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Top 5 Power Banks of 2015!

Hey guys AppsOnFire here and today I'm gonna be counting down the best power banks that I have seen this past year. This is the top 5 power banks of 2015. So first on our list is the ravpower 3200mah power bank with UV flashlight. This is pretty much your average mini power bank except for the fact that instead of the usual flashlight it comes with a built in UV light which is useful for a lot of different things. It is really good at catching stains that you wouldn't see with the regular eye. I found this fun to play around with at times.

But haven't used the UV light much. But still this power bank from ravpower has a solid design with the matte black finish and a special shaped ergonomic design that is different from most power banks. You get one smart charging port and you get some LED indicators to tell you how much power is left. Moving on to the second power bank on our list I have one with probably the best build quality out of all of them. The jackery giant plus has just an awesome build and a lot of power. It is packing a 12000mah battery and has two fast charging.

USB ports. The battery pack itself is not the thinnest but still remains light and compact. With an aluminum build and this much power, it is one of my favorite power banks. It also comes with three LED indicators as well as a flashlight. So this is one of the more traditional lipstick power banks. This design is probably the most popular design because it is very compact and you can fit it almost anywhere. If you search for portable chargers chances are that it is going to look like this one right here. Small chargers like this usually.

Come with 1 to 2 charges for your phone. This one comes with 3200mah. Anker is probably the leading company in portable chargers and that's because they are just very good at what they do and you know that with every product you get from them, you can expect quality. So this is actually one of the biggest power banks out there coming from a company called Avantech. This may not have the best build quality but it is packing a huge amount of power. You can probably charge two devices at least 5 or 6 times without even recharging.

The power bank and that is amazing. It is a bit bulky and heavy but it is definitely worth it if you are looking for the power. Again you get some LED indicators and you get a plastic design with a matte finish. Now finally we have my favorite power bank out of all of these and that is the elivebuy 10,000mah portable charger. It is my favorite because of its really cool two tone color and that it is packing a huge amount of power into a very thin package. I mean this is just a little bit bigger than my phone. It also.

ZeroLemon SolarJuice Charger Power Bank 10000mAh Review

The ZeroLemon SolarJuice Power Bank is a great solution for charging your mobile devices. It has the total package a huge battery life, high durability, and it's easy to use. There is a link to purchase this item from Amazon in the description. Let's get into the details of this device and as you are watching hit the subscribe button because we are reviewing new tech devices all the time. First off, with 10000mAh of power that's enough for a full charge on a large 12 inch tablet or multiple charges on your average smartphone. The larger the battery capacity.

Is the bigger and heavier the charger will be, so a 10000mAh battery is the perfect size for portability. As you can see by the size comparison, the power bank is about the same size as my Nexus 5 with the case on it. It's a little heavier than the Nexus 5, but again it's portability is still excellent. Now it is a power bank so it's meant to store a charge on the device and then transfer it to your phone. It's not intended to be used to charge your phone from the sun simultaneously, but you can get decent results by leaving.

It in the sun with your phone plugged in. As far as durability goes, the device claims to be rain resistant, dirt proof, and shockproof. I didn't run any durability test, but you can tell from it's solid construction that it definitely has high durability. The build quality is strong and there aren't many places for water to seep into the device. The yellow exterior is rubber coated and the solar panel itself is very hard. As the company name says, ZeroLemon, they don't produce products that are lemons. So the device should last you a long time. Why is durability important.

In a charger Solar chargers work best for people who are active outdoors during the daytime, where they can't charge their phones with an outlet. It has 2 USB ports on the top for battery output and 1 Micro USB on the side for battery input. In my test, I received a nice steady stream of battery flow to my Nexus 5. The four blue LED lights on the side indicate how much power the device currently has left. The Micro USB input can also be used to charge the device, so you don't necessarily need.

To rely on solar power to fill the device. It also has a flashlight on the top, which is a little weak but this is could be considered an emergency flashlight. Currently retailing at $36.99 on Amazon the ZeroLemon SolarJuice charger is a staple in my daily bag. Given the fact that you can charge it through a power outlet with the micro USB input or through solar power, there's no reason why you wouldn't get a solar charger. I highly recommend the charger and I hope you can get some great use out of it if you.

Stupid Virus Plagues NC Belief That Solar Panels Will Harm the Sun

So this story sounds like it came straight from an episode of South Park but, no, it really happened! Ignorant townspeople in South Carolina used their backcountry, hicktown education to prevent the rezoning of land which would have been used for a solar farm, because they suspected that the panels were causing cancer, impeding photosynthesis, and just generally sucking up too much sun. So let's look more closely at some of these concerns, shall we A retired schoolteacher from the area expressed concerns that the solar panels would prevent plants from using photosynthesis. Surely there must be some clear high school level science.

To prove her point No, not really. The woman claimed that she had noticed some vegetation around the sites of current solar panels which looked brown and dead, which was clearly an indication that the plants weren't getting enough sun due to those pesky panels stealing it all. That's a great use of the scientific method, Teach'! The retiree also expressed concern about the risk of cancer she felt the solar panels posed. She stated I WANT TO KNOW WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN. I WANT INFORMATION. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. The husband of the retired schoolteacher also threw his opinion into the mix, saying that.

Solar farms would suck up all the energy from the sun and that somehow, this lack of energy would cause businesses to move out of town. A legitimate concern, you might say. Except for the fact that the sun produces enough energy in an hour to power a lightbulb for each person in the world for their entire lifetime. And that's just in an hour! The sun continuously pelts the earth with 35,000 times the amount of energy required by humanity, so rest assured hicks worldwide, those solar panels aren't going to take your sunshine away.

One of the solar panel company representatives Brent Niemann reminded the braindead townspeople that the solar panels don't draw additional sunlight, but only absorb sunlight that is reflected onto the surface of the panels. Unfortunately, this story doesn't have a happy ending, as the ignorance from the schoolteacher, her husband, and the army of other uneducated citizens was successful. The land has not been rezoned, the solar farm has been rejected, and a moratorium has been placed on allowing any future solar panels to be installed in the town for the foreseeable future.

Spain Privatizes the Sun Solar Power Collection Tax

Solar power in Spain a lot of people are angry that spain has essentially privatize the sunday put together a consumption tax on solar power via a Royal Decree it taxes people who are gathering sunlight on the wrong in other words you can pay to have a professional installation done um up solar panels and a and a large installation with an official utility company if you choose to have the install done privately so to speak you can have to pay you can be forced to pay a fine.

Up to 30 million euros for illegally gathering sunlight without paying attacks the tax happens to be just enough to make sure that homeowners who are gathering and storing solar energy cheaper then the statesponsored providers have to pay a tax that makes it slightly more expensive completely disincentive Ising the advancement in creativity of ways to harness solar power I think this is a real problem I i understand why the government is doing it on the Secretary of State for Energy is being labeled a backup toll and it's high enough to make sure that it will be slightly cheaper to keep.

Buying energy from the current official providers I think this is a real problem I'm the equipment has decreased about eighty percent in Spain in prison terms of price to to harness solar power on your own if you were thinking this is really cheap I'm going to take advantage of this this tax essentially makes it an I know when Louis yeah I I can't believe I'm hearing this I I don't know what types have a taxes like this are at the poorest citizens a spanner are hit with but this one.

Is despicable I I can't believe this is happening I mean Europe is supposed to be the place where are the place where people are pioneering in areas like this well I understand that the economic situation in Spain is problematic right now I was just in Spain last week and talking to a lot of different people about the job situation about the economic situation I understand that but there's another subway to view this which is OK the government can can recoup or get additional tax revenues by doing this.

But the other side if it would be what about a complete energy revolution in Spain by allowing people to save the money by by doing the installations wouldn't without the statesponsored providers and turn Spain into a bastion of alternative energy over the longer term and maybe Spain maybe the economic situation is so bad that Spain can't whether the temporary loss of revenue that's going to be good for Spain in the same way that well I don't wanna make a direct comparison but that sugar cane and ethanol in Brazil has been very good for Brazil.

And I know that there's still tons of problems but so so it may not be a the best analogy but I just completely disagree that this is the best way to go about you completely disincentive Ising people from continuing to develop ways to to harness solar power more cheaply by just saying hey if you do that you can end up paying the same amount or more than if you just did the kind of tired all things going with the state providers I completely disagree with that its yeah it's a lack of foresight and let's keep in mind.

Now with solar power you it can actually pump energy that you collect from a sign back into the grid I but that doesn't really help the government the individual gets money for that well I hadn't been in the long term it it really can't in the long term a cat alright so we're gonna keep following the story there send me your thoughts there was actually a diesel tax in Finland at one point with the same idea a because diesel was providing much better gas mileage etc an additional tax that kind of took away the benefit and it just didn't make any.

Amazon Flow Uses Instant Image Recognition To Search Store

Amazon's latest app update could turn your neighborhood department store into nothing more than a highpriced show room. The update introduces Flow. It's part of Amazon's existing app, found within the search menu. When you tap on Flow, the camera activates and Flow begins to analyze the objects you put in front of it. Amazon's app has had an image recognition feature for a long time, but a writer for Gizmodo notes this is something different. The old feature was called Snap It, and required you to take a picture and then send.

It off to Amazon's servers for analysis. Which, as the writer puts it, is kind of a pain in the butt because you don't know if your image is going to work until you've actually queried Amazon. Via Gizmodo But with Flow, you'll get instant feedback. The feature is constantly pinging Amazon's servers, looking for the objects you place in front of the camera. How well does it work TIME's Harry McCracken detailed his experience with the app, and he says pretty well. It recognized most packaged items available from Amazon. It spotted an old issue of.

TPLink TLPB10400 Big Power Bank USB Portable Charger Battery Pack unboxing, review iPhone test

I've been using this TPLink Power Bank from the past 10 months and you might wonder How many times can it charge my iPhone Is it good for charging iPads How fast does it charge Lets find out in this unboxing and review! I bought this Power Bank in January 2015, for a trip I wanted to make sure we could use our iPhones all the time. My mother liked it so much I had to buy a new one for myself. This power bank is made of a.

High quality glossy plastic the finishing is awesome and, well, I love the Wiilike colors It also comes with a velvet cloth bag and a Micro USB cable. The paperwork comes in several languages and the user guide is very concise with clear instructions. The whole thing looks and feels great. Like almost all powerbanks, it doesn't come with a wall charger. Using a 2 amps brick, like the iPad's one, it takes 7 hours for its full charge. yeah, it is a big battery! Those 4 little lights indicate how the.

Charging goes during the whole time. TP Link claims this battery pack has the autonomy to charge a smartphone 3 to 5 times, depending on your phone's battery specs. And the dual USB ports can be used to charge two devices simultaneously. They also seem to take electrical safety seriously which is very good when it comes to batteries. There is only one button a quick press shows you the energy level it is full. Holding the button turns an LED flashlight ON.it might come in handy. Or not. You tell me.

I tested out how many times I could charge my iPhone exclusively with this TPLink battery which took me a whole week to find out! Every time, I waited until my iPhone 5 died. It is a fast charger to a 100 charge, it took about 2 hours. And I could do it 5 times! My estimations are that an iPhone 6 can be charged 4 times, and the iPhone 6 Plus about 3 times. Pretty much as the website claims. About iPads well, regardless the model, any iPad has a much bigger battery inside.

Even a great capacity power bank as this one can only charge iPads once, leaving, maybe, some juice to an extra single iPhone charge. So my traveling advice is use mostly the iPhone! With this power bank you can use your phone nonstop, taking as many photos and tutorials as you want you will probably get short of storage way sooner than running out of power! I also used it to power my old iPhone 4S on a long, fullday, time lapse recording session and I could power my Raspberry Pi computer.

Running MAME during 12 hours! The big capacity comes at a price it is a bit heavy and it won't go unnoticed in your pocket. There are smaller options, but they will mostly charge your phone only once. I found the TLPB10400 super trustworthy with a very fair price. I mention this because the market is flooded with really bad quality stuff, low capacity traps! Knock offs can be dangerous to you and your phone! So, don't fall for some crazy tempting supercheap deals. There is no miracle here you get what you pay for.

Unifun 10400mAh USB External Travel Battery Review

The Unifun Travel Battery is a very effective tool for anyone who is outdoors a lot doing sports, camping, hiking, travelling, or working. It's built really tough with a waterproof, dustproof, an shockproof design. The exterior is entrely hard rubber and it has a hefty weight to it. I have tested the waterproof capabilities and this charger will definitely hold up in harsh situations. The charger has two ports for output. One is 1Amp useful for a phone while the other is 2.1Amps for fast charging or charging large devices such as a tablet simultaneously. The.

Capacity is 10,400 mah which is enough to charge a huge tablet once or deliver a full charge to a smartphone several times. There is an LED status indicator to show how much power there is and if you hold the button down it will actually activate the flashlight. The flashlight is more powerful than I expected and is definitely a useful tool to have. The Unifun battery currently retails at $19.99 which is very cheap for a device that has a high capacity and is built to be very tough. I highly recommend this battery to anyone.

Seiko Watches Top 5 Seiko Automatic Dive Watches for Men

Top 5 Seiko Men's Dive Watch Number five Seiko Men's SNE107 Solar Dive Watch, Durable hardlex crystal protects watch from scratches Water resistant to 660 feet suitable for recreational scuba diving Number 4, Seiko Men's KX 1 73 Stainless Steel and Black Polyurethane Automatic Dive Watch A versatile, sporty design graces this Seiko watch whose automatic movement maintains a reliable time without me to be a battery Water resistant to 660 feet suitable for recreational scuba diving Number 3, Seiko Men's SKX781 Orange Monster Automatic Dive Watch functions without a battery winds automatically with the movement of.

Your arms One way rotating elapsed timing bezel screwdown crown and caseback, strong Hardlex crystal Water resistant to 660 feet suitable for recreational scuba diving Number 2, Seiko Men's SKX779K3 Black Monster Automatic Dive Watch quality Japanese automatic movement functions without a battery, powers automatically with the movement of your arms. Water resistant to 660 feet suitable for recreational scuba diving Number 1, Seiko Men's SKX779 Black Monster Automatic Dive Stainless Steel Watch This 21 jewel automatic watch winds itself with the motion of your wrist, so you'll never need to change the battery.

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