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Solar Panels Price List China

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you the truth about silver. Today is Saturday 28th November 2015 and we are asking the question will the solar industry (or Photovoltaics ) prove to be the saviour for Silvers future? Yesterday the silver price closed at $14.10 some 10 cents up on the week, but some 22 cents down on its week high, having entered into the late $13s during the course of the day. Technical analysts are predicting that silver is still in its bearish downtrend.

And may very well see $13.80 very shortly. gold prices are also lower closing on friday at $1050 some $20 down on the week. Any further downtrend will certainly put silver prices at risk of reaching new yearly lows, given their correlation to gold prices. There is no strong economic data due next week save the US NonFarm Payrolls Report which is due on Friday 4th December. So what is going to turn this silver downtrend around? Well apart from any potential for global economic.

Collapse or significant war event, which may result in silver prices rising on the back of gold demand, many commentators see that the future demand for solar panels could be the answer for silvers revival. Most listeners to this channel are aware that silver is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat, which makes it an essential input in the solar panel industry. Photovoltaics (PVs) are what form the backbone of a solar panel and these PVs use a fair amount of silver as a semiconductor. According to Thomson.

Reuters interim silver market review, on 17th november 2015, demand for silver in photovoltaic cells is expected to increase by 17% this year alone. According to pureenergies the following 12 countries had the highest installed capacity of solar PV power in 2014 and we quote it in this order: Germany 1st; followed by: China; Italy; Japan; United States; Spain; France; Australia; Belgium; United Kingdom; India; and the Czech Republic. Now its China, the number 2 in the list.

We wish to draw to your attention. according to reuters on the 8th october 2015, China has raised its solar power installation target for 2015 by 30 percent from its previous goal. China installed 7.73 GW capacity in the first six months of 2015, and according to the National Energy Administration China will add another 5.3 GW installed capacity of solar power stations this year, on top of an earlier national target of 17.8 GW . Now this is the interesting part:.

On 17th november 2015 cnbc issued an article entitled: how a global solar drive will boost silver prices and it quoted Londonbased Capital Economics Simona Gambarini who said: While the solar industry just accounts for just 6 per cent of overall physical silver demand now, global solar capacity is growing at an average rate of 53 percent a year in the last decade, underscoring future growth potential. About 2.8 million ounces of silver are needed to generate one gigawatt of electrical.

Capacity from solar energy. china is likely to account for about half of the growth in solar panel production in the next few years, she said. The country will also increase its installed solar capacity more than five times from 2014 to 2020. Now according to pureenergies China produced 18.3 GW of energy last year and if we use this figure as the base, an increase of 5 times 18.3 = 91.5 GW; having already mentioned that currently 2.8 million ounces of silver are necessary to produce each gigawatt, then.

We are looking by 2020 of a potential increased usage of some 205 million ounces of silver for China alone. With 2014 mine production standing at 844 million ounces and not expected to rise dramatically if at all for the next 5 years, this represents approximately 24% of likely mine supply. Now if one were to add to this the continuing demand for solar power from the other 11 countries already mentioned plus increasing demand from emerging countries such as Brazil and Malaysia coupled with the International communities.

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