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Solar Power Employment

Solar Jobs Up for Grabs at PGESponsored Fair in San Francisco

These recent college graduates want to work in the solar industry so badly that they took a Greyhound bus from Los Angeles to the Bay Area. Their destination PGE's Pacific Energy Center in San Francisco, where the utility partnered with the nonprofit GRID Alternatives on a solar job fair. Their goals were simple. A whole bunch of connections and potentially fulltime employment. Job seekers mingled, were offered professional photos for social network profiles, practiced interviewing and got feedback on their resumes. The job fair the utility's third in as many years is just one.

Of the many ways PGE shows its commitment to solar. And it makes sense. PGE's service area has 25 percent of the nation's solar customers. That's more than anywhere else in the country. What's exciting about solar is that there's really a lot of opportunity and, not all opportunities that require advanced educations. What they do require is experience the ability to kind of hit the ground running. And, so what GRID Alternatives does, with support from PGE, is to make sure that folks who want to get that experience can get that.

Experience. Later, PGE presented GRID Alternatives with a $100,000 check to ensure solar is reaching underserved communities in Northern and Central California. Our goal at PGE is to ensure that we can support customer choice and solar growth. But, that's not just for customers who can afford, on their own, to choose solar as an option. GRID Alternatives has been a great partner for us for the last ten years because they've been focused on underserved communities, communities of color, and really building out solar to customers that wouldn't otherwise necessarily have the.

Means to do it on their own. PGE's partnership with GRID Alternatives has resulted in 60 million dollars in energy savings. Local officials are praising the work of companies like PGE and nonprofits like GRID Alternatives. When you have public and private partnerships, this is the essence of getting things done. PGE's work also is helping get more people into the job market, and the job fair is one example. After all, it's a growing industry. Solar is growing jobs at a rate 10 times faster than the average economy. So, ten times faster. It's.

SOLAR IN THE TAR SANDS Indigenous community launches solar powered health centre

The Lubicon Cree have been here since time immemorial. Indigenous people have a very intimate connection with our homelands here, in northern Alberta. And what we've seen instead is Industry coming in and taking over our lands and really exploiting them. It's had a detrimental impact. We see companies digging down into the earth, trying to extract the very last drops of oil. But instead, we can start looking up. We're bathing in sunlight all around us and we're not utilizing that energy. And so that's why our community has decided to install solar.

We've got a state of the art system going in here. I think it's really important that we take this project next level. Essentially 20.8 kilowatt capacity is what this will end up becoming. Which will connect in through the health center but which will feed the whole community in terms of energy. That's 80 panels, are going to go on top of these polls. We're very deliberate about this because we want it to be something that's still very much a central site in this community, that people will see.

It will welcome visitors and people will be reminded of it every day. We wanted to retain the land use potential. It's something that's going to be in the community, behind us, for at least 50 years. It's pretty amazing to see this project go up. A lot of the community members, the young people are working and getting hands on training right now. It's really amazing to see how, proud people are of it, and how it's a community project because all of this has been through the blood sweat and tears of the community.

This project matters to us because it represents who we are and where we are going in the future. When you see the work I can say that I did that, I took part and I did it right. So there will be a lot of people seeing it every day, and I can tell people I worked on this. Heh. I know that in a lot of the ceremonies and the songs, the sun is praised. Even the project name, Pitapan, means the coming of the dawn , and it's the coming of a new era.

myNCstory Niagara College Renewable Energies Powering up students for indemand careers

Bryan Well, the program is designed to give the students a comprehensive, working knowledge of the various technologies in the renewable energies field, so wind systems, solar system, geothermal. computerized voice Chris For me it's very simple. The fact of the matter is that fossil fuels will run out one day, whether it's our generation, two generations, three generations down the road. Eventually we do need to have a solution to this problem. Bryan Well, as we know, the world is changing quickly. We need there's a need for students to be informed.

And able to work with renewable energies technologies. The field is really calling for students who have the ability to really have a handson working knowledge of the various technologies in the field. soft guitar music Chris Sort of the stuff that we're doing right now, the lab work and actually getting to use the equipment. Josh But now we are testing voltage levels on a generator. This would be for a wind turbine, and it's adjusting to see if there's any faults. And in the real world, if there were faults,.

We would be troubleshooting it to fix the problem. Chris If there was a real fault, the wind turbine, itself, would shut down and then there'd be a team going in to up the tower wherever they have to go to fix the problem. Josh Being able to do all these tests and work with the equipment before you go out there gives you a lot more confidence when you're actually in the field, as to being able to measure something instead of being up there and being confused and being scared.

Chemours Employee Testimonials Living Chemistry

Chemistry is a living thing. Always evolving. Ever changing. Constantly transforming. But what happens when we shape that change When we guide that evolution Chemistry changes life. That's Living Chemistry. When we harness its power, the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Everyday things become better. Cars cooler, air cleaner, colors bolder. Life is simply... better. Because Living Chemistry propels progress. It changes lives, shapes markets, makes manufacturing more efficient, and redefines industries. It inspires us to create a legacy of industry firsts and then improve upon them still. At Chemours, we live chemistry, every day.

Solar Farms at Kennedy Space Center

Music Kennedy Space Center switched on a greener future Nov. 19 with the ceremonial commissioning of a firstofits kind solar energy power plant for NASA. Florida Power Light and Sunpower Corporation officials joined Center Director and former astronaut Bob Cabana to commission the one megawatt facility. The solar farm covers five acres in Kennedy's Industrial area and is large enough to convert the sun's energy into one megawatt of electricity. That's enough energy to power about 110 homes. At Kennedy, the electricity will be funneled into the center's power grid.

The electricity production capitalizes on a source of renewable energy that does not produce any carbon emissions in the process. Having looked down on our environment from space, from 200 miles high, if you look at the Earth, it's this beautiful blue jewel of a planet and there's this thin little hazy line over the top of it and that's our atmosphere and it looks pretty fragile from up there, and it's all that's protecting us from the harmful ultraviolet radiation from space and extreme temperatures and I think anything we can do to help the environment and keep it better is really.

CVTC Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration Technology

Music gtgt down here in the liquid light, so we'll keep the blue hose and we'll put that on our suction line. That'll give us our suction line pressure. gtgt You're really a jackofalltrades. You're doing everything from a little bit of woodwork to sheet metal to electrical. Good variety. I like how we can go in the classroom and read out of the book and learn about an air conditioning system. And then come back here and see how it works. Just being able to apply what you learn in the.

Classroom within five minutes of learning it really lets you get a good grasp on things. gtgt I think what I'm going to do is I'll tighten this stuff down while they gtgt We try and feature a lot of handson. We've got to know the theory or the basis of what we're doing, and then we apply the handson because that's where the real work would be. gtgt The regular pilot is lit. Verifies that there's pilot. Now we have ignition. gtgt There's a real demand for trained technicians.

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