 3000 miles in 10 days. We would tell some sort of engaging marketing story about clean and renewable energy. About saving money by taking a look at affordable solar power, blah blah blah. We had it all planned out. We drove through hundreds of small towns. We slept outdoors. We ate at truck stops, and met the most interesting and wonderful people. We were on an adventure.

Then something happened Nature. Took. Over. Our super noble marketing idea Gone. But something far more amazing took its place Life. At every place, we found something we were not expectinga totally meaningful life on this aweinspiring Earth. Save the planet and save money Of course. End climate change Yes. But it became perfectly clear to us that everything we need to live truly purposeful lives is right here in front of us. It's here. It's up there. It's everywhere. All at once. It's not in our phones, or in front of our televisions, or sitting at our desks. It's.

Floridas SunPowered City of the Future Todays Green Minute, Episode 13

I'm Jim Parks and this is Today's Green Minute. In Florida, just outside of Fort Myers, is a 25year project undertaken by Kitson Partners called Babcock Ranch. It's a big planned community with big numbers 91,000 acres, including a 73,000 acre forest preserve, 18,000 houses, 6 million square feet of retail, light industrial, and office space, the creation of 20,000 jobs, and a big expected cost of two billion dollars! It's a place for green innovations on a big scale the plans feature ecofriendly construction and energy conservation measures. Notice those green roofs. Smart grid technology.

Faces of Floridians for Solar Choice Steve R.

I'm Steve Rutherford. I'm the owner and president of Tampa Energy Solutions here in Tampa, Florida. Florida is number one in solar potential east of the Mississippi, but we're somewhere around number 18 in solar installations. I think the Floridians for Solar Choice initiative will hugely benefit Florida. but not without a battle. I think it's going to provide opportunities to grow our business, it's going to expand solar throughout the state. and push Florida more towards the number 1 standing of its solar potential, which it can do. It will increase jobs.

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Darden Restaurants Installs Largest Solar Unit In Florida National Grid Sponsors Energy Efficiency

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