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Solar Panels Wholesale Australia

Hi, this is josh roelofs with fyi, an informational tutorial series from Wholesale Solar. Today, we’re going to talk about your main options for mounting your solar panels. Your three main options are IronRidge roof mount, IronRidge ground mount, and polemounted solar arrays. Your first option for installing your solar panel is to mount them on your rooftop using IronRidge XR roof mounting rails.

Mounting on your roof is the most costeffective approach because you can take advantage of that existing structure. So if you have a sunexposed rooftop that faces south or even east or west, chances are this is the ideal location to install solar panels. IronRidge has three options for the roof mounting brackets: XR10 is the first option, which is the most costeffective,.

Mainly designed for areas like arizona and southern california where there’s no snow and minimal wind load requirements. The most common option, XR100, is included in most of our systems. This is by far the most popular racking. It’s suitable for a wide range of wind and snow load requirements. IronRidge also offers their XR1000 rail, used for extreme wind and snow loads, such as hurricaneprone regions or mountainous areas with heavy snowfall.

Your next option is ironridge sga the scaleable ground array. Groundmounted arrays are ideal for homes without adequate or usable space for installing solar panels on the rooftop. The IronRidge SGA groundmounted system is a fixedangle mounting system, so you can’t adjust the tilt angle. This makes it far more costeffective compared to sun trackers and pole mounts. We supply the IronRidge SGA brackets.

You or your installer supplies the 2inch or 3inch pipe in concrete to complete the system installation. IronRidge SGA is suitable for installation in a wide range of conditions and will work in most areas in the country. Your third option for mounting brackets is a polemount system. A pole mount is another form of a groundmounted array and it relies on a single, large pipe installed in the ground, typically 4inch.

6inch or even 8inch pipe for large systems. A pole mount can accommodate anywhere from 1 up to about 16 solar panels depending on the system. Pole mounts are far more expensive, about 2x to 3x the cost compared to IronRidge SGA ground mounts. The benefit of a pole mount is the adjustable tilt angle. You can use a steep tilt angle to shed snow,.

Or to capture more winter light in far northern latitudes. Pole mounts are ideally suited for areas where you get heavy snow load, northern climates, or if you need to raise your array above snow, foliage or other obstructions on the ground. A pole mount can provide some additional clearance. So in summary, your three main options for mounting brackets are:.

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