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Solar Panels Reviews Adelaide

Bills are here, bills are there . . . everywhere . . . yeah! oh what a pain in the bum! Are you battling rising power costs? Did you miss the solar tariff deadline? Do you still think solar is affordable? Don’t Stress we have the answer! With a new Bill Matching Solar Plan from Solar Coach You can now eliminate up to 60% of your electricity bill from only $6 a day! A Bill Matching Solar Plan keeps the cost of your electricity bill at or below current inflation for years to come saving you tens of thousands of dollars.

The grey line indicates what you’re paying for power right now . . . and what you’ll be paying for power in the future based on current price increases. Scary I know! The yellow bar is the cost of your ‘Bill Matching Solar Plan’ which you pay each week. You’ll notice that it’s lower than what you’re paying for electricity right now . . . The red bar shows your reduced power costs over time that your new solar system provides.

For you. and you’d have to be blind not to see that you can save thousands of dollars with this program . . . Sorry Stevie! And the best part is? Your total costs for your ‘Bill Matching Solar Plan’ and your remaining power costs are at or below what you’re paying for electricity right now so your cash flows remain the same how good is that!.

Still hungry for more? For just a few dollars a day more you can get a market leading Solar Heat Pump for your hot water reducing your hot water costs by as much as 65%! Plus we’ll refit your home using the latest LED lighting technology which last up to 10 times longer than traditional globes and can save you up to 75% of your lighting costs! So how does it work?.

Simply book a time to talk to a solar coach on 1300 309 1′ or visit the website! On your first coaching call we’ll help you work out what size system you need for your particular circumstances. We’ll then organise a Free Energy and Safety Audit with one of our qualified inspectors. They’ll check your roof to make sure its suitable for solar, have a look at refitting your home for LED lighting and they’ll also check to make sure your switch board and that your smoke alarms are all up to standard.

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