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Solar Power Battery Regulator

In the car, reduced sunlight, tha charging works. (4,5 Volt and 200mA ) The phone is Samsung Galaxy Mega Outside full sunlight The solar cells exposed to full sunlight, the charging voltage jump 6.5 volts ! At this point it seems that charging is terminated by the phone. (this is normal) The solar panel is not the factorydefined _5.5 V charging for all devices.Does not meet the specified charging value.

Morningstar SunSaver Duo solar charge controller charging 2 batteries with 1 solar panel

Hi, this is Amy from the altE Store. I wantedto give you a quick little demo of the Morningstar SunSaver Duo PWM charge controller. Now whatthis charge controller can do is a little bit different from most charge controllers.It can actually charge two separate battery banks, completely different battery banks,from one solar array. So you can have two battery banks sharing one or more solar panels.It can handle up to 25A, and it is PWM, so it is 12V only, so it needs to be a 12V arrayand a 12V battery bank. But, what you can do is if you have an RV or a boat, or something’sthat got two different battery banks, like the cabin house bank and the starter battery,and you want to keep them charged with

solar, you can use this one charge controllershare the array, and charge them both. So what I’m showing here, is we’ve got the SunSaver,it’s connected to one solar panel right now, but again, you can connect it up to 25A ofsolar, and it’s connected to two different batteries. Now I can actually configure itto either it both be sealed batteries, both be flooded, or one be sealed and one be flooded,you’ve got configuration abilities so that if they have got a different charging profile,you can charge them differently. And they don’t have to be the same size, or anything,because they are completely independent from the other, it manages the two different batterybanks. Now you’ve got another setting, with

just the flip of a switch, I can send thepower 5050 between the two battery banks, or, if have one that’s a priority and I wantto send most of the power to it, I can flip a switch and send 90% of the power to onebattery bank, and send 10%to the other. Now it does come with this remote meter that connectswith a pretty long cable, so you can actually put the meter elsewhere in the boat or RV,and it doesn’t have to be right by the batteries. And that way you can keep an eye on it. It’sgot a lot of different things that it shows you, you can flip between your batteries,battery 1 and battery 2, but it’s showing you the amps in from the solar. So I’ve got1.4A coming in from the solar. Now what you

can see with these two meters, I’ve got themeters going from the charge controller outputs to the 2 separate batteries, and you see thatit’s popping back and forth. It sends all of that 1.4A to one battery, then all to theother, and back and forth, and back and forth. As the sun changes, and the clouds changea little bit, you’re going to see different numbers here. But this is all happening veryfast, so you might not be seeing this real time, but it’s very fast. So it’s 50%, I canactually go in and change it to be 9010. So it’s going to stay on one battery longer,for 90% of the time, and then switch over to the other one, and then go back. So again,this meter has a lot of different capabilities

of what you can see, you can actually scrollthrough it and it’ll show you the accumulated amp hours that it’s sent out, you can go tothe battery and it’ll tell you the maximum voltage of the battery, the amp hours goinginto it, the minimum voltage that it’s been. It just gives you a lot of different informationso you can really remotely, in a different part of the boat or the RV, you can keep aneye on your battery bank, and make sure that everything’s going well and it’s being chargedup nicely. So, I hope this was helpful, if so, give us a like and a share. And be sureto subscribe to our altE Store channel, so we’ll notify you when we’ve got more tutorials.And make sure to go to our website at altEStore ,

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