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Solar Power Quadcopter

Solar power to go! Science Nation

MUSIC MILES O'BRIEN Fill 'er up with sunlight More energy from our sun hits the earth in an hour than is consumed on the planet in a whole year! But the burning question is how can we put all that sunshine to work making usable fuel JANE DAVIDSON And in that one spot, we have the equivalent of 3,000 suns. So we're able to get exceedingly high temperatures. MILES O'BRIEN With support from the National Science Foundation's Emerging Frontiers in Research and Innovation Chemical Engineer Sossina Haile at Caltech and Mechanical.

Engineer Jane Davidson at the University of Minnesota, are working to expand the nation's renewable energy storage capacity. Their mission put the heat of the sun to work creating replenishable fuels that don't need to be drilled out of the ground. SOSSINA HAILE And, what we're doing is collecting enough sunlight to create high temperatures. So collect a lot, to get a lot of heat, and then use that to drive chemical reactions. Breaking apart the water molecule or the carbon dioxide molecule in order to make a fuel like hydrogen.

Or carbon monoxide. JANE DAVIDSON There are seven concentrators. And, right in the middle of each one of those is a 7,000watt light bulb. MILES O'BRIEN This is an indoor solar simulator, and it can crank out the rays. Davidson and her team gave us a demo, dialing it up to more than 1500 degrees Celsius burning a hole in this brick. Experiments like this are helping Davidson and Haile figure out how to harness real sunlight to make synthetic fuels. JANE DAVIDSON The smoke coming off uhthere's already a hole,.

Coming, melting out the front. That was a success yup. MILES O'BRIEN They call it sungas, and it's tankready. JANE DAVIDSON One of the real advantages of solar fuels is that it still powers the same cars that we drive today. You can use it for long distance trucks. You can make fuels for airplanes. You pull up to the gas station and you can get exactly the same product, but made from sunlight, water and CO2. MILES O'BRIEN Sun stations on the corner are years away. Engineers are still working to improve the efficiency of the.

Process. But, the catalyst used to split water and CO2 is an inexpensive metal oxide called Ceria. It can create fuels for cars, power plants, even your laptop. SOSSINA HAILE I like to say that I'm fuel agnostic. laughs So, if you are a technologist that would like to have hydrogen, we can make hydrogen. If you'd like to have syngas, which is the precursor to liquid fuels, which is a mixture of hydrogen and CO, we can also deliver that. We'll deliver whatever fuel you need using sunlight as the input.

KARIs solarpowered drone completes first stratospheric flight

For the past five years Koreas aerospace agency has been working on a drone. thats powered by the sun and can fly at high altitudes for long stretches of time. For more details on how the craft has reached another milestone. Won Jihyun reports. The sky may not be the limit for this unmanned aerial vehicle. In its latest test flight the Electrical Aerial Vehicle or EAV3 soared into the stratosphere more than 14 kilometers above the Earth. The developers at the Korea Aerospace Research Institute say the craft is able to fly at.

Such high altitudes because of its massive wingspan of nearly 20 meters. Still it only weighs around 53 kilograms. thanks to a structure made of carbonfiber composite materials. Its also ecofriendly in that its only powered by solar cells and a secondary battery. The scientists say that when the craft is complete it will be able to handle long flights using the sun as an eternal source of renewable energy. Once we commercialize the stratospheric electrical UAV it can be used in various fields. for example to provide communication services or monitor environmental damage in.

Solar Power Plant in Honduras is Largest in Latin America and Most Efficient Worldwide

Welcome to the solar power plant Nacaome and Valle which is the largest in Latin America and the most efficient on a worldwide scale. This energy project covers one million square meters of land area with 480,500 solar panels that allow it to generate 145MW of electricity. The company executives say it is the largest solar power project of its kind in Latin America. It is the largest solar power plant in operation in Latin America and we anticipate to retain that title for at least the forthcoming years. The solar power plant has the ability to generate.

Electricity for more than 71,500 homes. The 45 degree incline angle of the south facing solar panels allows it to take advantage of the solar radiation 10 hours a day generating almost the entire installed capacity during this time period. According to the project creators that is what makes it the most efficient on the planet. Efficient by the way it is distributed, by how it has been designed, all that makes for better use of the energy and being able to generate greater kWh for a plant of this type.

In addition to being a tourist attraction the operators say that this solar power plant will serve as a research center for university students. The facility is open so that the universities from all over the country can come and make a visit a field visit and be able to learn about the technology. The solar plant was built with private Honduran investment at a cost of US$232MM. The electricity produced is sold to the government entity Empresa Nacional de Energa Elctrica which states that with the entry into operation.

Of these 145MW of solar energy, plus 300 that are in the process of being installed, only 50 of the country's energy grid comes from sources that use polluting fossil fuels. They expect that the percentage from clean renewable energy sources will increase. The price that the government entity pays to the businesses that generate clean renewable energy from solar panels is US$0.20 per kWh. This is US$0.15 less than that paid to thermal power plants that require fossil fuel and pollute the environment. Currently the Empresa Nacional de Energa Elctrica.

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Stanford students design and build smartphonecontrolled quadcopters

MUSIC gtgt Stanford University. gtgt Mechaphonics is designing and building hardware that can interact with your smartphone. gtgt It's a mix of Android app development and smart products. gtgt It's just a great way to remove the need for a builtin, kind of processing part of a mechatronics device. gtgt The goal of the quadcopter project is to really get students experience integrating the Android software with Bluetooth and Arduino communication. So they have to go and create and write all the software for Android. Wire everything up and make sure all the calibration is smooth between it, so.

You can actually get something that flies stably at the end of it. gtgt The most important consideration for this design was we have only two weeks pretty much to do the whole quadcopter. Based on that I just, kind of organically found what I could at the hardware store. And tried, tried to think if I could make something reasonable out of that. gtgt This is the second complete quadcopter that I've built. The first one had a spectacular crash, not quite as spectacular as this one. But the design was for quick exchange of parts.

Within the last hour, I completely rebuilt it and put all the parts on together and then it started right up. gtgt The hardest part about the quadcopter project, is the integrating all the systems that make up the project. So from the flight controllers, to the electronic speed controllers, to the motors. And we're coupling that with the wireless communications and the programming on Arduino and Android. At any point, any one of those components can fail and you don't always know which one's failing. Having the experience of both building a quadcopter and.

Mindcontrolled quadcopter demonstrates new possibilities Science Nation

MUSIC MILES O'BRIEN A Quadcopter flies through a balloon ring cool, but what's the big deal Well, look mom, no hands! There's no mouse or joystick here. It's all the power of thoughts! BIN HE Then, the signal coming from his brain is being picked up by these sensors. And, then decoded, and sent through a WiFi system to control this flying Quadcopter. MILES O'BRIEN With support from the National Science Foundation, Biomedical Engineer Bin He and his team at the University of Minnesota created this braincomputer interface, to help people with disabilities regain the ability to.

Do everyday tasks. BIN HE The goal is eventually to make this technology to really help people, say on the wheelchair, with a variety of disabilities. MILES O'BRIEN Professor He is still testing out the system with college students, before maneuvering the Quadcopter for real, they train for 10 to 20 hours, using a virtual aircraft flying over a computer generated campus. KAITLIN CASSADY We insert two different kinds of conductive gel that help us conduct a signal from his brain. MILES O'BRIEN The interface is non invasive no implants.

Just an electroencephalography, or EEG, cap with 64 electrodes. When a participant thinks about a specific movement, neurons in the brain's motor cortex produce tiny electrical signals. BIN HE The computer is going to read that digital signal and do all the processing and extract out a brain signal, and control the Quadcopter. MILES O'BRIEN Participants develop their own motor imagination, or simple mind tricks to help differentiate between moving the object up, down, right, and left. BRAD EDELMAN So for me, catching a baseball is very different in my left hand from throwing a baseball in my right.

Hand. So, that really helps me kind of focus on one particular hand at a time to help move the helicopter to the right or the left. MILES O'BRIEN The interface is designed to help with simple, everyday tasks, like turning on a light switch. But, professor he and his team chose the Quadcopter for the testing phase to keep participants challenged, and eager to succeed. BIN HE The more fun they feel, the more engaging, the better the performance they can do. MILES O'BRIEN Whether it's a wounded veteran or a stroke.

Hycopter drone can fly for 4 hours using Hydrogen

These days we are seeing lot of developments in UAVs, ie Drones. Various kinds of drones including the drones used for taking aerial photography are being introduced to the market continuously. But, the biggest physical constraint on small drones is their power supply. As of now Batteries can hold little energy only. And if we add more batteries to a drone, it will increase the weight of that drone, which will further increase the demand for energy to fly. Currently a typical drone can only fly for a maximum of around 25 minutes per battery charge.

A new drone concept by a Singapore company Horizon Unmanned Systems HUS seeks to overcome that limitation, by turning to an alternative power source hydrogen fuel cells. Known as the Hycopter, the fuel cellpowered drone is hoped to be capable of 4hour flight times once completed. In a clever design feature, the Hycopter stores 120 g of hydrogen gas in its existing structural tubing without requiring any additional containers. According to Horizon, that amount of hydrogen should provide the same amount of energy as 3 kg of lithium batteries. The hydrogen gas is converted into electricity by a lightweight lithium polymer hybrid fuel.

Cell. Altogether, the complete drone should weigh a total of 5 kg , and be capable of carrying a payload of up to 1 kg Hydrogen fuel cells work by reacting hydrogen with oxygen. HYCOPTER is the world's first hydrogen fuel cell powered multirotor UAV. HYCOPTER is being readied for a record flight endurance of 4 hours, or 8 to 10 times the average flight duration of equivalent systems today. Unlike any other rotorcraft, HYCOPTER makes use of its frame structure to store energy in the form of hydrogen, eliminating energy storage weight.

Solar Powered Quadcopter Drone Plane By QSOLAR

Solar Powered Quadcopter Drone Plane By QSOLAR,Andreas Tapakoudes, CEO QSolar talks with us about some of their innovations and visions in solar electric flying technology at CES 2015. The Solar..

Quadcopter Solar Powered At Park.flying a quad on solar power sounds fancy full. but it is a reality. this tutorial show just how solar power can change a battery and that power can lift a quad copter..

Xsol-E1.1 (solar Power Quadcopter - More Detail).The XsolE1.1 project explores the use of solar energy as a supplemental power source to extend UAD unmanned aerial device flight time. The project..

SOLAR Powered RC FPV Plane Build And Maiden - RCTESTFLIGHT -.Solar plane tutorial series part 1 Part 2 swatchvseqlvgEnfo8 I will be ordering more wing ribs and connection joints soon. If you are..

First Solar Powered Family Car Unveiled - Truthloader Investigates.Team Solar Eindhoven, from the University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands, have unveiled the first ever solar car designed for use by families. The vehicle has..

FPV Altitude Record, 7100 Meters AGL. Solar Power!.The first flight of the Queen bee flying wing, transformed on to a flying 50W solar panel. 20Ah of batteries on board. Music BanYa Beethoven Virus More..

Solar Powered Blimp Drone Prototype

Solar Powered Blimp Drone Prototype,The culmination of years of work, here is a first peak at my solar powered airship design. This one is intended to operate as a drone. I also wish to eventually..

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Quadcopter Propeller Spinning On 500mA Of Solar Power..

Quadcopter Propeller Cutting Paper Via Solar Power..

Solar Panels - From The Quadcopter.I never saw my solar panels that were installed last year, so I flew the quadcopter up there to check them out..

New Solar Panels Shot By A Blade 35Q Quadcopter Drone..

Quadcopter Roof And Solar Panel Inspection..Trying new 1.6 firware for KK2.0 Needs lower PI settings so it doesnt shake on decent..

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