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Solar Power Qatar

Energy 101 Marine and Hydrokinetic Energy

We all know energy can come from the wind and the sun, but there's a plentiful renewable resource covering more than 75 of the planet that you might not have thought about our water! The movement of the ocean's waves, tides, and currents carries energy that can be harnessed and converted into electricity to power our homes, buildings and cities. The energy available in this moving water is called kinetic energy. Scientists and engineers are learning to capture clean renewable ocean power using marine and hydrokinetic technologies. Water currents occur naturally all over the.

Planet. Waves crash against coastlines. Tidal currents ebb and flow and large currents move water all around our oceans. We can tap into each one of these sources to generate electricity. It's estimated that along U.S. coastlines, there is enough energy in waves and tides to meet a significant portion of America's power needs. So, how does it work That depends on what kind of hydrokinetic power you're trying to capture, but the concept is essentially the same extracting power from moving water. For example, a buoy can harness energy from the vertical rise and fall of ocean waves,.

As well as backandforth and sidetoside movements. Currents and tides can also spin a turbine in various directions as water moves through an ocean power device, generating electricity. The Energy Department is supporting research on a range of innovative turbine technologies to capture energy from waves, river, and tidal currents. Devices that operate in water have to work under turbulent and harsh conditions. They must be built to withstand strong currents and impacts from debris carried in the water. Of course, they also have to be designed to preserve the integrity of the marine environment. One of the greatest benefits of developing.

Marine energy or, ocean power, is that many of our water resources are right where we need them near the most populated areas. More than half of all Americans live close to coastlines where the potential for ocean power is the greatest, and some cities and towns can use power from tidal currents. Marine and hydrokinetic technologies are still a ways off from widespread adoption. But today, dozens of organizations are already working to deploy ocean power systems throughout the world. Marine and hydrokinetic technology a new wave in harnessing clean, renewable energy.

Solar Energy in the desert of Sahara

In the Sahara desert, where the sunshine is intense and present all through the year, there is a huge potential for production of cleaner energy by solar panels. Montreal resident Atigh Ould wanted to explore the potential of this clean energy source, while helping the local nomad communities around his home village of Ividjaren, Mauritania. In February 2012 as a part of the Mauritanian Nomad Festival, Atigh brought solar panels from the Montrealbased energy company MSM Electric. The company exports new energy solutions to more than 60 countries, and has an office in Mauritania's capital Nouakchott.

Atigh and the MSM Electric president, Mohamadou Maguiraga, installed the solar panels together with a team of engineers and nomads from the surrounding area. The system includes eight solar panels connected to a water pump near the bottom of the well, 60 meters below the ground. Powered by the solar panels, the pump can transport water seventy meters upwards, so it reaches a nearby water tower. In the past, water had been pumped from the well using a dieselpowered pump, creating both noise, fumes and expenses. The new solarpowered pump works without any noise, so that you don't notice it is operating,.

Atigh explains. We were sitting around the well, when the engineer suddenly switched on the water pump. Just from being in the sun for some time during the installation, the solar panels had charged enough to power the water pump. The water started flowing from the well, and everyone started playing with the water, singing and celebrating, he recounts. The well can provide 25 tons of water every day, many times double the old capacity. Recent reports from the village of Ividjaren say the nomads are very happy with the solar panels.

Who Owns the Moon Japan Plan Would Get Energy from Sunlight Reflection

Announcer Welcome back to The David Pakman Show. David So the Japanese have a plan to turn the moon basically into a mirror ball, and could actually, according to this plan, supply all of the Earth's energy by a lunar ring of solar panels. It actually sounds like a lot of science fiction that I've read, does it not Louis Definitely. David This is a fascinating story. Meanwhile, while Japan is figuring out ways to. Louis Solve the world's energy crisis. David To solve the world's energy crisis, we're trying to figure out ways to bomb people.

And giving oil companies big subsidies to continue using fossil fuels, just as a point of comparison. The article is from the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom. The idea is that these panels would be placed on the moon, maintained by remotely controlled robots, and then there would be the possibility of essentially providing all of the Earth's energy by sending the sun's energy to the Earth, 13,000 terrawatts of continuous solar energy, either via laser or microwave. Now, I honestly don't know how farfetched this is. I've done some research on it. The.

Science seems to be valid. The affordability is questionable. Louis Yeah, it's just. David And it also brings up an interesting question of who actually owns the moon Now, if everybody is getting energy from this, then presumably the ownership issue may not be big, but then the question is well, who owns the actual mechanism that's on there Who owns the technology And not all countries consume energy equally, so therefore, how is this going to be accounted for Logistically, how would it work A lot of questions about this.

Louis Yeah, if it were to ever happen, but I don't see this happening. David This is in development, Louis. This is going to be up and running in like three months. Louis Really David No, obviously it won't be. I did look up who owns the moon, and we did some research into this, and legally, nobody can own the moon or anything else in space, regardless of what you're getting in your email about buying a star, or buying a piece of the moon. It's spam, I'm just telling you right now. What's that.

Natan Is it first come, first serve David With this Natan Yeah, no, with the moon in general. Like if you put solar panels up first, then they're yours. David The solar panels are yours, but is it your land In other words. Natan No, but is it your energy, is what I'm saying. David Well, let's forget about that for a second. Can you own the moon, first of all And legally, from what I've read, nobody can own the moon. This is according to Tanja MassonZwaan, who's president of the International Institute of Space Law based in the Netherlands. The.

Moon is unclaimable under the 1967 outer space treaty, which has so far been ratified by 100 United Nations member countries including the U.S. Now, that's not every country, so presumably, there could be a country who has not ratified that treaty who could just show up on the moon and argue hey, we're not part of that, we're claiming the moon. How soon, Louis, do you think that issues of who owns certain things in space are going to become an issue Eventually this is going to be a problem, right Inevitably.

Louis Yeah, I can see it happening eventually, but I think we're pretty far from it. David I don't know that we're as far as you think, I really don't, because there's already a lot of different plans that suggest having either certain types of antennaes, other things on the moon, and then naturally, it brings up issues of whoever owns the technology has to explain the land that it is on. And the land that it is on, according to the 1967 treaty, is unclaimable. Louis Well, unclaimable but still communal, right You can own the equipment that's on.

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