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Solar Power Systems Victoria Australia

Solar Intermittency Australias clean energy challenge

Music plays Dr Sayeef Hi, I'm Saad Sayeef. I work as a research scientist at CSIRO's Energy centre in Newcastle, New South Wales. I just wrapped up a project on solar intermittency entitled, the project was characterising the effect of high penetration solar intermittency on Australian electricity networks. Solar intermittency is the variability of solar power that's caused by clouds passing over solar panels on farms, or any solar power system. The report that I just finished had three main findings. One, we now know that intermittency is manageable. Two, we need a customised approach.

And three, we need a highly flexible grid in order to accommodate high penetration of solar power. The first finding was that we could manage solar intermittency, so using tools that we have here, such as solar forecasting and energy management, we can manage and fix the intermittency issue. There are a few ways by which solar intermittency can be managed, so we have short term energy storage, demand management, deploying additional ancillary services, curtailing the output of renewable generation. So these are some of the solutions that can be implemented.

However each of them, the effectiveness of each of them needs to be evaluated. We don't know how effective each of them are, or the combination of them are. This report identifies the specific issues with solar intermittency more in an Australian context. It sort of identifies what issues there can be with solar intermittency, with the work that we did looking at the issues of solar intermittency worldwide and seeing how that relates to an Australian context, and identifying what specific areas we need to look at in order to reduce the barriers.

Master of Engineering Sustainable Energy RMIT University

Background music I want something that is fun, something that is new, but also beneficial to my future. I guess I like the field of sustainable energy in engineering because it allows me to use my skills in maths and science, whilst also creating some good. I have done my Bachelor's in electronics instrumentation, so I was looking at the starting phase for a PhD or getting into a renewable energy sector. Sustainable energy is not just saving the environment or learning about the environmental technology. It's more than that. It's like putting equations of social responsibility, ethics,.

Even economic point of view, and not to forget the engineering aspect of the technology. The program places the students in a very competitive position to grab international and local jobs. The strategy of this program in particular is just training workready students. I've got to learn like new technologies, new alternative energies. I believe in sustainable life and climate change, so sustainable energies sort of like bring all of these components under one roof. As part of the program, the students should do a project, a research project, and they've got the opportunity to go for whatever area that they're interested in.

My final year project, I did it with Professor Gary Rosengarten in designing and simulating the solar thermal collector systems for low energy residential building. Most of our programs, we have a group project and single project, so when we interact with these people, you sit down, you learn. It's more of an interaction. We have a number of guest lecturers that come in and talk to us from the industries. It's great to see what people are doing in the real world, and where the actual jobs are. Climate change is not a hoax. It's happening now around the world.

The future for solar begins in the classroom Kangan Institute Case Study

So this project really is about educating electricians here Kanga TAFE with respect to solar. Kanga TAFE were going to start a teaching program so we brought a really good contractor consultant who works with eventually to the project is on something that would give a full educational benefit the different solar arise hans solo para systems i knew that we were involving sala and i expressed a lot of interest month what we have to sign someone who wants to have some ongoing to come in and have some discussions.

And come up with the plane for so long weakening calls for them so what we've got is a number of different people your eyes and ears open the roof some of these arise appointed indifferent or inflation so that students can understand the maximum impact of having perfect for inflation for the tv right systems that often for one form for killing arrives on the birth number one killer standalone system the system is this onto the i want to give up some azimuth angle positions in the relative values over systems.

Wind ices on the phone potential of the also i have here is that featured the panels that are on the uh. systems on the roof uh. for mc talking to you six points down in the workplace he one of the movement of the features of this setup here is discharged but this widget driven from down in the classrooms and we have a camera meant up here on the roof that looks at the show instructions so that the uh. electricians have been trying to get on the stand.

To what degree the shy is impacting the solar panels the individuals who have cancer spreading in the class this provides the opportunity to the exact situation that's occurred from installers good very much the what type of teaching that comes on the normal environments this fun you can actually see the situation concerning the environment creating the environment and ischemia where it is nothing like it in the country we're not aware of any other facility of training education facility that has victory activity that's been brought to the disarming give students a good idea.

And some clarity a rebel shite will do around what or inflation and a set of perfect levi woodbury and l elson downstairs in the classroom broadcom the sections of the people you write into extralarge faulty segments and carrier experimentation is disconnecting different sections of panel together every student every patrician is they're learning about sol respond of his mind training and education process because buildings and factories and domestic residences are all doing today i was so so french pete to be a man from assist these operations to set up and trying.

Solar Movie Green Architects

In the late 1990's we made a tutorial called 'Green by Design'. It was made for the Royal Australian institute of Architects, and it won an award in 1998 from the Western Australian government. In the production and direction, my colleague Dr Bill Parker was involved and the messages in this tutorial are still very relevant for the present day. Buildings consume a large proportion for the energy used by our society. In the past very few have been energy efficient, and very few have used the benefits of the sun. We now.

Have the opportunity to create structures that use less energy, and work in harmony with our environment. Whatever the size or purpose of a building the principles of low energy design and minimal environmental impact can be applied. The leaders in this process are the energy conscious architects with the experience, the depth of knowledge and creative skills needed. Any house, any building benefits by the knowledge and the use of a low energy approach to the design process. It's an essential part of good design. You save energy, you save money. It's a very simple equation.

New Zealands Solar Decathlon 2011 Sales Audiovisual Presentation

The design of the house is based on the Kiwi bach which is the New Zealand holiday home, it's a traditional house that's found throughout the country. we use the bach to showcase the lifestyle that we have in New Zelaand. The values that we focussed on in designing this house were the social nature of the bach the way that it's a really small dwelling but the whole family, the extended family, piles into the same space and using the spaces flexibly so accommodating more people during the day or at different times of the season.

In order to provide all the hot water needs for the whole house in New Zealand for the whole year The house is designed for an older couple, an eco conscious couple, the house is designed for New Zealand, for New Zealanders The spaces have been deisgned flexibly so we can maximise every sqaure metre of the house. This central space is really the heart of the home it contains the kitchen and the dining room its also the entranc enad exit, so in summer the doors can open tot he north and south.

Adn it really does feel like you're living outdoors. So the kitchen's really compact for two inhabitants we've used energy efficient appliances and compact models as well so we can fit them well into the space. We've used a simple palette of metrials but also durable ones Teh primary function fo the study unit is to visually partition the bedroom off fromt eh rest of the spacea dn the peic eof urniture transforsm into a fully functioning study unit If you're not using th eoffice you can actually foldn the table back up intot he unit and that allows for more space in the living area.

The lounge unit is where we can accomoodate temporay guests for a period time, the seat actually pulls out to become a double bed, and then a wall folds back to show a bunk bed So the house has been designed around eneriovnmentally sustainable principles, first and foremost sustainable materials have been used so the owner can be really confident that this is a really low energy sustainably sourced and built home The switches are located around the house to only use the lighting you need at the time to discourage overuse of lighting in the space.

However we've made it really easy to turn all the lighting off as you go out of the house with a master off switch at the door In this type of house and in New Zealand and in the bach we see home entertianment as a more of a human thing so the primary function of the house is really to encourage social interaction dining round the table, gathering, playing board games. We do have a home enterinament sytem and we've kept it nice and simple, all the qiring goes back to a patch panel int eh shed.

Which means you can move you're home entertainment around so we don't have to have the DVD player next to the TV so it can be in a cupboard, it's concealed from view it's not It's not always out but it's conveniently accessible when needed its inviting form the outside, the canopy draws you into the centre of the space and we've worked hard to create a house that doesn't look like it has a lot of sophisticated technolgy in it, it just goes on behind the scenes and when you're inside you aren't aware of the goings on of the house it just looks after itself.

Optimal Group Sustainable Energy Solutions

Businesses and their facilities come in all shapes and sizes, however they have one thing in common they all need energy. And they all want to cut their everrising power bills. So it's important that you are up to date with the with latest ways to reduce the cost of energy. That's why many businesses are looking to onsite power or what is sometimes referred to cogeneration. To deliver greater power security and regain control over rising power costs. Optimal exist to reduce your energy costs, lower your emissions, deliver secure power whether the grid there are not.

At Optimal our specialist technician and engineer analyze your current and future energy usage and recommended the right onsite power solution. We provide power heating and cooling for a range of clients, such as office complexes, shopping centres, aquatic facilities, manufacturers and remote operation, such as mining and oil and gas companies. At the core of the solution is the unique Capstone microturbine generator. Efficient, reliable and the world cleanest burning engine. The result is a simple compact and module a generator that delivers lowcost, clean and reliable energy. Typically, the Capstone microturbine generator.

Is fuelled using natural gas, which then generates electricity. The generator also produces heat which is harness to heat water, for space heating and many other industrial processes. This heat can also be used in an absorption chiller to deliver chilled water for refrigeration, airconditioning and other applications. Our onsite power solution helps to reduce costs by generating your own power cheaper than you buy from the grid and to give you free heating and cooling for your facility. It also reduces your emissions by up to 40 simply by switching from coalfired power.

To natural gas fuels. Which is better for the planet and your business. Generating power and heat onsite is twice as efficient as base load power generated from the grid. Providing you with 247 heat and power, which is great if you can't get enough power from the network, have frequent power outages, require mission critical power or not connected to the grid. Onsite power works best for energy consumers who spend more than $10,000 a month on electricity. With operations that have a large heating or cooling load. Optimal Group and Capstone microturbines clean.

AirAus Airer For Drying Clothes Indoor

Hello there. I'm just going to take you through another one of our ceiling airer products, a bit more of a modern designed ceiling airer product. This is the Airaus ceiling mounted clothes airer. You can see in just the images over here if you hover over that picture there, it will magnify the image to give you a bit of a clearer look. Plus you can also just click on the image or click on that same old button just there and that will actually enlarge the picture for you. So as you can see you've got six rods in this.

And they can be individually raised and lowered. As you can see in the picture just there they obviously just hook onto a little bracket, which you just attach to the wall. So, quite a simple product to install and pretty much a DIY type product. You'll also find another image just there. As you can see, just raise and lower each rod as you wish and you can hang pretty much anything on these rods. These are actually a steel rod, they're not just plastic. They're actually made from steel. So quite a sturdy little product and just make sure.

Obviously when you're attaching the brackets into the ceiling that you attach it to the structural part of the ceiling. inaudible 000112 in different lengths as I mentioned, so your 1.2 meter length is that price just there. If you do want a longer length from 1.4 or 1.6 right up to 1.8 in length just click on the length that you'd prefer and that will actually adjust the price for you at the top as well so you can see what you'll be paying before you make your purchase. Now, at the time this tutorial was being made we were doing a free shipping.

Offer and we do have our 100day happiness guarantee. This simply means if you're not completely satisfied with the product once you've received it, you can return it to us, no problems at all. Just get in contact with us and let us know you'd like to return it and we'll provide you with some return address details. Once we've received it back in its original packaging, you will get a 100 money back refund. Just going down the page a little bit now and you will see a description of.

The product just here, so just to tell a little bit more information about this particular product. There's also a tutorial tape of course. Customer review tab is quite handy. You can have a bit of a read about what some of our other customers have said that have already purchased this product, which is quite handy before you make your own purchase. There's also the specifications tab just there. They do a little bit more detail about the actual dimensions of the product. So the unit overall width of all six steel rods is 55 centimeters and of course there's six of.

Them as well. So the overall height if it's raised all the way up, so the height from the ceiling to the bottom of one of the rods is ten centimeters. It comes with a one year guarantee and it's generally suitable for about one to two people. The last tab just there will just show you some other products that customers have been looking at. It's quite a handy little function. You can simply click on the product name just there and that will take you straight through to that product page.

If you do require any more information about this particular airer or any other clothesline products that we have here at Lifestyle, you can get in contact with us. The quickest way to do that is just at the customer service list at the bottom of any page you'll see a contact us link, also the help and support link there as well and you can just get in contact with us and one of our customer service representatives will get back to you as soon as we possibly can. Just going back up the page now and once you've made your selection for the.

How To Choose A Bushfire Sprinkler System DIY At Bunnings

I'm gonna talk now about how to choose a bushfire sprinkler system. Obviously if your home is under threat, the best and first option is to leave and leave early. But if you want to put a few things into place beforehand, let's run through them now. Obviously the most simplest thing you can do is get a couple of garden hoses and wet around your house and keep all outdoor vessels like buckets and things full. You can also hook up some garden sprinkler systems. And these are quite tall and all made of metal so that they don't.

Perish in a fire. Then you can move towards putting something on the roof. These small units can be used both on the ground or put up on your roof. You can join two together just by adding some galvanized pipe and then you can set up three or four across the width of your roof. Hook up your pipe, hook up your hose and then just let them run. When you're connecting your sprinkler systems, together always use the metal connectors, be it copper or galvanized. Your normal garden hose is not going to be adequate to connect.

These two sprinklers together when you need it the most. One large thing to consider when you're in a bushfire area is how much water you have and how long you can run that for. Bear in mind that you may lose power at some stage or you may lose the whole main pressure system. In that case, an ideal thing is to have a backup generator. This can be used to hook up water pumps or other electricity to the house. You can also use this particular unit to drop the hose into your holding tanks and then spray out across your garden or across.

Your roof. Also, when you're choosing a generator, you want one that's easy to start and the whole family can use it, preferably one with a push button start as opposed to a pull start. Always make sure every one knows how to start it and use it. It's a good thing to practice it throughout the year. Ember attack is the biggest risk during a fire season. Embers can come from quite some distance and land on your property. By having a sprinkler system in place and a source of.

Water, you're actually creating a curtain of water that can help cool down the area and stop ember attack and protect your home. There's a number of things to consider before you set up your fire system and your sprinkler system and that is how much water you have available to you, what sort of power source you need to run that water, and other things for example, the terrain that you have, how big an area you're trying to protect. If you're unsure, you can download all this information from your local fire authority website. When you're setting up these sprinkler systems,.

It's always a good idea to consult with your plumber. You want to make sure that the system you're putting in place is going to be adequate for the water that you have and the pressures that you have available to you. So while setting up the sprinkler system may be a reasonable outlay in the beginning, what it could save you and your family in the long run is uncountable. Always buy good quality equipment. Always buy metal fittings. Don't go for the plastic fittings like these they're just not gonna work in a fire situation. Be prepared and have good quality equipment ready.

22 Kilowatts Inverterand MicroInverterSolarPowerSystemWithBatterStoragein ToorakVictoria

22 Kilowatts Inverterand MicroInverterSolarPowerSystemWithBatterStoragein ToorakVictoria,For more Information Visit agradesolarsolutionsaustralia.au Mobile 0419 889 555 Address P.O Box 41 Rosanna Vic 3084 Fax 03 9455 0532..

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5.5 Kw Solar Power System With Battery Storage Reduced Bill From $900 To $52.For more Information Visit agradesolarsolutionsaustralia.au Mobile 0419 889 555 Address P.O Box 41 Rosanna Vic 3084 Fax 03 9455 0532..

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Federation Square Solar Power Installation - Melbourne, Victoria.Federation Square in the city of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia is home to major cultural attractions and events, restaurants, bars and specialty stores..

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Off Grid Solar Power System In Murchison Victoria

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Growing Animal Fodder At 7 Hills Tallarook Farm Stay - Victoria Australia.Taylan Atar, owner of both.sevenhillstallarook.au and.thefarmstore.au walks us through the animal fodder feed growing..

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