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Solar Power Jobs

The president: colonel jolly, and everyone here at Hill Air Force Base, one of the most outstanding facilities that we have. Every single day, your work keeps our Air Force ready to meet the many threats that are out there threats like ISIL, the work that we’re doing in Iraq.

You support our troops, our humanitarian missions around the world, and you keep the American people safe. And so to all of our folks in uniform and the civilians who support them, I want to say thank you for the incredible work that you do every single day.

And i think the american people want you to know how much they appreciate it as well. I just had the opportunity to take a look at the solar installation on this base, and to meet with some of your outstanding representatives, including Senator Orrin Hatch and Congressman Rob Bishop,.

Mayor ralph becker, who’s doing outstanding work, and leaders in the solar industry as well as our community college system, who were talking about Salt Lake City’s commitment to renewable energy, its impact on jobs, its impact on business, and its impact on the environment and.

Climate change. Since I took office, solar electricity has gone up twentyfold. And our investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency haven’t just helped to cut carbon pollution, they’ve made us more energy independent.

And they’ve helped us create a steady stream of highwage, goodpaying, middleclass jobs. This morning, we learned that our businesses created another 129,000 new jobs in March. And that adds up to 3 million jobs over the past year, more than 12 million new jobs over the past.

Five years and that’s the longest stretch of private sector job creation on record. But we’ve got to be relentless in our work to grow the economy and create good jobs. Parts of the globe have seen their economies weaken. Europe has had a weaker economy;.

Asia has been slowing down. We have had the strongest economy, but we’re impacted by what happens around the world. And that’s why we have to redouble our efforts to make sure that we’re competitive, to make sure that we’re taking the steps that are needed.

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