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Solar Panels Use What Type Of Hardware

Kickstarter ReadySet Solar Kit for iPad, iPhone, Android more

Hi! My name is Mike Lin. And I'm Brian Warshawsky. And we run Fenix International, a San Franciscobased startup, where we make renewable energy products for emerging markets. Our first product, the ReadySet, is a renewable energy system that can be charged from solar panels, bicycle generators, or even grid electricity. An estimated 1.5 billion live off the grid, without access to electricity. Incredibly, 600 million use cell phones even while lacking the power to keep their phones charged. They also burn kerosene for lighting, which is dirty, dangerous, and expensive.

We designed the ReadySet to make it easy to start an offgrid phone charging business, as well as provide clean and safe electric lighting. I was able to collect 100,000 from the charging of people's phones last month. Since we launched the ReadySet in Africa, many of our friends have been asking us, when they'll be available here in the US. We're happy to announce, the time is now. While we designed the ReadySet for the developing world, there are just as many applications for the ReadySet here at home. Each ReadySet Kit includes a 15 Watt solar panel,.

A grid charger, an LED light, and a universal clip charger, that can charge lithium ion batteries for nearly any camera or cell phone. We built the ReadySet to power countless devices, from its 2 USB ports and 2 car lighter adaptor ports. You can use the ReadySet to create a lowcarbon digital lifestyle, by powering your iPad, iphone, or Android devices with solar power. If you like the outdoors, you can use the ReadySet to power your campsite, by running lights, speakers, and other devices while you're off the grid.

In case of an emergency, like an earthquake, hurricane, or snow storm, the ReadySet can provide vital backup power for communications, flashlights, portable radios, and even a wifi hotspot. These applications are just the start. We've designed the ReadySet with an open standard input to enable users to design their own sources of power generation, like a microwind turbine our interns designed last summer. We're publishing a power API, and launching an online platform to allow makers and hackers to collaborate and to develop new hardware applications for the ReadySet. Together, we can create ReadySet applications that are useful here at home,.

And hopefully power sustainable development in emerging markets as well. So Kickstarter, here's what we need from you. In order for us to bring the ReadySet to the US and support our developer community, we need 100 of you to buy a ReadySet now. By funding our Kickstarter, you can show your support for renewable energy, and help us in our mission to deliver power to the 1.5 billion people who live without electricity. Check back here for new tutorials and updates, and help us spread the word. Thank you very much for your support.

What is industrial automation

What is industrial automation Industrial automation adds intelligence to a process. If you're manufacturing solar cells, or if your job is to control the quality of your city's drinking water, or even if you are making beer you're using a process to do it. Of course, you can make great beer by hand. But, if you want to make a lot of beer or produce beer of the same quality time after time, you'll probably need to automate the process. Suppose you have a large tank of water you draw from. You could have a person fill up.

The tank when it gets too low. But a person might get distracted and forget to turn the water off. Or you could automate the process by Installing a tank level sensor and a pump, plus a controller that monitors the sensor and turns the pump on or off. The controller responds in milliseconds and works 24 hours a day. Automation isgreat when you need to do something a human can'tlike lift heavy things or work in extreme temperatures, or monitor a huge bank of sensors without rest. At Opto 22 we make automation hardware and software to help industries around the globe.

Is Kubuntu Better than Ubuntu

Is Kubuntu better than Ubuntu Ubuntu with the KDE is Kubuntu. Whether you consider Kubuntu or Ubuntu better depends in part on which desktop environment you prefer. I'd like better performance. Some people can't stand the Unity interface, given its Amazon ads and Windows tablet look. Whereas KDE is less cluttered. It also a lighter desktop. I don't notice the difference in color, though I'm sure it is there. Kubuntu uses a less graphics intensive user interface, so it uses less RAM and active computing power to run the menus, icons and notifications.

I didn't notice that. Kubuntu's lighter GUI also means that it needs less memory overall to exist on your computer. Ubuntu is already pretty light on the OS, compared to things like the iOS or Windows. Everything is light compared to Windows. But Kubuntu developers selected a number applications that use less memory and resources than the ones on the Ubuntu OS, so it needs even less to run. I wouldn't think that it would make the system that much faster. If you're running bioinformatics software on a standard PC or high end gaming on an.

Older PC, Kubuntu might be light enough to make an average PC's performance rival a high end one. I've heard of older PCs being given Linux to run like a high end PC. And Kubuntu is light enough to keep a 486 PC alive. Bringing back old hardware from the dead is an interesting way to make a living. Consider it the ultimate in green IT, along with one of the cheapest ways to refurbish hardware just by changing out the OS. I'll just say cheaper than trying to install enough solar cells to run a data center.

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