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Solar Power Christmas Lights

Solar Powered LED Lights

Hey everyone, went to Big Lots a couple of days ago and they had their Christmas lights on sale so I took the opportunity to get some their solar LED Christmas lights. Normally $18 for $9 I thought it was a fairly decent deal. So what it comes with is, there is a solar panel here the lights themselves they're sixty to a strand and they just connect right into the panel there's a notch in there so it only goes in one way and this will tighten I assumed to keep the rain out since they are designed for outdoor use.

They also give you a clamp so you could actually attach it to just about anything that it will clamp onto, I assume a rain gutter would be the most common they also give you the yard stakes this one looks like it plugged in to there and the solar panel plugged into there so they give you a lot of options so you can get it just about anywhere that there is sun the panel itself has a on off switch in the back here it looks like a sensor for whether it's daytime or nighttime.

Looked like two AA batteries that are rechargeable on the inside, I didn't take it apart or anything to look to give you an idea how bright the lights are that's the lights and in comparison, they had these lights that plug in. These are the warm lights, they seem to flicker in the camera uh. these were $1.50 since they were 50 off. Normally $3, 20 to a strand. these seem to use about 1.61.7 watts of power so they should last quite awhile if you run them off battery or not eat up the.

Electric bill as much. According to the box they use 90 less power than normal Christmas lights Actually on the back of the box of the solar one it gives you a little comparison. I assume that 600 of this C7 lights about $100, $94.50 cost for 45 days 7 hours a day with the average cost being 10 cents per kilowatt hour. And the 600 mini lights would be $7.71 but the solar one ends up being free because it uses the power from the sun. No idea who makes it, just says distributed by Big Lots and made in China no actual manufacturer.

Shell and Akon unveil Africas first human and solar powered football pitch in Lagos

I was one of the kids that grew up using kerosene candles, coal, you know for cooking. But we do it because that's all we have. It's hard for anyone to develop in a state of darkness. When you look at the impact that darkness has on people, it brings you down. When you put electricity in areas that don't have, you're impacting people's lives, and you're making a huge difference in how they can develop their whole humanity moving forward. Well, access to energy means a future. It means better education, better healthcare, industry building, agriculture.

Like who would've ever thought that playing on a football field could create energy for the whole community I think an idea like this, it will generate a source of curiosity for people that never thought that things like this could exist. And we have to support all the young entrepreneurs, all the young thinkers, to help them develop those ideas and create those into reality. If this can be utilised to create energy that's actually needed here, that'sthat's a dream come true for me. This is something that honestly I wish it was my idea. Laughs.

Burning Stuff With 2000F Solar Power!!

In a previous project I found a free tv and turned it into a giant solar scorcher. This shoots out a deadly beam of sunlight, that's hot enough to abuse food, melt metal and burn things you probably shouldn't. Today seemed like a good day to play with my Solar Scorcher. I positioned my frame and found the focal point, then added some concrete tiles as a base for my projects. Ok, I've got power, and I'll test it out with this piece of wood and when the light makes contact.

I've got instant fire. The sunlight at this spot is around 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, enough to melt this spot of concrete into a glowing orange liquid. I'm curious to see what I can do with all this heat so I've filled a glass bottle with water and I'll punch a hole in the cap. It's incredible to see that the instant I focus my lens on the bottle, it starts smoking. Just a few moments later this water is so hot it's boiling, and I'm a little nervous the bottle might blow. Yep, there it goes. The glass pieces are melting and that's cool,.

But now I want to try this on some food. I'll get some hot dogs, and when they hit the beam they really do get hot. This might be a little well done for my taste, and I'm still hungry so let's try an egg. The egg is actually working very well. It's so reflective it doesn't burn as fast, and even my wife is interested. A little salt and pepper and it's tempting to try a bite. Ok, so I wasn't actually expecting to eat this, but it looks safe enough, and.

Even my kids are anxious to try. Surprisingly, it's pretty good. Alright, let's see what else this will do. I'll try burning a penny, and, wow, it melted. How about a stack of pennies Yep, they're nothing but liquid metal now, and I'm thinking that slag in the mixture must be what's left of the copper coating. It's only taking about 4 seconds to melt these, and melting metal is really great, but now I want to see something burst. I wonder what would happen to this egg It's spewing some kind of debris and smoking like crazy. I hear.

Some little pops and it's even forming some interesting growths. huh, Look at that. But no explosion. How about if I put a pop top on this bottle of water and let the pressure build up Yeah, that's what I'm looking for. Let's do that again. The lid is back on, and pressure is building. Awesome! Alright, the sun is setting and I've readjusted my Aframe. I'm just wondering if this would ignite gasoline. It does. Hopefully it goes without saying that this is very dangerous and you shouldn't try this at home. Well, I'm convinced there's.

An insane amount of power behind these lenses. If you'd like to see where I got this one, take a look at my tutorial on how I hacked it out of an old TV. This one boiled water in less than a minute, welded a nickel to concrete, and instantly torched any piece of wood in it's way. Well that was fun, but I'm still hungry so I'll put everything away and go get some real home cooking. That's it for now. If you liked this project, perhaps you'll like some of my others. Check them out at thekingofrandom.

Liberty Lantern As Seen on TV Commercial Tutorial LED Solar Powered Light

Oh, no! Another storm is coming and it can be days before the power comes back on. That's why you need the all new solar powered Liberty Lantern the antique style lantern featuring ultra bright LED technology. Flash Lights always need new batteries, are uncomfortable to hold, and hard to direct the light where you need it. But the solar powered Liberty Lantern's 16 ultra bright LED bulbs radiates light throughout the whole room for up to 120,000 hours. Amazing! And it automatically recharges itself in indoor or outdoor light.

But that's not all. You can also recharge your cell phone or other devices with a built in USB charging cord making the Liberty Lantern a solar powered device charger. Now you'll always be ready for emergencies and never be stuck in the dark for hours with nothing to do or no way to contact your friends or family no matter how long the power stays out. And it's not just for emergencies. The built in dimmer adjusts from an ultra bright light to a gentle flickering candlelight glow, making the Liberty Lantern perfect for everything.

From candlelight dinners, to outdoor patio parties or barbecues, perfect for lighting up the camp site. Great for safe evening strolls. Light up the stairway or wherever you need to have an extra light or phone charger handy. Liberty Lantern is cool to the touch, is water resistant, and makes a great decorative piece. Other led lanterns need batteries costing you money. Only the incredible Liberty Lantern recharges in four different ways solar power, a built in hand crank, or USB charging port from a computer or wall adapter. So its always.

Ready any time. Today's callers will get the solar powered Liberty Lantern featuring the built in dimmer, candlelight function, back up hand crank plus two USB ports for recharging your cell phone or tablet for only $19.95 plus processing and handling. But wait, for a limited time we will double your order! That's right! You'll get two Liberty Lanterns for the price of one. And were not done yet as a special bonus you'll get the solar powered cell phone charger key chain. Charge your cell phone anywhere. It even has a built in.

My programmable christmas lights of 2013

Christmas is long gone, but before I put my christmas lights away I tought I would show them to you. Currently the are just blinking in a random pattern, but they're programmable so I can have them to show whatever pattern I want, really. They are currently hooked up with 8 wires to an Arduino so I can control every LED independently. The topmost LED is hooked up to a PWMcapable pin on the Arduino, which means I can control it's brightness as well. Then, the Arduino is connected to my computer so I can control it from there using serial communications.

LED Supernova Christmas Lights

Everyone wants to dress up their home for the holidays and create their own personal winter wonderland, but hiding the cords, swapping out strings and running extension cords all over the place can be cumbersome, not to mention unsightly. Well not anymore. These unique LED Supernova lights are battery operated, eliminating the need for extension cords and, one of my favorite features, is this bright, shimmery silver cord that is a decoration all in its own. No need to hide this. It's beautiful, and adds the ultimate wintery magic look to any wreath, Christmas tree, or decor. The cord is also super flexible, allowing.

You to easily shape the lights in whatever which way that you wish. And if that is not enough, they also come with six different functions allowing you to easily customize your lighting scenario. Just install the lights and choose the perfect effect, or change the effects any time to fit your mood. Wow! The effects include steady glow, shimmer, star field, chaser, lightning, and stacker. These versatile Christmas lights operate on batteries, and since they are LED, they have an exceptionally long battery life. Create your own galaxy of lights by purchasing your LEDSupernova lights and batteries NOW at 1000bulbs,.

140 MultiColor Mini Christmas Lights Remote Controlled 49 ft. Stringer

Decorate your home this holiday season with the MultiColor, green wire, 49 foot Chasing incandescent mini light stringer from 1000Bulbs. These chasing mini lights come with a variable speed controller that allows you to change from chasing, steady on, or slow speeds. The 49 foot length, 140 lights, and 4 inch bulb spacing makes this set perfect for wrapping wreaths, centerpieces, and miniature trees! Remember running into the living room on Christmas morning to see a beautifully lit tree warming up the room Bring back that nostalgic feeling with Incandescent mini lights from 1000bulbs. Families and business owners alike have been.

Creating holiday magic with traditional incandescent mini lights year after year, indoors and out. With an endless array of colors and lengths, incandescent mini lights from 1000Bulbs are extremely versatile, superior quality and designed to last for several seasons. Unlike the throw away style lights you find in discount stores, mini lights from 1000Bulbs are built to last and preferred by lighting designers, theme parks and commercial installers nationwide. Incandescent mini lights are also ideal for working with dimmers and lighting controllers. Simply add a controller for special effects on your tree or integrate a lighting.

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