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Solar Power Information Queensland

Battery storage for home solar is here. installing a battery will change how you use your solar power. Currently, the energy your solar system makes is supplied directly to your home as needed during the day. Unused power is sold into the grid, earning you a credit on your power bill with your electricity retailer. When your system is not generating power, you buy all your electricity from the grid. Solar battery storage changes how you use.

Your solar power. with solar battery storage, your solar panels will still directly power your appliances while the sun is out. However, the extra power youre generating does not go into the grid. It gets stored in your battery. The unused power you stored in your battery during the day, is now available at night or at any time you need it. It means you use more of your solar power at home and buy less electricity from the.

Grid overall. you can still earn credits on your power bills. When your battery is full, your solar system will send power back into the grid. Generally, youre better off having the rightsized battery and using your solar energy at home, than selling your extra electricity back to the grid. The grid is important because when your battery is empty and your solar panels are not producing enough power for your appliances, you will use electricity from the grid to run your.

Solar Research at UQ

This is part of university of queensland’s 1.22 megawatt solar photovoltaic, the largest of its kind anywhere in Australia. This array is built at the University of Queensland’s St Lucia Campus which is our main operational centre, it’s a massive campus, 40,000 students, 6000 staff and we use about 21 megawatt peak electricity. This array provides about 5 per cent of that peak power load, and so is a very significant piece of energy infrastructure. It’s a very exciting project for us, it’s one of the most globally significant pieces.

Of solar research anywhere in the world and it fulfils a number of purposes for us. firstly of course it produces a lot of electricity for the university and secondly it’s an exciting and useful piece of research infrastructure. We’ve got a large number of experiments that we’re running on this very large solar Photovoltaic array including the world’s largest deployment of a storage battery with the full system. This project started off as an internal project at the University of Queensland and with support and advice from the Qld State Govt through.

The office of clean energy, but once we realised that the potential of the project and once the people outside the university realised the potential of the project we had a very large number of partners wanting to come in join us on the project. Local company for example in general who integrated and built the array for us, a local battery company called RedFlow who’ve deployed there first large scale battery on the system and the local energy company Energex who really wanted to understand what the quality of the power.

That we produce on this photovoltaic array is. in addition to these partners trina solo, a very large Chinese solar PV manufacturing company provided the panel, there made of crystalline silicon, there one of the best performing solar panel in the market currently. This is only one project in a large portfolio in solar research the UQ currently has. We have very important work in developing the next generation of solar Photovoltaic cells and we recently announced that we would be part of the research on the solar thermal.

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