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Mori, Pacific mothers tell of poor care by hospital, report

A damning report was released today slamming Middlemore Hospital's care of pregnant women, particularly Maori and Pacific. Joining me now is reporter Peata Melbourne. What are the main findings of the report Mothers who were patients of the hospital spoke of issues they had with staff such as being discharged soon after giving birth, sometimes in the middle of the night. It was noted that staff were not caring before or after the birth which is when expectant mothers are most vulnerable. And I can empathise with this because I'm also a mum.

So it is a damning report. However, it's a different story from what this mother told me today. This baby is only two days old. It's Cypress's second time giving birth at Middlemore Hospital. She believes it's the ideal place to have a baby. The hospital commissioned a report to gather information on Maori, Pacific Island, teen and vulnerable mothers, on their experiences at Middlemore. One of significant issues to arise from the report is that services failed to deliver and respond in a culturally appropriate way. 61 participants took part in the research,.

But despite the negative responses, the midwives generated a positive feeling. In saying that, while 21 of the mothers who give birth here are Maori, only 7 of the midwives are Maori. Because if these mothers are struggling to understand what's being said, then what about the rest of us. Health Minister Tony Ryall is clear on what he expects to happen now. He's asked the Counties Manukau Health Board to produce a plan on how they will address the problem. He says it's unacceptable for the hospital in charge of the care of vulnerable mothers.

CGRundertow NEON RUN21 for iPhone Tutorial Game Review

It's always cool to hear from Classic Game Room fans who have gotten into games development, and this is one of those cases. One of our neato viewers got in touch with us recently about reviewing his very first project, and this is that game. This is Neon Run21 for the iPhone. So if you're into cards and poker and things, this should look pretty familiar. This is basically just a game of blackjack, only with a familyfriendly focus and bright neon lights. And freaking pandas. The game works great, it has a cool aesthetic.well, sometimes. The environments seem a little.

Random and the characters are little N64tastic. But other than that, the game looks good, it plays well.not a lot to complain about with Neon Run21. One of the things Neon Run21 prides itself on is that it doesn't have gambling. The game turns blackjack into a simple card game, sans the Sin City appeal. So if you're looking for a more kidfriendly version of blackjack, this one fits the bill. In fact, there might even be a bit of educational value for the kids. You know, for math. But if there's a problem with Neon Run21, it's that.there really isn't much to.

Health warnings issued for Okawa Bay

Environment Bay of Plenty has issued health warnings at Lake Rotoiti's popular Okawa Bay. No swimming and no contact with the water signs were erected yesterday following the spraying of an agent to combat the recently discovered algae bloom. Rotoiti residents fear the bloom could spread to other parts of the lake. These ducks are completely oblivious to the warnings about the algae bloom at this part of Lake Rotoiti. Residents, however, do not have the luxury of ignoring them. This is yet again one of those horrors rearing it's ugly head,.

This time at Okawa Bay. It's blooming quite bad. Having had alum sulphate sprayed, the council is now investigating why there is a toxic algae bloom and whether or not the agent used will be effective. It's better not to apply it right now and to wait and see if it is appropriate to use. According to the Bay of Plenty Regional Council the bloom has appeared here, and other places, because of the heat at this time of year. Environmental experts from the universities will be here to find out whether or not the agent used is OK or not.

The Explorers Jeannette Yen gets a GoPro

Push that top button and you're recording. OK. That's it. This is really cool. I got this great GoPro. This is the boat. These are the people. Thank you. Just put it right back in. Alright Thank you. Wow. Alright. Yeah, let's put them together. Oh, yeah. I can tell that. But, if they're INAUDIBLE, are they fertilized Wow, I got so many. What should I do I want to fill the tank in the lab. That would be so much fun. Everybody could see these guys. What is that That's one of the icefish.

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