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Solar Power System Manufacturers In Bangalore

Power electronics company employs Innovate for Maine interns after they graduate

I'm Ben Polito. I'm the cofounder and president of Pika Energy. We're located in Westbrook, Maine. Pika Energy builds power electronics that help customers to produce and manage their own power. So, rather than buying electricity from the utility, they can actually make and manage their own power using our technology. They can cut their costs. We can provide secure power, so that their system doesn't go down in a blackout. Even allow them to sell power back to the utility. Actually, the company started out in my basement. There were three of us at first. We were developing.

The core technology. As we've grown over the years, we eventually outgrew the basement and moved to Westbrook, where we're located now. We have a team of 12 people. The Innovate for Maine Internship Program has been a fantastic help to our company. We've been involved in the program from the very first year. We had an intern named Tony Nuzzo, who's the engineering student out of the University of Maine System. The program matched us with the absolute perfect candidate. He actually had experience building wind turbines, which is one of the products we make.

Brainy Touch Solar PCU 2.5 KVA48VSMB Priority

Now solar mains battery. When we select solar mains battery, the setting for battery voltage mains will be 48.8, 49.6, 51.6 and 52.6 for 48V system. Now I am selecting 48.8 and I will save it. This means when the battery voltage will be 48.8, then mains will be connected to the system. As you can see, the input voltage is present but the system is running in backup mode. As the battery voltage will become 48.8, then the system will start working on mains. Now the battery voltage is 48.8, the system has come to mains mode.

SelfDriving Car Test Steve Mahan

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Nathaniel Old habits die hard, man. Steve Hey, they don't die. Hey, anybody up for a taco Nathaniel Yeah, yeah. What do you want to do today, Steve Steve I'm all for Taco Bell, myself. Nathaniel All right, well, let's go get a taco at the drivethru. Steve And we're turning into the parking lot. Nathaniel Yeah. Steve How neat. Nathaniel There we go. Now we kind of creep along here. Nathaniel Does anybody have any money Steve I've got money. Nathaniel No, I've got my wallet right here. If you roll down your window and order a burrito.

Yeah, push that. How are you doing today Steve I'm doing very well. How are you today Good. Thank you. Steve This is some of the best driving I've ever done. laughs mellow music 95 of my vision is gone. I'm well past legally blind. You lose your timing in life. Everything takes you much longer. There are some places that you cannot go. There are some things that you really cannot do. Where this would change my life is to give me the independence and the flexibility to go the placesI both want to go and need to go.

UMaines Advanced Manufacturing Center a Resource to Maine businesses

The Advanced Manufacturing Center is a university economic development resource. What we do is work with companies and businesses to help them develop, execute and commercialize new products, new processes and anything related to manufacturing. We do food products, we do wood manufacturing, we do metal manufacturing, we do plastics manufacturing, we work with composite manufacturers as well. If somebody has an idea or a concept where they want help developing a prototype, developing a manufacturing solution, what they will do is come and meet with us, we'll sit down and.

Come up with a complete scope of work. We will work with them on financing if they need to, mostly MTI, Maine Technology Institute but also CEI, other groups here in the state that help with financing. We'll build the prototype, do the testing on it and then help them commercialize that product as well. music We have a 3D printer machine, which can print many different types of plastics, the hard plastic, the more flexible plastic. Any part that we can draw on the computer, we can make it out of plastic.

We have a FARO EDGE laser scanning arm. It can scan in any type of object, so we can go right from the scanned part to a 3D printed part, we can change the size, shape, whatever we want to do and then print that part off or we can also go into CNC equipment and actually machine it. We have a machine that will actually cut metal using a wire, because the wire is electrified and it erodes the metal all the way through so then it will cut off the metal and it's.

Very accurate, it's similar to the waterjet type system but it's much more accurate and you can use it for cutting exact parts. We're using it for cutting samples for Bangor Natural Gas. At the Advanced Manufacturing Center students are very important to our operation here. We hire students usually in their sophomore, junior year, both mechanical and electrical engineering students. They come to work for us just as any other student would work for a company or business as an intern. What those students get is basically two to three years.

Of handson project management, engineering experience that is invaluable. Students are very sought after, after they graduate here from the university. For example, GE in Bangor has 10 AMC former students. When we develop something, we're not going to develop it in a vacuum, we're actually going to develop it so that we can transfer that knowledge to those private manufacturers here in the state, which can really help that company get off the ground and get moving. Whether it's the innovation center or whether it's the business school, we'll actually help.

Crompton Instruments Integra Ri3 Digital Panel Meter

Welcome to GTV! Today I will be showing you Crompton Instruments Integra Ri3 Digital Metering System. The Integra Ri3 Digital Metering System, or DMS, can accurately measure and display major electrical and power quality parameters. It is easy to set up with user friendly navigation and can be mounted on a DIN rail without the need for special tools for installation. The DMS measures and displays the characteristics of singlephase twowire, threephase threewire and threephase fourwire systems. Measurements include voltage, frequency, current, power and real and reactive energy, both imported and exported. The DMS can complement existing.

UPS Ltd The MINIpower PLUS Tutorial

The range of MINIpower UPS units further extends Uninterruptible Power Supplies modular philosophy into the single phase scenario. By installing only the required number of power boards into the unit, the UPS system can be exactly configured to match the customer load. Additionally one extra board offers increased critical load protection by providing redundancy. The MINIPower itself comes in two formats. Firstly a tower unit, secondly a rack mounted unit. The tower unit itself is further subdivided into two configurations. The first being up to four internal power boards, offering 5kva of output capacity,.

And this unit also includes internal batteries. The second format allows for eight power boards, providing 10kva of output power. In this configuration the battery backup is provided in a separate matching battery cabinet. An easy to connect external maintenance bypass facility at the rear of the UPS unit, allows for electrically bypassing the unit. The MINIPower UPS unit user panel is easy to use with a colour coded graphical display with all measurements such as power usage, load, event logs etc. can be accessed. Remote monitoring can also be facilitated by use of an SNMP, allowing the user to access.

Xylems cuttingedge Oxelia technology for water reuse

We are concerned about the presence of pharmaceuticals, endocrine substances in the water that have been shown to have a very strong impact on the environment and potentially even more on human health. In 2010, we developed the reuse project, a very innovative project for Xylem, in collaboration with IVL, the Swedish environmental research institute, here at Hammarby Sjstadsverk. This platform is a leading platform for the development and commercialization of new technologies. Oxelia is our latest treatment product, launched in 2014, that really leverages the combination of bestinclass ozone treatment,.

Media filtrations and analytics for developing an ozoneenhanced biological activated filter. It gives the customers the most reliable, robust and sustainable solutions to address micropollutant problems in water reuse applications. So, in Oxelia, we integrate the performance of the ozone, and then the filtration is on an activated filter, media filter, to create this double barrier to microcontaminants. The ozone will oxidize the contaminants and the activated filter will polish the treatment by removing byproducts from the water to give a very highquality effluence for reuse applications. Approaching reuse also matches Xylem's vision.

PULS Dimension Series DCDC Converters

Welcome to GTV! Today I will be showing you DCDC Converters using the Puls Dimension Series. The Dimension CDSeries is a 32 millimeter DINrail DCDC converter in the 92120 Watt output power range in a very compact housing. These DCDC converters are allowed to run with a battery or similar sources. Models are available with an input of 12 to 48 volts with an output of 24 volts and in the model CD5.121, the input is 24 volts with an output of 12 volts. The current output ranges of this series ranges from about 4 to 8 amps.

All devices except the CD5.241L1 have a PowerBoost of 20 incorporated. This extra power can even be used continuously up to 45 Celsius. The output is electrically isolated from the input in a safe way. The input is protected against reversed voltages and contains a soft start function. The DCDC converter is resistant against feedback voltage of up to 30 volts DC and does not show malfunctioning with load feedback. They can also be used in some cases as external input protection. The units are designed for both inductive and capacitive.

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