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Solar Power System Lebanon

Can BIPV help to fix the local electrical network lacks in Lebanon

BIPV can help fix the lacks in the network electrical network I will start explaining the network. The network of electricity is composed by the production plant the distribution and transmission and all the plants that we have are suffering big loads and they are old and they need retrofit and on the other hand, the building demands are so high especially that we are having a lot of growth in our country and European countries, we have around 50 of the energy produces consumed by buildings I mean by buildings the commercial buildings.

And the residential buildings which consume a lot due to cooling systems, heating systems, appliances and other things and the production is not answering this demand so building integrated photovoltaic can present a good solution for this problem of lacks especially that it will make a kind of decentralized production of electricity and they will let the utility avoid maintenance of the transmission and the losses in the distribution and transmission However, since it's a young technology it needs more efficiency to answer all the needs of the buildings I will talk about a special case which is.

The case of Lebanon I will narrow the circle, and we will talk about here for example we have a national demand of 2500 megawatt and the production is about 1600 megawatt which is not sufficient, causing a lot of shortages and cut of electricity during the days, especially in summer during the big load of cooling systems The actual solution is now the private generator, diesel generator which are illegal, not organized and polluting a lot and they are around houses and in residential areas causing a lot of noise and pollution so BIPV as it is, can present a good solution.

Solar Hot Water Case Study Anita Henry

My objectives is with the solar thermal the solar hot water were to reduce that our reliance on fossil fuel and have adequate hot water for my husband and I. I first heard about solar thermal back when my husband and I were planning to build our new house and we had to investigate the mechanical systems that we were going to put in. We wanted something was both economical and energyefficient. We got some advice on doing solar thermal, as well as some radiant work for the heating system. There was a federal.

What to consider when installing a new PV system on an existing building

There are a lot of things to be considered when installing a PV in an existing building. First of all we need to know if the building is grid connected or if it is not grid connected In case it is not grid connected obviously we need to size the PV plant according to the electricity demand otherwise there are other mediums that must connect with our design and those are for example the surfaces either on the roof or the faade the electrical consumption of the building in case there is a net metering problem.

Or any other economical like the available budget or the financial for example in the building most probably we need to use the roof for installing the PV panels so we can distinguish two possibilities the flat roof and the flopping roof In the flat roof there is no problem since can choose either the orientation or the inclination for the solar panels In the case of a sloping roof we can take advantage of those roofs oriented south within a range plus or minus 20 let's say and an inclination of 15 plus or minus 20 more or less.

So in case the faade is available we need to make sure that this faade is well oriented south within a range plus or minus 30 degrees in any case obviously we need to check that the structure of the building is able to build with the new loads that provide mainly from the wind that the solar panels are adding to the building So some useful hints for example in any case we try to keep the roof waterproof as much as possible so it means for example that in flat roof.

We can use a that weights and for example with it is useful to install inverters and protection as close as possible to the PV generator in order to reduce the losses The problem of the it is responsible for relevant percentages of losses so trying to avoid these, for example we can avoid putting solar panels in position and make it accessible at any time to make sure that personnel is able to clean them two times to three times a year for example And finally and the important according to.

What electrical appliances are increasing electricity consumption that could be supplied by BIPV

My name is Mohammad Salah el Soqbi, I am here on behalf of the Egyptian European business association and pretty much interested in the use of PV specially to supply a number of the household appliances air conditioning is one of the most consuming instruments or appliances in households they contribute maybe up to 50 of the energy consumption in a household so the using of PV, especially during day hours is quite useful in addition of course to other appliances for example in the case of egypt air conditioning units represent something around.

More or less about 40 of the peak load in the country, so if this is supplied by PV it will reflect diversification of the sources it will reduce the fossil fuel use in electric power stations and that will help the sustainability in our resources. This will have also quite a positive impact on the environment, on the reduction of carbon emission and so on. So it's definitely a useful thing. The expansion of the PV systems also will have its impact on economy on energy in the country itself.

Aesop Surprises

What most surprised me about the Aesop system was the amount of time that we saved by having Aesop automatically linked to our payroll system and update the information within our payroll system. We were able to save four days per pay cycle of manual staff entry into our payroll system. That was a great savings for us. That was a shock to me. I had no idea we would save that much time. At every sales pitch you're always told all the great things it can do and to be able to take principal feedback a month into the project and implement.

It with 1015 minutes on my side has just been a really big win for me. Most of the time with customer support you call them and they'll fix a problem. We've actually had contact from Aesop and said well what do you think of the product or the new features or things that you want that will help you That's surprising because most companies don't do that and I appreciate that. The availability of reports just the swiftness, the capability to get them very quickly. That was the thing that surprised me most and the.

Number of different kinds of reports that you can get. We have implemented other automated systems for other things application tracking systems, course development systems, and those have been tedious implementations. Aesop has been very simple. What surprised us most about our implementation of Aesop was how easy it was. We have had no concerns in two months of our using Aesop. I was actually surprised at how accepting everyone was of the new technology, because sometimes in school districts it's really hard to get people to change. And they.

Nashville, TN Solar Podcast

This tutorial has been provided by ICMA, the International City County Management Association. And is funded through the US Department of Energy's Solar Outreach Partnership. For more information visit solaroutreach The Convention Center Authority wanted to build a green building and they wanted to be LEED certified. They were looking at a Gold Certification, so to that extent, a solar project made sense, because it gives a lot of points. They were also very clear that it had to make make financial sense. And it had to make financial sense in a way that.

Would be meaningful and that everyone could understand. It occurred to me in looking through the Nashville Electric Service and the Tennessee Valley Authority TVA's rate structure, that the maximum demand periods, is where they charge the most money for electricity. So, we were going to be offsetting the electricity when it cost the most. By a factor of almost 100 times as much, if we could reduce their, not only their consumption, but also their demand charge. But in order to do that, we couldn't go to the grid with power.

We had to go behind the meter. That became the challenge. 'Behind the meter' means the solar is connected on the building side of the utility meter not on the grid side of the utility meter. All the solar's coming into the building and goes wherever it's needed. For example lighting, air conditioning. We brought in Nashville Electric Service early in the project. We submitted all the data on the project to them, let them come in and evaluate the project and also we let them evaluate our financial analysis. Would it be beneficial They agreed that it would.

And that it would, as they call it, 'peak shave' the demand charges. The model that we developed, the financial model, it hadn't been done before, at least that we could find. We know it hadn't been done in the TVA region because the Music City Center was the first project to go behind the meter. It's important for municipalities to take a first step. If no one takes the first step it doesn't get taken. Another way a municipality can help is through permitting. Making sure the permitting process does not throw up barriers.

The mayor's Green Ribbon Commission several years ago, that's one thing they looked at. They wanted to make sure that solar development didn't get deadended in a bureaucratic roadblock because there's not a pathway made for it. They made sure those pathways were open. You know, a lot of companies have implemented their own sustainability plans. And so they want to bring it when they're away, at their conferences. They want to be in a space that is LEED certified. Or that can help them reduce their waste impact or their carbon footprint.

What are the electrical primary sources in Jordan and what is the potential of reneweable energy

Jordan is importing most of its primary energy needs from outside Jordan imports around 96 of its fossil fuel from nearby countries they are producing countries. Jordan consumes around 50 of its fossil fuel in the transport sector and around 25 is consumed for producing electricity in Jordan Regarding the renewable energy in Jordan Jordan is located within the sunbelt and this sunbelt is as you know, extending from the Atlantic ocean to the Arab gulf sea and the average or the annual average of daily solar radiation in Joran is ranging between 5 and 7 kilowatt hour sqm day.

And we also have high potential in some areas for wind energy, we have wind speeds ranging between 7 and 9 metersecond. and in Jordan we have a national strategy in order to increase the percentage of the contribution of renewable energy in the total energy mix, to reach the 10 by 2020, and the government has issued a renewable energy law in order to encourage the investors to invest in Jordan for small scale and large scale projects and we have now the net metering law which enables people to install PV.

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