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Solar Power System Charlotte Nc

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte SD2013 Audiovisual Presentation

Welcome to UrbanEden, where you can enjoy garden living in a thriving city. UrbanEden was designed for Charlotte, North Carolina, a New South city with a metro population of 2.2 million. The UNC Charlotte team values the benefits, and reduced carbon footprint, of an urban lifestyle, with easy access to businesses, cultural sites, parks, and public transportation. And as an urban infill project, UrbanEden has a small physical footprint, too. But life in the city doesn't mean you have to give up the enjoyment of nature. We value the peace of a private garden as.

Much as the bustle of a vibrant city. So we created a home that brings nature right into the heart of downtown. Our design begins with urban materials glass, steel, and concrete. But these materials are not ordinary. The glass is highlyinsulated and tripleglazed the steel is 94 recycled and our concrete well, it's just plain revolutionary a geopolymer cement mixture developed at UNC Charlotte reduces carbon emissions by up to 90. Since traditional concrete is responsible for 58 of the world's greenhouse gasses, that's a big deal. The geopolymer is durable and dense, and our.

Insulated walls keep city noise and extreme temperatures out, creating a comfortable living environment. But they also contain a secret weapon against energy consumption Embedded in the walls is a system of tiny tubes through which water can flow. On a summer day, the concrete walls gradually soak up heat. Once the sun goes down, cool water begins to flow through the tubes, removing the heat and carrying it up to the roof, where a heat exchanger releases the heat into the night sky. Let's go inside! Everything about UrbanEden's design is intended to connect you to the outdoors. The ash wood.

Floors, treated with heat instead of chemicals, flow from inside to outside rooms. Ecofriendly laminated bamboo is used for furniture, cabinetry, and paneling inside and out. But the best feature is the southern wall of glass. Views of the garden and natural light fill the home. In the winter, sunlight pours through the glass to warm the house. In the summer, the glass is shaded by the PV panels that generate UrbanEden's energy, which are mounted on a moveable rack on the roof. And the doors open wide so that in good weather,.

The indoor and outdoor living spaces become one. A vertical garden provides privacy, beauty, and even food. Reflecting ponds collect runoff from the slanted roof, providing rainwater for the plants. Adaptable furniture makes for versatile living, indoors and out. A onebedroom, single family home, UrbanEden comfortably accommodates a couple, Dual Income No Kids or Empty Nesters. A Murphy bed, hidden behind the TV cabinet, provides space for overnight guests. Residents can be proud that their furniture, floors, counters, and paint are ecofriendly. Likewise, the utilities in the home are lowimpact.

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte Computer Animated Walkthrough SD2013

Charlotte, North Carolina, is a fastgrowing city, committed to revitalizing its urban center as a vibrant focal point of a thriving region. Inspired by this vision, the UNC Charlotte solarpowered house, UrbanEden, is defined by a commitment to urbanism highdensity dwelling, sustainability, vibrancy and diversity, and technological innovation combined with a respect for and intimacy with the natural world. Envisioned as an urbaninfill project for young professionals or emptynesters, the home's design begins with an ancient urban building material, expertly modified to become ecofriendly precast geopolymer cement concrete. Aesthetically versatile, but always appropriate.

To a city setting, the concrete provides a sound barrier to the noise of the city. And Urban Eden replaces the Portland cement binder in conventional concrete with a geopolymer material that offers a 90 reduction in carbon footprint. UrbanEden consists of four integrated interior modules. In response to Charlotte's temperate climate, the design increases living space with a series of connected indoor and outdoor rooms. Upon entering the house, visitors are welcomed into an open living, kitchen, and dining area awash with natural light, with a direct view to the exterior garden through the southfacing.

Glass wall. Urbanliving defines the design. Emphasis is on the wise and creative use of space. A table stored under the kitchen counter can be brought out to seat 8 for dinner. The television pivots for outside viewing, and a Murphy bed descends from the west wall to accommodate overnight guests. The internal core of the house contains mechanical space, a water closet and a daylit fullsized bath. With its builtin storage space and transformable bed, the master bedroom is a workspace by day and a comfortable sleeping space at night.

The spacious exterior rooms are truly an Eden a place where nature provides a peaceful setting AND the resources for healthy living. The vertical garden serves as a natural screen that offers a plentiful harvest of vegetables and fruits. A wetland purifies greywater for irrigation use. Generating energy from the sun, adjustable PV panels slide out from the roof over the outside living space, providing shade from the sun or shelter from the rain. All aspects of UrbanEden work together to produce optimum comfort while using minimal resources. The insulated geopolymer walls contain an innovative radiant heating and.

Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good Protested for Blocking Solar!

Mic Check! Lynn Good We won't restrict your energy, but we will take some time What you lead is opposition to energy advance! You only care about leading with energy..that can maintain your monopoly. Otherwise, why would Duke Energy..oppose the Energy Freedom Act The Republicansponsored legislation..that would let North Carolinians..get affordable solar power..from qualified thirdparty vendors. Solar is democratic! Solar creates jobs! Solar fouls no water! And if we had energy freedom. It would be cheap as sunlight! But ours is one of the five states.

Aquatic Weed Control in Charlotte NC Greenville SC Asheville NC

Hey it's Richard here with Platinum Ponds Lake Management. We are here today at an HOA that has a retention pond. This retention pond is quite important because it is a full view of the water and a couple of fountains that they used to have that were working that are now broke. We've installed bottom aeration in it but today we are battling May 2015 variable pond weed. It pops up rather quickly last month it was not even anywhere to be seen. We've been fighting this all last season.

In the early fall and late summer season had it completely under control and annihilated and you can see how quickly it raises its ugly head. This here grows in the bottom The leaf pops to the top to get sunlight and so therefore dyes are not an option. Just because it is going to get sunlight as soon as it breaks the surface of the water. So you can see it starting to grow all the way around the perimeter of the pond. So what we are doing today is we're using a systemic treatment and aquatic herbicide.

To treat this aquatic weed here in this retention pond. Of course you need an aquatic herbicide license to treat any water way that overflows into another waterway. We have that as well as special aquatic herbicides insurance just to make sure that we're not killing anything that we shouldn't be killing. So we do this on a monthly basis we have a monthly membership. So we invite you to check out our web site. Shoot us an email fill out a form and we would be happy to do an.

Aquatic map of your pond, measure the perimeter of the pond, the acreage of the pond and then we can just give you an exact quote and what it would be to keep your aquatic weeds under control. It is really important each time you kill these aquatic weeds it adds to the biomass in the pond and your slowly filling it in. These storm water ponds need maintenance and need to be kept up to prolong the possibility of dredging. Which is typically every 10 to 15 years. We're trying to say the HOA money on the dredging costs by taking care of it on a.

Ingersoll Rand Lends a Hand to UNC Charlottes UrbanEden

Marcia J. Avedon The Solar Decathlon is a perfect fit between our mission around energy efficiency and sustainability and our commitment to working in the community hand in hand as well as it gives us the opportunity to get to know some of the great students that we would like to recruit from UNC Charlotte. Paul Camuti We're able to contribute to the technology. The students take it and enhance it and apply it in a real world way and solving business problems is really exciting for us and for Ingersoll Rand.

Gary Michel What's great about the entry from UNC Charlotte is the focus on an urban house. What we like is the creative way that UNC Charlotte selected an urban setting and made a home that is livable and still fits into the city. Mona Azarbayjani It's such a great opportunity that Solar Decathlon provides for us to make partnerships with all of this industry and strengthen that relationship that we have with this industry and also not only are they providing us sponsorship as far as the cash and in kind, but also the expertise that our team needed to make this project happen.

Mitsubishi Nuclear Energy Systems Governor Perdue Press Conference Highlights

Today's announcement is 135 new jobs. Those jobs are critically important with Mitsubishi Nuclear Energy Systems. gtgtI can't think of a more fitting place to have this announcement. We are in the part of the campus that we call the Charlotte Research Institute, where we will be training in partnership with the local energy industry. gtgtYou know, this would not be possible without the collaboration of the Charlotte business community and the regional business community and this wonderful University. gtgtWe are looking forward to that great partnership with this amazing University that's producing the.

Young minds today who are gonna solve our problems tomorrow. gtgtAdding to what Mitsubishi already has here, connecting with our University system and building this energy hub that will be a leader, not only in the region, but across the country in making Charlotte absolutely the energy capital of the country. gtgtIt's always good to be in Charlotte, at UNC Charlotte. This is one of the leading Universities, not of the state, but of the southeast of the country. It's this outstanding education that we in North Carolina continue to focus on that's allowed Mitsubishi.

Dish Charlotte Call 18888480624 to order Dish Network in Charlotte

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Dish is changing the way you use the internet. Have you heard about the latest Internetcompatible features offered by DISH Have you heard about the latest Internetcompatible features offered by DISH If you're ready to integrate your DISH and Internet. Modern day Dish recievers are more high tech than ever in the past. Take a look at the range of DISH's products HD DVR receivers, Standard Receivers, DVR Receivers, and HD Receivers. HD Programming If you've invested in a new HDTV, you want the best channels and service that money can buy. DISH is such a great.

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Mersen X Line Surge Trap Type 1 Series of SPDs

Welcome To GTV! Today I will be showing you Mersen's X line Surge Trap Type 1 Series of SPDs. The X line is UL 1449 3rd edition approved surge protection devices housed in a NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosure. These SPDs have a true nofuse surge design they do not require additional fuse components or overcurrent protection. They also feature Mersen's patented TPMOV technology. TPMOVs are thermally protected MOVs comprised of a voltage clamping device and a disconnecting apparatus that monitors the status of the metal oxide disk making it a failsafe device. In the event of an overvoltage breakdown the metal oxide disk.

Is securely disconnected from the system power by an arc shield. The X line is comprised of the XR, XP and XT Series. The XR series is ideal for the replacement of obsolete surge arrestors. With a small, compact design and line or load installation flexibility, the XR series is ideal from service entrance all the way down to a specific control panel. The XR also comes with a 2 year warranty. The XP Series provides surge protection for larger distribution panels and branch panels. With a compact design and line or load installation.

Flexibility, the XP series is prepared for mount from the service entrance all the way down to an important machinespecific control panel. The XP also comes with a 10 year warranty. The XT Series offers the most advanced technology of the X Series product line utilizing TPMOV technology. Designed to fit and protect the service entrance, the XT Series also features line or load side installation. The XT also comes with a 10 year warranty. The X line has a 20 Kiloamp nominal discharge current and a maximum discharge current from 50 to.

Wind Turbine Annual Maintenance at the Green Leaf Inn

The annual maintenance program. I mean it's about two full days of work here between checking tower torque. and then components inside the nacelle. Checking all the blades. Torque on the blades. There's lots of grease fittings up there. Checking oil levels at some point we're going. to have to change the gear oil in the machine. And also changing out the brake pads and stop the rotor. We are checking the torque on all the bolts on the tower all the way up through from the bottom. all the way into the nacelle.

Acosta Heating Cooling Solar Power Panels Installation In Charlotte NC

Acosta Heating Cooling Solar Power Panels Installation In Charlotte NC,acostaheatingcooling.wordjackproductsservices Acosta Heating Cooling offers solar power panels solar energy options. Also, the company has..

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Best Solar Panel Installation Quote

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Wireless InsightCM Node Demonstration—Nexjen Systems LLC.Learn more about this application 1K1BTW3 NI Alliance Partner Nexjen Systems talks about their Wireless InsightCM Node. The system..

The University Of North Carolina At Charlotte SD2013 Audiovisual Presentation.UrbanEden, the University of North Carolina at Charlottes entry to the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2013, is a series of four connected indoor and..

Radiant Barrier Insulation And Solar Window Film Charlotte, NC By Owl Roofing.Owl Roofing has created this tutorial to show our clients how they can save on their monthly utility bills, extend the life of their HVAC system resulting in saving..

Acosta Heating And Cooling: Furnaces And Other Heating &Air Conditioning Products In Charlotte NC..

One GS-Solar Panel Lights 120 Volt Dc 60 Watt Bulb.one of my panels in a sunny window is lighting an incandescent bulb rated 120 volts 60watts. this is straight from the solar panel to the bulb and the inverter and..

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