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Solar Power Business Franchise In India

BPC LESEDI Rural electrification with individual solar kits, Botswana Webdoc Africa Express

In Botswana, we meet Tanguy working at BPC Lesedi, a company that develops solutions for rural electrification with individual photovoltaic kits. BPC Lesedi is a jointventure between BPC, which is Botswana's national electricity operator, and EDF the French national operator. It is a quite original concept as Botswanese people are offered to invest in a franchise and then they set it up in their village. Beyond the franchise system, the business model is based on the energy compensation the customers do not pay for the product, but for the maintenance of their equipment.

We have just arrived at Domboshaba Lodge, a small hotel somewhere in Botswanese countryside. It took us 5 or 6 hours from Gaborone to get here. We are going to focus on the electrical installations of this lodge as they are only solar installations set up by BPC Lesedi. Here, we are in a standard room which includes an individual solar system. You can see three battery boxes with the controller system here, which shows the battery level, or if the panel is running well for example. Here is a small inverter.

Automotive Franchise Investment Tint World Business Investment Opportunities

If you think Tint World sounds like the opportunity you've been looking for, hear from a variety of Tint World Franchisees who will share firsthand accounts of their personal experiences as Tint World business owners. The investment basically for Tint World, compared to other businesses and other franchises I looked at, was a really good deal. The price was amazing and the quality of service was amazing. So for everything they offered me, the deal they offered me was amazing, I couldn't pass it up. Because being with a franchise, you're also direct with the manufacturer so you don't.

Have to go through a middleman. They actually negotiate the price for us so basically when I went there, after I finished my training, all the paperwork was there with the products giving you a good estimate of where you want to go, from how much you're looking to spend. You want to open up the store with this much merchandise, with this much merchandise, or that much merchandise, and anywhere in between. And then they leave it up to on how much you're looking to spend and how elaborate you want to make your location look.

Quick Pitch Water ATMs Prevent Disease in India

Anuj Sharma,Sarvajal,India Good evening everybody.I am Anuj from Sarvajal India.My organization as we speek today,it must be closing it's account and saying we leased out 100,000 people again for providing drinking water for their daily needs,guess the price,at less than a cent for a litre. That's what we do.So just to put things in perspective,I want everybody to understand that India has about 125 million people who lack access to clean drinking water.Not only that,India has about 1.5 million children dying every year because of diarrhea alone.As Ian was talking about fixable problems as the blindness that could be removed,similarly this kind of death can definitely be prevented.This kind of pain and misery can definitely be prevented. So our organization basically appoints local entrepreneurs as franchisees.We provide them technology to produce clean drinking water and also give tham the business knowhow of doing that.On the side we have also invented ,innovative rather around the telecom revolution that has happened in India and now as I am speaking today,I can just plug in to my laptop and can tell you which of the machine has provided how much of water,in what quality in last 24 hours, if a machine has stopped four times what are the 4 different reasons machine is stopping. Not only that, beyond that we have come up with a RFID scan based cloud connected solar part ATM machine where you swipe the card and take 1 litre,5 litre and 10 litre at the same price.So you have 247 access to the drinking water. And all of these frugal innovations as we would call it has happened because we were trying to provide 247 access to clean drinking water to rural areas in India and now we think that we can do the came thing for the slums in India.That's what we do and looking forward to having conversation if you are excited about providing safe drinking water and helping them save the medical bills from the preventable water born diseases. Thank you.

Low Cost Business Ideas

My name is Norbert Szabo and she is Chille she is my wife I'm the author of low cost business ideas. I wrote my book because when i talk with people they always want to try risk free business but they have no idea how to start no money no time to waste and no clue about where to start and how to start so in my small business ideas book I will talk about the ten minute idea incubator how and uh. exactly stepbystep howto you get an idea to make money from.

Uh. two click product creation where I show you on which websites and how you can find products if you don't want to create the product to make money and the fifteen minute marketing genius which will cover areas to market your products or how to market your product or how to market others product and I will cover a simple strategy which I use with every client I have and it works so effectively that i don't need any other promotion method because this is free and uh. it's effective and works for you.

Twenty four hours a day and seven days a week and i want to give you a bonus just by ordering my book just for ordering my book it's uh. almost one and half hours long stepbystep from idea to money webinar and if you want to buy all of these separately for other marketers this information it would roughly cost alltogether. two hundred and fortytwo dollars and you can get all of these only for under three dollars and uh. dollars from amazon dot com if you are my book now from amazon.

Quick Pitch EcoFriendly BanaPads Keep Ugandan Girls in School

Richard Bbaale, Banapads's Social Enterprise, Uganda Good afternoon everyone, my name is Bbaale Richard. I'm CEO and cofounder of Banapads's Social Enterprise. We operate in Uganda, Tanzania, and Burundi. We have expanded to Burundi. Ladies and gentlemen, can you imagine your very own daughter, missing classes, or missing school, because she cannot afford to buy effective sanitary pads. In Uganda, one in every ten menstruating girl skips school or drops out completely, simply because she's a girl and cannot afford to buy effective sanitary pads. These girls will do anything from using drugs, to leaves, mud, and these materials basically cause them harm.

They itch them they bring sores and bruises on the insides of their thighs. As a possible solution to these problems. Banapads's Social Enterprise has created a simple technology, that basically, combines banana stems into an absorbent material using local labor, materials, local hubs and capital, to create affordable sanitary parts, annually, for 3300 dollars. We further invest in these girls, keep working with local women entrepreneurs by providing them a business in the bag. So these women, are able to run these women are able to run and sustain their businesses.

Quick Pitch Social Enterprsie Mali Biocarburant Improves West African Food Security

Hugo Verkuijl, Mali Biocarbunt, West Africa Ladies and gentlemen, it's a pleasure to be with you here today. My name is Hugo Verkuijl. I'm the CEO of Mali Biocarburant. Petrol is something that touches the lives of every human being here on earth. Petrol is something that can have very beautiful impacts on people's lives but also very devastating impacts on lives. 2008, in Nigeria, BeninBurkina Faso, riots broke out, because of full, petrol, prices that grow by almost 5060 percent. We all know the importance of oil, so what do we do.

Mali Biocarburant, our company, is that we locally produce jatropha seeds with more than tenthousand farmers. We extract oil and we produce biodiesel. Biodiesel at a competitive price, with excess of quality, respecting the European quality norms at prices lower than import fossil fuel. So, what we are aiming to do, in the coming years, is to expand in West Africa to five countries. We are currently in Mali, Burkina Faso, and we want to expand to more than 5 countries in West Africa, touching almost a million consumers of fuel and more than, improving the lives of more than 50,000 people.

CloudFactory Economic Opportunity and a Stronger Nepal

The first task that was done in our system after the earthquake here in Nepal, was done at about 6.30 pm, the day of the earthquake. So, only about six hours after the earthquake, a worker came online and decided that he wanted to focus on doing tasks. In terms of worker hours, we reached 75 in a couple of days and the next day we were hundreds. Workers who were online actually invested a lot more time. Cloudworkers have, our workers have asked us, as we are going out visiting.

Our workers, they're asking, How's CloudFactory, is it okay, has there been any damage And then the second thing is, we need jobs. The important thing that CloudFactory brings to Nepal is the opportunity for aid, that isn't aid. The opportunity for economic development. Long term, people need to be able to get back to the feet and have an income to be able to provide to their family. You don't want to be giving handouts, you don't want people to sort of feel that, okay, I'm a victim. People should be able.

To sort of feel that, I'm doing something to get myself and my family towards prosperity. So, not only do we want to help be a part of Nepal rebuilding, but we want to be a part of making Nepal more resilient and really seeing sustainable long term impact. So for CloudFactory again, that looks like creating thousands of jobs, but we don't want to just be bringing a pay cheque, we want to continue to invest into young leaders and raise them up to help in their communities. So, what we want to.

Begin saying to people is, yes, aid has a place, but if you really want to help at this stage, what Nepal needs is work, and we can help put people to work right now in mass quantities. So, instead of sending aid, we're looking to businesses that need work done, and saying, Help Nepal by giving work. So, give work not aid at this age is what really can help that longterm recovery, and we are thrilled that we can be a part of that. Because of the technology, innovation, because of our.

Franchise Business Opportunity Solar Powered Yard Care!

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