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Solar Power Battery Storage Queensland

PV Inverter introduction

This is an electronics inverter it's an extra lowvoltage inverter actually designed for our stand alone industry that is been upgraded to deal with grid connect. The particular situation that we're looking at is we have a whole series of two hundred watt panels upon the roof, similar to this one, and we're looking at our open circuit voltage which is forty four point four 44.4 volts Our short circuit current which is five point five 5.5 amps operating voltage thirty six 36 volts operating current five point two 5.2 amps.

We bear that in mind when you look at how we're going into arrange the circuitry of these panels that we have on the roof to tie in with our voltage and our current windows of this particular little invertere. Very nice little inverter by the way, comes in very handy. It has a voltage window of fifty four 54 volts and a hundred volts meaning that our panel voltage must never drop below the fifty four 54 volts or go above the 100 volts when we connect them into the circuit.

It also has a current window of a maximum of twenty five 25 amps. Being a one point two 1.2 kilowatt inverter we can only connect six of these panels into the circuit to actually power this little inverter for maximum output from it. We had six panels, 200 hundred watts goes into one point two 1.2 in 6 times telling us we can have six panels for our array. Because it's six panels we look at our voltage window of fifty four 54 volts to a hundred 100 volts our array voltage.

Per panel is forty four point four 44.4 volts twice forty four point four 44.4 volts is pretty close to eightynine volts meaning we can only put two panels into one string. Having six panels we are going to have three strings, of two panels each. Two panels connected in series with each other string one string two string three giving us fifteen amps 3 x 5 15 at 89 volts which fits in very nicely with our voltage window 54 to 100 at 89 volts perfect!.

Embracing change is essential

We're undergoing a period of substantial change from the biggest change that. that the industry's ever undergone, definitely in the time that I've been around. Um.depending on who you talk to, who you listen to at the moment, you'll hear spoken about the death spiral, how customers a moving off the grid which is driving up the prices, forcing more off the grid and the cycle keeps repeating itself now. I kind of look at it as not a death spiral but as a circle of opportunity. So we've got.

A real chance now to change the way that we do business and make ourselves viable for the future because if we continue to operate in the way that we are we're just not going to be relevant and we may not even exist as a company going forward. We need to work with their customers. We need to educate our customers and assist them to use energy in a way that suits them and a way that benefits of us, so we can do that through using the emerging technology such as FFA, DMS.

Using demand management in order to to improve our grid capability. We can do things like that and we need to do things like that to remain relevant At the moment people are looking for a reason and a way to leave the grid. We want to make sure that they come back to the grid, so we want to make it an open access platform. We want to enable all of the other technologies, the solar PVs, the battery storage, we want to enable that and leverage that so that connecting to our grid becomes a.

Really attractive proposition and people want to be associated with us. We had to move very quickly as an organisation. We can't stop moving. The industry isn't going to stop changing and the technology isn't going to stop changing. So right now is only the beginning, we need to continue to move and be agile as a business and build that agility into our business. Not changing isn't an option. Our customers are going to change, the technology's going to change and we don't have a choice as to whether we go.

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