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Solar Power Map Africa

Maps That Prove You Dont Really Know Earth

Maps that will make you realize you know nothing about the Earth. This is the world, according to the Mercator map projection. You see this map everywhere, but did you know that it's a total lie! Because the Earth is a sphere, there is no way to show it perfectly on a flat map. So, all maps are distorted. Here is how countries actually compare. You might think North America looking like nothing compared to Russia, but in reality Russia is only about 2.1 times larger than the continental US. Canada here is all wrong.

First of all, it's way too big. Canada is actually only about 1.2 times the size of the US. Secondly, Canada is shaped more like this. The United States vs Canada. What The UK actually looks like this and Madagascar actually looks more like this. And here's what they look like compared to the United States. Greenland and Africa look roughly the same size, but in reality this is how they compare. Africa is almost 14 times larger. In fact, Africa is larger than a lot of places. You know that huge sheet of ice at the bottom of the map.

Korea builds worlds first floating solar power plant that tracks sunlight

The sun is our most important source of renewable energy. but unfortunately we havent gotten round to finding a cheap and reliable way of converting into enough electricity for all of us. However. in a small step toward achieving this goal. Korea has just finished construction of a floating solar power plant. the first of its kind in the world. Won Jihyun reports. This massive solar power plant floats on a reservoir in Gyeonggido Province. And round and round it goes. following the suns movements throughout the day. This gigantic facility. that measures around 75hundred square meters was built last.

Year by a Korean energy firm called Solkiss. The floating plant is made of roughly 16hundred solar voltaic modules installed on a floating deck. that rotates on water. Using a tracking system the deck moves in the direction of the sun to maximize efficiency. Since the floating modules can collect sunlight thats reflected off water developers say this type of plant can generate more power than groundbased systems. The groundmounted rotating system can collect solar energy for an average of 3.6 hours a day. Based on our observation from January until June we found out that the.

Satellite imagery can aid development projects

Projects that target aid toward villages and rural areas in the developing world often face timeconsuming challenges, even at the most basic level of figuring out where the most appropriate sites are for pilot programs or deployment of new systems such as solarpower for regions that have no access to electricity. Timeconsuming field studies are needed to locate suitable sites. Now, a team of graduate students at MIT and data scientists have come up with a way of automating parts of that evaluation process, by developing a software that can identify.

Houses from readilyavailable satellite imagery. It will be saving considerable time by avoiding the need for sending teams from village to village. The Researchers focused on two initial projects, One in India and the other in Africa.And they say that their software solutions could be applied to many other kinds of projects and other regions. The first project was to select villages in subSaharan Africa for a program of unrestricted cash grants to help people in lowincome rural areas. The system adopted by the grantgiving agency was to target the poorest villages, selected by counting the percentage of houses.

With thatched roofs compared with those topped by more expensive metal roofs. The second project was selecting villages in rural parts of India for installation of microgrids to supply electricity from solar panels and batterystorage systems, and then figuring out the optimum sites for those panels and the most efficient network configuration for distributing that power. In both projects, the key first element is automating the task of figuring out where the buildings are within a satellite image. For this research, the team used two kinds of satellite imagery Google Earth, and commercial satellite imagery.

The process begins by having people examine the satellite images visually and pick out the houses. These manuallyselected examples are then entered in as training data for a machinelearning system. Then this Software can be used for determining what is a house and what isn't. In the upper part of this image, we can see the Original Satellite Image. In the lower part, we can see the image created by this new software. In this image, we can see many buildings highlighed in various colors while the nonbuiliding areas are shown in black.

SelfDriving Car Test Steve Mahan

Wind chimes clinking mellow music Nathaniel Good morning, Steve Steve Hey, Nathaniel. How are you Nathaniel Doing just great. Go ahead, Steve. electronic beeping electronic voice Auto driving. Nathaniel Here we go. Steve Away we go. chuckles Steve Look, Ma, no hands. Nathaniel laughs No hands anywhere. Steve No hands, no feet. Nathaniel No hands, no feet, no nothing. Steve I love it. So we're here at the stop sign. Nathaniel Yep. Car's using the radars and laser to check and make sure there's nothing coming either way. Steve I find myself looking.laughs.

Nathaniel Old habits die hard, man. Steve Hey, they don't die. Hey, anybody up for a taco Nathaniel Yeah, yeah. What do you want to do today, Steve Steve I'm all for Taco Bell, myself. Nathaniel All right, well, let's go get a taco at the drivethru. Steve And we're turning into the parking lot. Nathaniel Yeah. Steve How neat. Nathaniel There we go. Now we kind of creep along here. Nathaniel Does anybody have any money Steve I've got money. Nathaniel No, I've got my wallet right here. If you roll down your window and order a burrito.

Yeah, push that. How are you doing today Steve I'm doing very well. How are you today Good. Thank you. Steve This is some of the best driving I've ever done. laughs mellow music 95 of my vision is gone. I'm well past legally blind. You lose your timing in life. Everything takes you much longer. There are some places that you cannot go. There are some things that you really cannot do. Where this would change my life is to give me the independence and the flexibility to go the placesI both want to go and need to go.

NASA IBEX Observing the Suns Horizon

Bell Tone Bell Tone Music Narrator The Interstellar Boundary Explorer, or IBEX, spacecraft is unique in NASA's heliophysics fleet. Instead of studying the face of the sun, IBEX looks at the very edge of the sun's reach, starting at about 8 billion miles away. The region begins with the termination shock, where the solar wind abruptly slows down. It ends with the heliopause, the boundary between the solar wind and interstellar space. Between the two is the heliosheath, a teardrop shaped region sculpted by the pressure of the interstellar medium. IBEX is also different because it makes its images from particles instead of light.

Some ot the atoms it detects originally came from the sun as charged particles travelled out to the heliosheath, 'bounced' back, and gained electrons to make them neutral. Others were neutral to begin with, and came from interstellar space. Both kinds are called Energetic Neutral Atoms, or ENAs for short. Over the course of 6 months and many orbits, IBEX can paint a picture of the entire sky in ENAs. For easier viewing, the sphere of the sky is 'unwrapped' and projected onto an oval, much like how a map of the spherical Earth.

Is projected onto a rectangle. The colors correspond to how many atoms hit the detector from a particular region. Violet represents few atoms, and the colors move up to red, which represents many atoms. IBEX can also tell how energetic each atom was, and, much like filtering light to show one color, create an allsky map of each energy level. Viewing the sky this way can reveal some startling things about the edge of the solar system. IBEX is led by Dave McComas of the Southwest Research Institute in Texas. It's first major discovery was a 'ribbon' of bounced ENAs, showing.

Unexpected activity at the edge of the solar system. Subsequent measurements show that this ribbon changes over time. IBEX has also measured ENAs from the interstellar wind, giving scientists a clearer picture of its composition. Surprisingly, it turns out that the local interstellar material is different from the sun, and the wind is slower, and coming from a different direction that previously thought. Closer to home, IBEX has used ENAs to help understand the Earth's magnetosphere better. And has even observed the solar wind reflecting off the moon. As IBEX continues to scan the sun's horizon, who knows what other discoveries it will.

The lost Lemuria continent Kumari Kandam

Ancient monuments deep under water A once thriving metropolis now half a mile under the sea Lost cities submered for thousands of years. THE ENLIGHTENED NICHE Blog Ancient aliens theorists believe a link between the submerged ruins and extra terrestrials can be found in another set of texts, known as India's Sangam Literature. Sangams were assemblies of Sages Siddhars it says that the first two Sangams took place on a sunken land mass called Kumari Kandam. This area was once above water, thousands of years ago according to the accounts, but it's now under water.

EU Energy Infrastructure is Aging Rapidly, says Oettinger

We want to make policy goals for energy achievable through our strategy for an European Energy infrastructure. In addition, we must face the fact that our current structures are aging, and it is no longer in line with tits potential in technical terms. And a third point, If we don't make move towards intelligent networks, the consumer won't be able to manage it properly. It is clear that over the next few years, we will have to invest much more much more than we are doing at the moment If we look at the next 10 years, approaching 2020, we are talking about.

The West African Sodabe Project Indiegogo Campaign Tutorial

Hi everyone, we're sitting here just outside of Cotonou, Benin, in West Africa, and we'd like to share our project idea with you. So basically, our project is centered around a local liquor here, called sodabe that's used extensively throughout daily life including religious and cultural ceremonies, parties, and even traditional medicine. What we'd like to do is scale up production of sodabe and sell it in the United States. Sodabe is made from distilling of palm tree sap but right now is done mainly using rudimentary equipment in small villages.

The current equipment is cobbled together from whatever materials can be found locally, and harmful metals in the equipment can actually end up in the liquor. Additionally, monitoring is poor leading to the introduction of methanol and other harmful substances. and on top of that, the current process requires the tree to be cut down to extract the sap, leading to deforestation. Currently people aren't aware of these health and environmental risks, and so sadly, it continues to happen. Luckily, these problems are relatively easy to solve. By bringing in quality distilling equipment from the US.

And incorporating sanitary distilling methods, we can basically eradicate these health risks. On top of that, there are proven and welldocumented methods of tapping the same species of palm tree without having to cut it down. Plus, this new method yields significantly more palm sap. So basically, this would not only stop the destruction of palm forests but it would increase the productivity of local farmers which would boost Benin's economy. But to do all of this, we need your help. There are a lot of costs associated with traveling to farmers and bringing in new and sanitary equipment.

Electrical Energy Saver that shows How to Save Electricity with a Power Saver

So i set up this Electrical Power Saver demonstration kit here to show you exactly how it works I have a show you exactly how it works i have a motor that came out of an air conditioner we have our unit Power Corrector we have a meter here that is going to measure how many watts that are being pulled by this motor and how many watts once it goes through here it goes up through this coil of wire that represents the wiring in your home or business it's about sixty.

Feet of wire then it comes down and gets power measured here to the power company line so I am going to turn everything to watts ok so you'll notice here the motor itself is consuming a hundred and fifty one watts Unfortunately you're being charged a hundred and seventy two watts so you've got about ten percent that you're being billed for that you're not actually using you're not benefiting from that and i'll show you What we do is we turn this on and it takes that wasted energy and recycles it back to the motor sixty.

Times a second that's basically that what the capacitor does when it does that you'll notice this one's going to drop right So I am going to flip the switch on Notice this one stays relatively unchanged but now this one drops to match it so now you're being billed the correct amount that you are actually using because we are taking what was being wasted and the power company had to keep supplying the excess we're not going to recycle that energy and feed it back to the motor so instead of wasting it you actually are going to get every dime.

Akon Providing Solar Lighting In Africa For 600m People

Akon Providing Solar Lighting In Africa For 600m People,Akon has Launched a Solar Academy That Will Supply Electricity to 600000000 People in Africa. Share this tutorial..

Akon Solar Energy Project In Kenya | INTERVIEW AL- Jazeera English.Grammynominated singer Akon has a goal of bringin solarpowered electricity to 1 million homes in Africa by the end of the year, and the singer is using..

Students From University Of KZN To Put SA On The Solar Technology Map.Students from the University of KwaZuluNatal.will put South Africa on the solar technology map. They will take part in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in..

SolarGIS - Solar Radiation Maps In 3D Using GoogleEarth (May 2012).Play with SolarGIS maps in GoogleEarth and understand regional variability of solar resource potential around the Globe. This tutorial is a DEMO showing maps..

MARKETPLACE AFRICA: Bright Sun, Bright Future - Solar Power Facilitates Learning In Africa!.September 01, 2013 AFRICA Which country boasts the worlds fastest growing clean energy investment Germany No. United States Think again. Jumping..

Solar Energy Business Booming In Eastern DR Congo.With a very small percentage of the population in eastern DR Congo connected to the electricity grid, residents are increasingly turning to the suns rays to meet..

Innovative Solar Energy Installation In Sicily

Innovative Solar Energy Installation In Sicily,AP Television Priolo Gargallo, Syracuse, Sicily, Italy March 12, 2011 1. Wide of a row of parabolic mirrors tilting up towards the sun 2. Wide low angle of row of..

Helio100: Breakthrough For Modular Concentrating Solar Power.The feasibility of concentrating solar power CSP as a realistic, costeffective and clean alternative to fossil fuels, is set to be given a major boost with the launch..

Solar Energy At Mombo Camp.This tutorial gives information about Wilderness Safaris utilization of solar energy for their safari camps in Botswana. The tutorial and interview with Map Ives were..

Global Atlas For Solar And Wind Energy.The International Renewable Energy Agency, IRENA, and the German Aerospace Center Deutsches Zentrum fr Luft und Raumfahrt DLR presented the first..

All-Africa Games In Congo Showcase Solar Cars.Athletic achievements on the field may well be the major focus of the AllAfrica Games tournament in Congo Brazzaville but on the sidelines a fleet of colorful..

Solar Eclipse, 13 Sep 2015. Star Walk 2 App, South Africa, Atlantic, Indian Ocean And Antarctica.iPhone and iPad 1B9B4dT Android Full 1FdYdMX Android Free 1J2rNCA Partial solar eclipse visible in South Africa, Atlantic,..

Mexico: Solar-Powered Fridge Helps Homes Without Electricity.Designers in Mexico have created a fridge which runs entirely on solar power. However, this refrigerator doesnt use solar panels. Instead designers use the..

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