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Art Inspired Solar Cells MichEpedia MconneX

The solar industry is very, very focused on improving efficiency and reducing the cost. Our attempt here with this research is to propose a new way of looking at these structures and saying, well, you can use existing materials and nothing really needs to change very much. You just shape them in different ways that gives you this benefit. Kirigami is a Japanese art that's related to origami where origami is really about folding of things and kirigami is about cutting things. A colleague of mine who is an artist, Matthew Shlian, he had some interesting.

New shapes and when you pulled on the sheet of paper the cuts would sort of begin to buckle and deform in a very controlled way and so I realized at that point that we could look at that structure as a hyperminiaturized version of solar trackers. Conventional solar tracking has been used for many, many years. The mechanism itself cost quite a bit of extra money. What people end up doing as they say, well, since the mechanisms gonna cost all this extra money. we might as well put a really big panel and then eventually you end up with.

Something that's really big and really heavy. When you think about putting this type of thing on a rooftop it's very very difficult and in most cases is just purely impossible. It was a fairly lengthy process because the things that you do in paper don't automatically translate to other materials and so I started talking to my colleague, Stephen Forrest, about using some of their very high efficiency gallium arsenide solar cells. They're pretty thin, less than 2 microns thick that's ten to fifty times thinner than the thickness of a human hair. What the new design allows us.

To do in contrast to conventional tracking is it basically allows us to work with the same form factor. It doesn't catch the wind, it doesn't weigh any more than a conventional solar panel might and the thing that it buys you is that you can use less semiconductor to gather the same amount of energy. A third less material to generate the same total amount of energy that you would otherwise. Which means that in turn that I could decrease the cost of installation because there are fewer panels to install but you do require little bit of extra area. When you.

Multiply it by the total number of solar installations it's kind of like a billion dollar value proposition potentially. I guess it looks simple enough, kind of like something that you could do on your kitchen table, things don't have to be complicated for them to work. If this can be shown to be quite reliable, then the net benefit could be quite big. V.O. These candies which are already pretty soft should be about 10 to 100 times stiffer than the silicone. So the material that we're working with in the lab is really really soft.

Solarpowered color MconneX MichEpedia

Solar energy is the only energy source that we can rely on to survive in the future. We would like to maximize the utilization of solar energy so what we have achieved here is colored solar cells you know the red stripes the blue background they are actually working solar cells. You want this material semiconductor material to absorb all the light and that's why the traditional solar panel they look black. They probably can only be installed on the rooftop because nobody's going to put these black panels on the side of the building or windows.

The rooftop area is very limited, however they are huge amount of surface area on the side of the building not only the exterior but also be interior of a building. There are ambient light that we can harvest. You want a structure to be able to absorb this light but also as a decorative item. sounds of lab What differentiates our work from work in other labs around the world most of us Connor solar cells that produce color is because the material itself that is used in building the solar cell.

They are colored but the color will be depending on your viewing angle. So depending on whether you look at from the front or the sideway the color changes yeah for this type other decorative solar panel we wanted the color to be independent of your viewing angle so here we actually borrowed a new concept and that it has to do with very thin light absorbing semiconductor on top of a metal and that produce a special optical effect that allows us to make the solar panels that whose color doesn't change.

In our solar cell we actually go one step further we have two different versions one is semitransparent and it can be made in different colors as well and the other one is purely a reflective so you can make it into a picture you know for example we made a nice U of M logo. There is a tradeoff between the multifunctionality the solar cell have versus, you know, the highest efficiency one can achieve. The black solar cells absorb the whole spectrum. A colored solar cell for example it absorbs onethird.

Of the light right I'm passing the other light that I means that the solar cell efficiency maximum will be onethird of a black solar panel can produce but on the other hand by making this multifunctional I hope that it can expand the scope of applications rather than just the rooftop in a modern home we want a lot of things to be a beautiful by why not make it was on multifunctional, not only a decorative item but can also produce electric power. V.O, In a quantum computer we don't have bits of information we have something called a.

June Energy Portable solar panels

I was born and raised in Mali, West Africa from a low class family. i was born in Chittagong, Bangladesh which is the commercial capital but my father was from a very very poor village and a very poor family in Bangladesh Everything was pretty much limited. So it was tough growing up. Lack of energy everywhere. Students having no access to electricity I had to pretty much study under kerosene lamps and candlelight.... which are very harmful for the lungs and eyes as well. But I didn't have access to anything better. That was the only choice that I had.

What we have actually developed at June Energy is basically a handheld device that utilizes clean solar energy, stores it in a battery and provides light at night through cleanlighting LEDs. It also has a port on the side where you can actually plug in your any cell phone that you have and it will actually help charge your cell phone so people at nighttime can talk and keep in touch with family back in their villages. Kerosene lamps if you look at it, provides sixty lumens of light which is really not much, that's why it strains the eyes. Whereas our product, we're looking at.

Maybe giving sufficient lighting above a hundred lumens which is really ample for reading at nighttime and provides a good surface area so students can read. Currently we're in a a final revision of our beta product. On my business card. my role in June Energy is, I'm the chief technical officer but we're pretty much, everyone does everything, so I guess it's kind of a loose title. We've build a fully functional prototype and we've done a rapid prototype for the mechanical design of it and now we're just working on getting cost down actually. Our target price for our.

Target customers, which are the people in these developing areas, is around $15 or so. We were traveling back and forth to the Ross Business School, meeting MBA students from there, we went to the medical school. We talked to the health officials who told us, 'you know this energy problem It's in health care, too, because hospitals in rural areas of Africa can't operate at night because we have no lighting.' Our initial market might be like Engineers Without Borders or Peace Corps volunteers, the military is a possibility. Anywhere, any type of situation where you're in an area without electricity.

In a remote area like hiking trips and things like that. I'm really excited about our upcoming venture in Singapore, to get more involved with the manufacturing process. So our next step is to make a second trip to Africa We're definitely going to go to Kenya in the next one to two months to understand how people live there, what are the problems their really facing, and how our solution can meet and be tailored to solve their problems. I'm excited already because I think the dream is coming into reality.

As of a couple weeks ago we just were offered just over half a million dollars of venture capital investment So we're really excited about that as well. Since I was a eleven, I've had that mentality I want to do engineering and so i can give something back to the society. It's about helping people. I'm not happy with the way other people are living. Like, I see things that are happening and I'm, I don't I don't think they should live that way, you know So it's just, making a stride toward changing that.

Solar Panel Installation Ballygowan

I have a disabled child, well he's an adult now but he's only got the mental age of 18 months and I had to give up my job to look after him as things got so difficult so I'm at home all the time. Our income was cut drastically and because of the way Adam is I permanently have the washing machine and the tumble dryer on as he is double incontinent so there is a lot of washing to do. So we ended up getting electricity card reader in so that we wouldn't get a big bill every.

Quarter so we would pay for the electricity we went along and if you average it out throughout the year were probably paying about thirty pound a week so we thought we'd take a chance and ring the Electricity Board to see if there was anything but they weren't interested. Our aim is to try and reduce as many bills as possible The money that we've saved already is unbelievable and in one month we saved 50 percent and I just couldn't believe it but the other thing is you have to get your head around the idea is you only used one applicance at the time.

Solar Panels for Morgan Cottage Lets AmberGreen Solar Panels

Well the first solar panels investment we had was actually a cottage in Wales which we have that let out My wife turned around to me at the start and said what on earth are you doing spending has about 10,000 pounds investing on solar panels and then she saw the first paycheck that we got for 864 pounds and she said what's that for and I said well that's the payment from the solar panels We looked into getting two solar panel systems, one for our own home and then.

We've to had decided to invest here at pretty much the same time so here we've we've gone to the solar panels again a 6kw system catalyst system and we've gone for underfloor heating and electric underfloor heating and again with your immersion heating so this is effectively an electric house couple with that very, very, well insulated, and I think you, know you gotta have the two working hand in hand, so we have had the first winter, yet it's worked pretty well during the summer but we haven't had that much call.

On heat but it's certainly produce enough hot water after the family who live there so yeah, well find out and it will be a bit over of an experiment this first the first winter with the house being lived in You are always trying to identify your unique selling point, I think if you can sell to people that actually you're coming to a very thermally efficient home, for every bit of electricity is generated this is less of that that fuel bill so you know they don't have to pay for heating water heating and heating the house.

Build a doityourself air purifier for about $25

Music gtgt Airborne allergens can cause symptoms, and you can reduce the amount of airborne allergens in your house by using filtration systems. There's a whole array of filtration systems that can be used, from furnace filters that go on the main furnace blower to systems that you can use in a room. They range from $100 to $800 for the highend systems. And today I'd like to show you the highend system, and then also show you a homemade system that should work fairly well at home, for a fraction of the cost.

This highend system that's been on loan to us from Ann Arbor Vacuum is an $800 system that will filter virtually every particle out of the air. This particle counter is measuring particles that are.3 microns in size, and it samples every six seconds. With a system like this, you can filter out the particles and therefore and thereby reduce the allergy symptoms. So you can see we started off, I believe it was about 400,000 particles. And with this counting system, we can see that it goes down to essentially zero.

After a few seconds, after a few measurements. And now you can see we're 400, and down to zero. This is an incredibly effective, highefficiency particulate air filter, or HEPA filter. And you can see that it'll scrub the air from about 400,000 particles per cubic foot down to zero particles per cubic foot. You've seen the highend filter system now and what it can do. It's incredibly powerful. But not everyone can afford a 6 or 800dollar HEPA system. So there is something that you can do to filter your air, in a bedroom, for instance.

And this is something that you can put together with pieces from your hardware store. And what I've got here is about a 12 to 15dollar, 20inch box fan and a HEPA filter that you can buy for a furnace. So, this is a 20 by 20inch HEPA filter. And it's important that you recognize that it comes in different levels of filtration. So, a MERV 13 filter is a very highlyrated filter that'll get a lot of very small those 0.3 micron particles out of the air. So this can simply be done by putting the filter in front of the box fan,.

So the air is blowing through the filter. And I'll just tape this filter here. You can see there's a direction for the air flow marked on the side of the filter. You'll see, if you look at yours carefully. And now I'll take the same counter and count the particles coming through the system. So, our ambient count, again, is about 400,000. And I'll turn the fan on and count the particles. And we'll see how they drop. Typically, this MERV filter will cause about a 90 reduction in those small.3micron particles.

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