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Solar Panels Use Water

Climate change is a reality. We see that we are already on a one degree centigrade increase in the global temperature and with that, I think it’s clear that a company like ours needs to be part of finding the solution. The energy of the future is going to be about millions of homes making energy not big, coalfired power stations. We would like to be part of the solution because we know that if we roll up our sleeves we can have a positive impact on people around the planet. We have said that by 2020 we would like to produce the same amount of energy as the total that IKEA consumes.

It’s really cool, I think. I’m very proud to be part of coleading that agenda together with my 160,000 coworkers. We see that an IKEA branded Solar Shop in the stores is really attracting our consumers and this is exactly where we at IKEA can tap in with offering a really good product at a good price, with good solutions, good support and good service. When you buy nearly a million solar panels you get a pretty good price and we thought we could do a fantastic offer for our customers where they could participate in this as well. And people are looking with solar, where can they buy, who’s a trusted brand that I can buy from?

So we’ve started pilots and now we’re rolling out into more and more countries. It’s not only about saving money, which is probably one of the main reasons to do it as a customer, but also for us the more solar panels we put into the market, the more we contribute to a better world. Solar is the most democratic form of energy source, everyone can produce his own energy. We at IKEA Switzerland are proud to give the many people access to the future of renewable energy. So let’s go allin and let’s just see how many roofs we can convert into power stations. My name is Ian Gumbs. Solar energy means that my bills are a lot lower.

I’m glad we went with IKEA. Because it’s a company or a name you know, you tend to trust it more and I am an easy sell, the wife is very much a hard sell. She trusted them and Kim doesn’t trust anyone. The guys who came in and did the fitting were very professional, very courteous. Definitely, I would recommend IKEA. Here we have our monitoring unit. It tells you what you’re using, what you’re generating and what you’re exporting. We use very little power coming from the grid and we also export power back to the grid,

so you get a long term and a short term benefit. It’s the future. What we get back from our customers is fantastic proudness. They’re super proud that they can convert their rooftops into power stations and they can do it in a sustainable way. They are really contributing to a better planet so it’s a winwinwin proposition..

Using solar power to purify water

This technology is the product of six years of research on solar powered clean water systems at MIT. Each system is optimally configured from low cost, commercially available components using our analytical

tools and software. This ensures that customers receive the best systems for their locations, input water chemistries and daily demands. Each system uses a microcomputer so it operates effectively under varying conditions automatically.

This enabled end user operation with limited attention. To demonstrate the effectiveness outside of the lab, the MIT team, with the support of the Kellogg Foundation, installed a prototype system in a remote Mayan farming village in the

center of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. This unit fits into a small garden shed, however it can produce enough drinking water for a village of about 450 people. The system can purify captured rain water, pond water,

or brackish well water. All these have substantial dissolved solids and biological contamination. The water produced meet international water quality standards. The system is configured from easily serviced or replaced

components. It is powered by solar panels. Water purification is an energy intensive process. Solar powered water is under two pesos per 20 liter bottle. Commercially available drinking water costs 25 pesos, and is only available

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