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Solar Power Network

Over the past few years solar energy has been it’s been going down in price in terms of getting a system set up for your home it’s becoming more costeffective nonrenewable but sources of energy and it seems like a great thing to do for your home if you can afford to set up you’ll save money on your energy bill every month to generate less carbon that.

Creates jobs locally and things like that so it seems like a winwin but Alec is traveling around the country to convince state legislatures that in fact it is a horrible thing I know Alec as you probably remember is up is funded in part by the Koch brothers now they have significant energy interests.

And what they’re doing is they’re trying to roll back state reforms to our like produce a renewable energy mandate to encourage people to do solar energy and things like that answer specifically in Arizona what they did to solar energy users is in Thane now currently if you have a solar panels frequently will produce more energy at one time that you can use.

And what they have a system called net metering that allows you to sell back that energy over the grid to power companies and you get credits for that your money for that into alec is going in and they successfully lobbied for and got the fine affectively on people doing net metering in Arizona where now they will pay a fine of about five dollars a month extra.

Now it’s a very small amount the solar energy in arizona can the companies consider that a win because Alec was a advocating for a potential fine of up to a hundred dollars which would make it in no way costeffective versus traditional nonrenewable sources of energy and so they successfully lobbied for that not only five dollars there but you know that they’re gonna do this and other states and if you are a.

Potential a user of solar energy in the future you should be worried about this because Koch brothers and their I guess their affiliates are going around trying to make it impossible for that to be cost effective in america net now let me explain why how much the Koch brothers hate the free market so first evolved but this active premarket idea to say that if you’re.

Producing more energy well you put back into the more you sell it in the market and you get some money poured and that’s a good way in fact that weighed in some ways you’re competing with the huge utility companies as well AirPrint creating this you free market where people have an incentive to go solar to.

Go green energy that both helps environment puts money in their pocket it is a win all around now who it’s not a win for is with guys who run companies that are based on fossil fuels and who would that be alright the Koch brothers okay so what they’re doing is.

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