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Solar Pavers Home Depot

Home ProjectCalc Dimensional Math and Conversions How To

Now let me show you how to do dimensional math, conversions and area and volume on your Home ProjectCalc. It'll give you fast, accurate solutions for all the dimensional math, the feetinchfractions and all your conversion needs. We start off by clearing it. You can enter dimensions pretty much the way you say them. 12 just label it feet 7 inches and any fractions down to 64ths, just the way you write it. So let's say 716 But one thing to note is that these fractions are building fractions.

So you might not want to let your kid use this on his homework. It could adversely affect his grades. You're not locked into the feetinchfraction format. You can combine tenths and hundredths. Let's say plus 32.5 inches plus 25.25 feet minus 3 yards plus 2 meters. Hit the equal key, it'll come back in the format that you started with, which was feetinchfractions. If you want to see it in a different format like tenths and hundredths, just hit ConvFeet. There it is in tenths and hundredths, back to feetinchfractions,.

Inches and fractions, inches and decimals. Same thing with yards and meters. You can do these kind of conversions for linear values, square area values or cubic volumes. Now let's say we want to divide that by 3 for equal spacing. Divided by 3 equals 12 8 and 916. Or we can multiply this times another side say this is a patio you're going to pour. Times 12 feet 7 inches equals some square footage. You could also have it be square yards if it was flooring that you're calculating,.

Or square meters maybe, or go back to square feet. Say you're going to pour this 4 inches deep so we say times 4 inches hit equals and it would give you the number of cubic feet. 53 point something cubic feet. For concrete you would want to change that to yards, cubic yards, 1.975. You could say well I want to add plus five percent for waste. I need basically 2 cubic yards for that particular job. You can also enter if you know the square footage or cubic volume you're going to.

Work with. You can enter it directly, you don't have to calculate it. So a 10 x 10 patio you know that's a 100 square feet. So I can just hit 100 hit Feet. Press it again, it says square feet. I press Feet one more time, it'll go to cubic feet. So I can convert to cubic yards, cubic meters, cubic inches, cubic feet all day long. This is very helpful for concrete and mulch and gravel any kind of volume solutions. So that's a quick overview on the dimensional math and conversion functions.

How to Light Your Home Exterior Exterior Home Lighting Appearance

My name is Brent Shelly with Expert Village and we are talking about lighting design today. What I like to do is take your through some common residential spaces and talk about the different visual task and the different considerations that we have for those spaces. Then talk about the different typical layers that you have in those spaces and maybe some different application techniques. Let's start with outdoor lighting. As you approach the house you want to be able to create some street appeal. You want people to look at your house and see for what it.

Is. A piece of art, it is your dream home. There is some definite visual task in consideration when looking at outdoor lighting. First, and foremost is safety. You want to make sure that people are not going to trip over your steps or trip over that garden gnome. Also, security people need to feel safe as they approach your house. That is a definitely a consideration. As I stared earlier is a street appeal or creating that magic. The light in your house and your landscape like it was a piece of art or a sculptural element.

How To Choose Outdoor Pavers DIY At Bunnings

As you can see, we've got quite a few pavers here. So, the main thing to consider when choosing pavers is the type of traffic that you're going to be getting on it, if it's going to be vehicle or it's going to be pedestrian. In a vehicle situation like a driveway, stick to the solid block pavers. The type of pavers we're looking at here are rock solid. They're great for driveways and standard paved areas. With your pedestrian areas like your patios and your courtyard and around your pools, you can use a thinner grade of pavers like your sandstones, your.

Granites or, if you like, you can also use the solid blocks. The pavers that we're looking at over here, which is the sandstone pavers and the blue sand pavers, they're great for around the pool situation. Now, one thing to remember is always seal them, because it'll stop the staining and the corrosion of the actual paver itself. But, regardless of which paver you decide to use, the most important thing is the base. You must have a solid base so that the paving area will not sink. On driveways and around pool areas, stick to a concrete base. Any other area, 100 mil.

Your Space, Your Patio Cover

When you sit underneath a patio cover, it's a completely different feel than sitting out in the open. When you sit in the open, you're sitting on a stage. When I put this cover over your head, then all of the sudden it becomes your space. It creates a room for you to enjoy outside. I'm Scott Wallace, and I'm the owner and president of Cool Covers. Patio covers and home improvement products is what I've done for 30 years. We do a solid patio cover, we do the pergola, which is the slatted patio cover. A lot of people enjoy that.

I have a Solara patio cover, one that will actually open and close. It's a louvered patio cover. That's an exclusive to us. We do the fabric awnings as well. We do windows and doors, and we do siding. One of the main things we try to do, is we try to be as service oriented as we possibly can. We try to provide the very best product out there, at a very competitive price. We have a lot of experience behind what we do. We use the strongest panels we can find. We.

Kitchen Roller Shades Custom Decor

How important is your kitchen to you Is it a place of chaos and unrest where people just come and go as they please Or is your kitchen a place of peace, and tranquility Does your kitchen have too much light or too little of it Simple decorations like a SignGrafx kitchen roller shade may be able to solve all of these problems. Great lighting can affect many things. Feel like you don't have enough counter space While lighting can't give you more of it, it can help you optimize all the counter space.

That you do have, and SignGrafx kitchen roller shades can give you the amount of light you need to do just that. Our kitchen roller shades are produced on a lightweight scrim material that is white and somewhat translucent as opposed to dark opaque material. Even when the roller shade is down it gives off a glow of the color that is printed, and let's approximately 40 of the light through, filling your kitchen area with a warm, welcoming light. With the simple addition of kitchen roller shades from SignGrafx, your once drab and dreary kitchen can come alive with light and.

Energy. In fact, it may look like a completely different kitchen altogether! Never before has curtain shopping been easier. No longer are you forced to choose between just a single color, or random patterns that you see at the store. Now you can design your entire decor completely from scratch. Your kitchen's roller shades can be one color, multiple colors, wording, an image of your choosing, or anything else you can imagine and design with SignGrafx kitchen roller shades. SignGrafx kitchen roller shades, like all of our products, come with access to installation.

EasyPros Water Treatment Lineup

All EasyPro water treatments are safe for plants fish and wildlife items with the eco friendly logo are made with all natural ingredients Our water treatments are proudly made in the USA All season bacteria is active in temperatures as low as 38 degrees, for use in Spring, Summer and Fall This powerful oxygen based formula quickly lifts debris to the pond surface where it can be removed by net or skimmer All natural barley straw liquid keeps water clean and clear without messy pellets or bales Our concentrated formula clears murky water fast, it works best when paired with bacteria.

Installing Decks Building a Bamdeck Bamboo Composite Deck

Cali Bamboo is proud to introduce BamDeck Composite the ultimate in composite decking made from 100 recycled materials. That's 60 recycled bamboo fiber and 40 recycled plastic. Composite decking is in very high demand due to its strength, durability and low maintenance meaning you never have to paint or seal your deck again. BamDeck Composite is easy to install, requiring just a few common tools, and it's double sided offering 3 unique installation variations including Flat side up, for a more traditional look, Ridged side up, for maximum slip resistance, and Alternating for a unique, contemporary look.

Tools Needed To install your BamDeck Composite Decking, you'll need a circular or chop saw, a power drill, a 18 inch drill bit, some 2 and a half inch wood screws, a Philips bit, deck board installation hardware, a tape measure, pencil, some quarter inch spacers and some spare 2 by 4's cut approximately 12 inches long. Getting Started Before installing the deck boards, make sure the distance between joists is no more than 16 inches on center. For load bearing decks like ones with Jacuzzis be sure the distance between joists is 8 inches to 12 inches on center.

If your deck is being built next to an existing structure like a house, we recommend starting your first row against the structure and working your way outward. Installing The First Board While maintaining a quarter inch expansion gap, fasten one edge of the first board at each framing support joist by pre drilling a hole and using quality 2 and a half inch deck screws. Drill the first screw to the center joist, then the far ends, and lastly the joists in between. It is important that this board is straight.

And well secured. Installing The First Fastener While standing on the first deck board to keep it secure, install the provided screw at an angle through the fastener and into the joist, while keeping pressure on the fastener. Repeat this process and install a fastener, at each support joist. Make sure each fastener body is straight and vertical and securely screwed to the center of the support joist. If needed, adjust the torque setting on the screwdriver to prevent spin out of the screw head. Installing Additional Boards Place the next deck board into position against.

Fasteners. Slightly raise the outer edge of board being installed and slide the board securely onto the fastener. Check gapping between boards for consistency. If necessary, gently apply force to ensure that the board is fully seated. Continue installing planks until you reach the end of the first row. If necessary, trim the last deck plank to maintain a quarter inch expansion gap. Butting a Seam Install a small framing board 10 to 12 inches long to the joist on which the seam is going to land. Install an additional fastener into the center.

Of the newly added framing board. Your seam should lie between the joist and framing board. Trim the plank if necessary. Install both planks into respective fasteners, while maintaining a quarter inch expansion gap between planks. Be sure to install an additional faster to the framing block on both sides of each butted plank. Installing The Last Board Seat the last board onto the fasteners as usual, but secure it by pre drilling and screwing quality 2 and a half inch deck screws to the center of each framing support joist. Your BamDeck is now complete, and because.

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Electrical At The Home Depot The New EcoSmart LED

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