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Solar Power System Generator Backup

Can Your Entire House Run On Batteries

Wouldn't it be weird if one day in the future you were buying a home and the listing said, batteries not included Yeah well, that could totally happen. Hey there people, Julian here for DNews. Electricity is pretty great. It powers my toaster, my fridge, my hairdryer, my clothes dryer, my air conditioner, my humidifier, my dehumidifier, and my pc I use to watch science tutorials. I think I'm gonna keep using it. The problem is, everyone in all the other houses feels the same way, usually at about the same times.

Of day, and they're driving the cost of those tasty kilowatts up in the evening. Of course during the day if you don't want to use power from the grid, you could get some solar panels and harvest sunlight, but that's not helpful when the sun's down, also known as nighttime, also known as the time I need to have electricity to turn lights on to not bang my shins on all the furniture. Enter the battery powered home. The idea is a rechargeable battery stores energy from solar panels during the day or from offpeak hours when grid energy is cheapest, and uses.

That energy during the rest of the day. The problem is if you've ever bought batteries you know they cost approximately one arm andor one leg. Elon Musk thought that was a silly hangup for what is otherwise a great idea and decided to do something about it. Elon Musk, for y'all that don't know, is basically what would happen if Tony Stark lost the goatee. His interests range from online money movement to commercial space flight to, most importantly for this topic, electric cars. His company Tesla Motors has been refining electric car batteries for years, engineering them to be lighter, longer lasting,.

And more efficient. Why don't we take all those batteries, and put them on a wall So they did that. The Tesla Power wall Is basically a bunch of lithium ion cells in a sleek case. They're compartmentalized and liquid cooled to solve the knotty problem of overheating and burning your house down, something that is generally undesirable. If you wanted it as your main power supply there's a model that can store and discharge up to 7 kWh daily and costs $3000. Best of all it should last 10 years, which is approximately.

8 years longer than my laptop battery made it before it wouldn't hold a charge anymore. The trick to this longevity is how much power it outputs. It's only pumping out 2 kW continuously and peak output is 3.3 kW. The problem that then arises is some appliances will use more than that output. An electric clothes dryer could draw that much power on its own. So if you want dry clothes, I hope you weren't planning on using a microwave too. If you wanted to be not reliant on the grid at all, you'd probably need a few powerwalls.

To go with your solar roof panels. Depending on where you live, your power consumption can vary widely, but the average US home in 2011 used 940 kWh per month. A solar setup of that size would cost over $11,000, not including installation or taking tax credits into account. Then you'd need 5 Powerwalls to store all of that sunshine juice, so that's another 15 grand. It's an expensive prospect right now, but as the cost of batteries and solar panels continue to drop, individual homes that are independently powered could.

Become a great way to kick our fossil fuel habit. Inexpensive home batteries are looking like a promising innovation. They're not the only company innovating. Intel creates the breakthrough technologies that make amazing experiences possible. Having Intel inside makes for better experiences outside. Intel drives innovation with products like processors, wearables and IOT devices, and within data centers. In the PC and beyond. Going green sounds like a lot of effort. Is it really worth it Trace explains why yes, totally, it is, right here. Would you use the powerwall Would it be a supplement for your energy use or would you.

FYI Kohler Generator Basics

Hi this is Josh Roelofs with FYI, an informational tutorial series from Wholesale Solar. Today we're going to talk about Kohler generator basics. Wholesale Solar is an authorized Kohler generator distributor, and our experienced, factorytrained technicians can help recommend a generator for your application. Kohler generators are industry renowned for their durability and reliability and we have a wide range of models and sizes in stock for almost any purpose. There are two main applications for a generator. The first is providing standby power for a home during a power outage, and second is providing power for an offgrid home.

Most people experience power outages due to thunderstorms, severe winter weather, earthquakes, and other factors. And these outages can severely affect your home and family. A Kohler home standby generator assures that you can weather the storm. Generators are also used in offgrid power systems mainly to supplement solar power during prolonged periods of overcast weather. They can also be used offgrid as a backup power source in case of equipment maintenance or failure. While some people will operate their offgrid home entirely on a generator, over time the cost of fuel can add up, and for that reason we recommend a solar power.

System with generator backup. A Kohler home generator is the ideal choice for seamless backup power. Home generators are professionally installed by your electrician, and they're permanently mounted outside on a pad and wired into your home electrical system. A home generator's going to start and stop automatically when needed to provide power for your home during an outage Home generators operate on either natural gas or propane fuels. They can work in conjunction with battery backup and solar electric systems. Portable generators are also designed for standby backup and offgrid power and there's a wide range.

Of sizes available, although generally size is smaller compared to a home generator. A portable generator is your most costeffective option and no installation is required. These generators operate on gasoline or diesel fuel, however manual start and stop is required and they need to be refueled frequently. There's a lot to consider when choosing a generator for your home. Here at Wholesale Solar we have years of experience designing power systems, and Kohler factorytrained technicians ready to assist. If you have questions or need help feel free to call one of our solar experts or visit the website. This has been Josh with FYI.

FYI Four Main Types of Solar Systems

Hi, and welcome to FYI , a new informational tutorial series from Wholesale Solar. My name is Josh Roelofs and today we're going to talk about the different types of solar systems available. The first and most common option for a PV system is a gridtied power system in which the solar panels and your inverter is tied into the household electrical system and it simply offsets your energy usage. A gridtied system offers the lowest overall system cost, fastest return on investment. It saves money on energy expense by sending energy back into the grid and turning your.

Meter backwards. It's ideally suited for people who are trying to save money on energy costs. The drawback to a gridtied system is that it does not offer protection from power outages. When the power goes out, your gridtied system is going to shut down. So if you're in an area where the power is unreliable, or you want to protect against power outages, you'll want to consider one of our other options. A gridtied with battery backup system is going to offer the best and most comprehensive features for most people. It can provide backup power to your appliances during a power outage.

It can also turn back your meter to offset energy costs. This system is especially suitable for people who live in an area where the power is unreliable or people with critical equipment like computers, or a pump, or something you need to run during a power outage. Like coffee. Gridtied with battery backup is going to offer a combination between cost savings and independence from the power grid. An offgrid system is completely independent from the power grid. It's especially great for areas where there's no grid power available, or where it's incredibly expensive to bring.

In the power grid. You can literally buy land anywhere and install your own power system. This offers the highest level of independence for people who are seeking selfsufficiency. However, there's a price for that independence. The batteries are going to wear out quicker because they're being cycled every day. Typically they'll be replaced every 510 years, depending on the system. BUT. did I mention total independence A gridassist system works similar to and uses the same equipment as an offgrid system. Solar panels recharge your batteries and your appliances run off the battery system.

The difference is A gridassisted system can use the power grid as a backup power source. The grid will turn on automatically when the batteries are low, because it's nighttime, or because there's not enough solar power to support your appliances. This will save you some money on your energy bill, especially if you're in an area where they charge higher rates during the day based on TimeofUse Metering. These are your 4 main system options available from Wholesale Solar. If you have questions or need more information, feel free to check out our website or give.

Xantrex PowerHub Modified Sine Wave InverterCharger Product Overview

Hi. I'm Amy from the altE Store. We're going to take a look at the Xantrex PowerHub. It is a Modified sine wave invertercharger that's capable of delivering back up power of up to 1440W continuously, or up to 1800W surge for up to 5 minutes. You can charge the battery with solar, wind, a generator, or the utility grid. The output is 120V 60Hz Modified Sine wave. So you can provide emergency power to your fridge, lights, and phone. When it senses the grid out, it will automatically power anything connected to it, so it seamlessly.

Protects you from power outages. It's not going to power your whole house, or even your electric stove, but it will give you some backup for your critical loads. You can wire the PowerHub's AC input right from your main AC breaker box, and the output to a second breaker box, it's a subpanel that has your critical loads to it. When the grid is up, it passes the power through to your critical loads, and powers them from the grid, same as usual. But when the grid goes down, it automatically powers just what's connected to your critical loads breaker box.

Alternatively, if you don't want to hardwire it, you can just plug your critical loads into the protected 4 outlets that are built in, and you can plug the AC input into a generator. The battery box plugs into the inverter, and it even has seven 20A fuses for DC connections. It doesn't include the batteries, you buy the 100ah 12V batteries separately. You only want to use sealed batteries, not flooded. Up to 2 batteries can fit in the box, and with an additional box, 2 more can be added for 400aH total. For examples of how long the battery.

Power will last, you can power a typical fridge for a day with two batteries, or a whole day with all 4 batteries. However, things that use less power, like a laptop, can be powered all day with just two batteries, and a cell phone can be powered for a week with one battery. So you need to determine what you would need to power during an emergency, and for how long, and you can figure out how many batteries you'd need for that. So you can go to our website to our.

Loads list calculator, and that can be a great start to figure that all out. The Xantrex PowerHub has a built in 40amp threestage AC charger to charge the battery from the grid when it is up, or from a generator. It also has 2 DC inputs for solar andor wind connections to extend the usable time of the battery. By charging it while you are using it, as long as the sun is shining or the wind is blowing the solar or the wind will be able to charge up your batteries.

Backup Power Supply System Arrives at the Blue Grass Plant

The last major pieces of equipment recently arrived at the Blue Grass Plant. But how did they get here In a word, teamwork. Obtaining the standby diesel generators took a team of procurement specialists working with engineers on design and requirements as well as construction managers for the logistics to get them on sight. From commercial, to technical, to quality, we bring it all together in that procurement. Once on sight, the construction team takes over. One of the critical things about standby diesel generators, specifically, is they have to meet a schedule for arrival here.

So that they can then meet a schedule for installation on sight, so that they can then meet a schedule for hooking them up into the plant specific electrical grid. The generators will supply back up power in the case of an electrical outage. For a chemical weapons destruction plant a back up plan is essential. These standby diesel generators are sort of like a flashlight that you keep at home. It's emergency power to power critical systems. It is the emergency supply system. So really what it does is it kicks in and it is the safeguard to the community and to the plant.

To allow it to go into safe shutdown. After installation is complete, a team will make sure everything works properly. Once it's all in we will actually have a sight acceptance test that is going to occur in mid to late this summer of 2014 in which the supplier will come back onsight and will do the test here at the BGCAPP facility. From start to finish the standby diesel generators are just a few of many pieces of equipment essential for the safe and environmentally sound destruction of the Kentucky chemical weapons stockpile.

Generator Installation Albany New York 8005425552

Please call Main Care Energy at 8005425552 to schedule an estimate for a generator installation for your home or business. Power outages can be expected in the greater Albany New York area. Loss of heat, hot water and the ability to refrigerate and cook food becomes a huge concern for home owners in an extended power outage. Loss of revenue for your business can be alleviated with an installation of a generator for your business and will provide much needed relief for you and your family. Call Main Care Energy today to schedule an estimate at 8005425552 serving the greater.

Kickstarter ReadySet Solar Kit for iPad, iPhone, Android more

Hi! My name is Mike Lin. And I'm Brian Warshawsky. And we run Fenix International, a San Franciscobased startup, where we make renewable energy products for emerging markets. Our first product, the ReadySet, is a renewable energy system that can be charged from solar panels, bicycle generators, or even grid electricity. An estimated 1.5 billion live off the grid, without access to electricity. Incredibly, 600 million use cell phones even while lacking the power to keep their phones charged. They also burn kerosene for lighting, which is dirty, dangerous, and expensive.

We designed the ReadySet to make it easy to start an offgrid phone charging business, as well as provide clean and safe electric lighting. I was able to collect 100,000 from the charging of people's phones last month. Since we launched the ReadySet in Africa, many of our friends have been asking us, when they'll be available here in the US. We're happy to announce, the time is now. While we designed the ReadySet for the developing world, there are just as many applications for the ReadySet here at home. Each ReadySet Kit includes a 15 Watt solar panel,.

A grid charger, an LED light, and a universal clip charger, that can charge lithium ion batteries for nearly any camera or cell phone. We built the ReadySet to power countless devices, from its 2 USB ports and 2 car lighter adaptor ports. You can use the ReadySet to create a lowcarbon digital lifestyle, by powering your iPad, iphone, or Android devices with solar power. If you like the outdoors, you can use the ReadySet to power your campsite, by running lights, speakers, and other devices while you're off the grid.

In case of an emergency, like an earthquake, hurricane, or snow storm, the ReadySet can provide vital backup power for communications, flashlights, portable radios, and even a wifi hotspot. These applications are just the start. We've designed the ReadySet with an open standard input to enable users to design their own sources of power generation, like a microwind turbine our interns designed last summer. We're publishing a power API, and launching an online platform to allow makers and hackers to collaborate and to develop new hardware applications for the ReadySet. Together, we can create ReadySet applications that are useful here at home,.

And hopefully power sustainable development in emerging markets as well. So Kickstarter, here's what we need from you. In order for us to bring the ReadySet to the US and support our developer community, we need 100 of you to buy a ReadySet now. By funding our Kickstarter, you can show your support for renewable energy, and help us in our mission to deliver power to the 1.5 billion people who live without electricity. Check back here for new tutorials and updates, and help us spread the word. Thank you very much for your support.

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