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Solar Panels Portland Oregon

Cali Bamboo Project of the Month Carl M. Portland, Or.mp4

Carl M. had a great experience working with our sales rep Eric who gave helpful tips on how to make the fence last for years to come. Every inch of his home improvement project was done with quality, energyefficiency and the environment in mind. Carl fenced in his resortstyle backyard with Black Pictureframe bamboo fencing. We think the black bamboo compliments Carl's clean lines and modern dcor nicely. The rest of Carl's house boasts a solar energy system, energyefficient radiant heating in the floors, spray foam insulation and Energy Star appliances.

South Portland business owner tells of solar savings


Community Shared Solar with Solarize

We have found that a lot of people want to do solar, but they don't know where to get started. Shots of installers. Rahr appears onscreen. Rahr What the Solarize program did is it accelerated our installation rates by accelerating the process and reducing the cost. Jason Coughlin Project Leader for Solar Markets and Finance, National Renewable Energy Laboratory appears onscreen. Coughlin The Solarize program is a group buy concept whereby neighbors come together and collectively purchase residential PV installations for their rooftops. Montage of installers placing solar panels on a residential rooftop.

Coughlin It's an old concept of coming together, power in numbers, and in this case, we're applying it to the concept of rooftop solar. Various shots of installed panels on residential tooftops. Rahr appears onscreen. Rahr For the homeowner, it gives them the comfort and confidence they need to move forward with a solar installation. Greg Harr Solarize Participant appears onscreen. He is standing in front of his home, which has several solar panels installed on its roof. Harr The biggest benefit for us in participating in the Solarize program was the reduced cost.

Of group buying power that the Solarize program provided. I mean, we were able to go with a much larger system, I think 27 total panels, because we were able to get some of that reduced pricing. Pete Edling Solarize Solar Contractor appears onscreen. He is sitting on a roof to his right, a worker is installing solar panels on the roof. Montage of rooftop panel installation. Edling Because the Solarize campaigns are pretty intense through the interview, it takes a more successful and hardworking business to pull through and prove to the committees, the Solarize committees, that we're going.

To stand behind our work, and we're going to do a great installation, and we're going to offer 100 customer satisfaction. Shots of residential rooftop panels. Coughlin appears onscreen, followed by shots of the Solarize Guidebook. Coughlin So the Solarize Guide basically walks a community interested in creating a Solarize program through the various steps, you know, soup to nuts, if you will, on how to create a Solarize program. So what we've tried to do with the guide is create a case study approach so that communities can learn from one another, can share ideas. We're.

Beginning to see companies and workplaces offering the Solarize as an employee benefit. Various screenshots of the Solar Benefits Colorado Program website are shown onscreen. Coughlin And so while it's not a neighborhood in the strictest sense, it's a community where you can get the similar strength in numbers and economies of scale. Coughlin appears onscreen. Coughlin You create a winwin with your employees with a lower entry point, if you will, for a residential rooftop solar installation at the same time, you create a list of hot leads for a solar installer.

Shots of residential rooftop panels. Rahr appears onscreen. Rahr The SunShot Initiative allowed us to take what was a pilot, Solarize Portland in 2009, and allowed us to take that to scale. Coughlin appears onscreen, followed by a map of the United States of America. SunShot logos appear on the map to denote Solarize locations in Oregon, California, Vermont, Washington, Arizona, Colorado, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin. Coughlin We're seeing it blossom across the country I could rattle off cities from Seattle to Tucson, to Denver, to Boston, to Madison, Wisconsin. I think what we've created is this.

Idea of strength in numbers, a good deal, and a limited time to act on it, and when you bring that together in the case of solar, you bring people off the fence and into the marketplace very quickly. Shots of solar installation on Harr's roof. Harr appears onscreen, followed by a shot of an electricity meter. Harr We've had the system for a little over a year, and we've generated over 10 megawatthours of electricity, the large majority of which goes back to the grid. Shots of solar installation on Harr's roof, followed by Harr standing in front of his.

Senergy Most important factors in solar PV power generation

What's the most important factors in Solar PV Power Generation Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation considers the following factors for Economic Feasibility The Amount of Solar Irradiation The Installation Price The Price of Electricity National Subsidy programs and so on Commonly low latitude regions are more favorable for Solar Power Generation than higher latitude regions because of the mild and stable condition of the atmosphere. If we can have enough hours of sunlight we need to select equipments such as Modules, Inverters, Installation structures and so on. Price of each equipment varies with contries and manufacturers.

In addition to this equipment price you can calculate overall profitability by checking governmental subsidies and the price of electricity Then will it be the best choice to have the equipment with the cheapest price Quality Module holds the largest portion in the total cost of the system Modules have different quality and efficiency by manufacturers Bad system compatibility may result a loss of electricity during Power Generation Also modules are exposed in external environment for all times. Heavy snow Hail Sandstorm Wind Salinity or damaged Modules may cause an efficiency drop or system failure.

Check the certificate mark to know whether the component is eligible for your site. Operation Maintenance As time goes on Module efficiency may drop gradually However if it shows a sharp decline Profitability will also be affected Consider whether it guarantees stable efficiency for more than 20years, and how fast they provide services for troubles. In case, it doesn't make enought profit we'll provide a appropriate service such as replacing the detective Module or analizing the cause for trouble shooting. Experience Any location can be the place for Solar PV Power Plant such as.

Deserts Mountains Oceans Ships Buildings and even anywhere in the universe. In this diverse environment it's hard to show stable performances First Generation companies produce qualified products suitable for different situation and environment. They have enough skills and technologies to cope with various situations with accumulated data for more than 20years experience. And it enables to have confidence for the quality and guarantee for the product in the rapidly changing Solar market circumstances Balance is SENERGY's best value to pursue. Not to be biased Stable quality and service from every aspect.

SEA Energy Storage Systems

Jeff Chan works in a downtown Portland Oregon laboratory, what he's tinkering with may not look all that special but the contraption in the glass box he is tending to has the potential to radically change the way we store and use energy in this country. It's called the Redox Flow Battery and it's the brainchild of Craig Evans. The main product of our battery is water. That's right, water. Along with table salt and iron chips, forming a brandnew type of battery for large industrial scale storage of electricity. And so when you look at lithium ion batteries, or you look at your lead acid.

Batteries that you would typically use your car, their very expensive and they don't have long life. And so when you are doing grid scale storage You want something that is going to operate for twenty years, and it's going to be very inexpensive to put in. You're going to have a quick pay back and so, irons cheap, and Redox Flow Batteries is something that's scalable for the grid, and so the two married together are perfect pair. The Redox Battery can allow electric utilities to store excess energy on a massive scale when production is high and then use that.

Energy when production is low saving money and energy. But first Craig must prove the technology works, which he has, and can be scaled up to work in realworld situations, which he and cofounder Julia Song are in the process of doing. But Craig's idea and his company might never have existed had he not lost his job a few years ago and then happened on a program run by the State of Oregon Employment Department called SelfEmployment Assistance WorkSource Employment this is Pat may I help you Pat Sanderlin helps run the program, it works like this,.

Someone has lost their jobs through no fault of their own applies to the program, the person supplies a business plan and other key information and if Pat the other technicians agree, the claimant can continue receiving unemployment checks, doesn't have to look for work, and can pocket any money they make by starting their own business. Pat says to good deal for the State too They took all the risk, they put their money into it, you know, we simply paid them the unemployment that they would have gotten any way,.

Maybe to look for jobs that they would never have found. But that's not the only benefit, Jacob and Sean are two of Energy Storage System's 9 employees. Craig Evans took the money received for unemployment and used it to help hire staff taking more men and women of the unemployment lines, effectively multiplying the effects of the SEA program. It feels good to be able to higher mechanical engineers that are degreed that are having a hard time time finding work. Back to Jeff Chan at the Energy Storage Systems lab, the company's landed some.

Joint BioEnergy Institute

The world runs on fuel. The key questions are where will the transportation fuels of the future come fromfossil sources or a renewable ones how much will they cost Just as important, will be would be possible to make plastics and everything else we currently produce from a barrel of oil from a clean, sustainable substitute Now after eight years, we think we are closing in on some answers. Here at the Department of Energy's Joint BioEnergy Institute which we called JBEI for short our teams the scientists are using chemical.

Engineering systems biology, and genomics tackle these tough questions. The results are very promising. We've developed new ways to transform sugars from nonfood plants and other forms of biomass into clean transportation fuels for cars, trucks and airplanes. We've managed to reduce the cost of a gallon in advanced, sustainable, dropin biofuel from $400,000 to $6. Soon we will get it under $4 per gallon, making it costcompetitive with fossil fuels with minimal impact on the environment. The science behind this progress is a team effort. JBEI is a multiinstitutional.

Partnership between national laboratories and research universities, located in a hightech corridor in the San Francisco Bay Area. The first that in producing low carbon intensity biofules is to develop feedstocks that yield high amounts of sugars, require little fertilization or irrigation, and do this on land that's not suitable for growing food crops. When we produce biofuels, we also produce some waste streams. We've learned that if we turn these organic byproducts into a liquid solvent and then use it to pretreat our feedstock, we can generate a reusable process stream that's a green, elegant,.

And cost effective solution to a big problem. JBEI's fuel synthesis scientists tackle one of the biggest challenges making sure that the liquid fuels required by today's trucks, ships and planes can be replaced by a biofuel suitable to power global commerce and transportation. We've developed microbes that can digest switchgrass and convert its sugars into all three of these commercial transportation fuels. We've had other successes too from energy patents and startups to partnerships with Fortune 500 companies and educational programs that are inspiring and training the next generation energy researchers. Developing costcompetitive and.

NASAs Solar Dynamics Observatory Reveals Giant Plasma Flows on Sun

Fortyfive years ago, back in 1968, two solar researchers George Simon and Nigel Weiss suggested that there ought to be these big giant cell flows on the sun. In 1975, just a few years after that, I was a summer intern at what was then called Sacramento Peak Observatory in Sunspot New Mexico and my advisor that summer was George Simon. So I show up at the beginning of the summer and George says Let's go look for giant cells. Unfortunately, we didn't have the data at the time so we, I.

Spent much of the summer trying to figure out what they were and how we might try to find them. Over the years, I've developed techniques for trying to pull them out of the data, and the problem is these are really slow flows compared to everything else on the surface of the sun, normally 1020 miles an hour when things are going around thousands of miles an hour. So they're very difficult to see. Come ahead to this summer, I had a summer intern this summer. Owen Coldgrove shows up and my student Lisa Upton.

And I tell Owen Let's go look for giant cells. So we spent the summer doing just that. The first half of the summer, unsuccessfully. We tried a technique that I had literally spent decades developing and it really didn't work. So we tried another technique and first time, Owen came up to my office after running the programs over the night and when we looked at the data and we figured nah, this is it, we got it. We could see these big flow patterns on the surface of the sun that were persisting.

For months so we knew at that point, no we've got this. After 45 years of many people looking for it we finally found them. It was incredibly exciting to find these features on the sun. When we first found them, Owen and Dave and I were sitting in Dave's office and we were looking at the latest set of data that we had run the analysis on, and when the picture popped up on the screen, we knew immediately exactly what we had found and it was highfives all around.

It was just such a thrilling experience to find these features that had been sought after for such a long time. One hope is that by tracing these flows and seeing how they're related to the emergence of sunspots, that we may get a better handle on that, predicting sunspots. But we know, just from how other flows move magnetic fields around on the surface of the sun, that these flows will do that as well, and that influences the sunspot cycle how big the next cycle's going to be, it.

Portland Energy Conservation, Inc. Energy Champion 2011, SDGE Energy Showcase, Energy Efficiency

Narrator PECI A vendor striving to help customers navigate and realize energy efficiency opportunities through technical expertise and a methodical approach. Phil Welker We have an inform to invest process that we use for customers, where we bring them the right kind of information at the right time. So they can make, sequentially, the right kind of investment decisions. So they can make easy decisions up front, when they see their success, they can make more substantial investment decision and see the benefits as they go along each step. Kimberly DiCello So we actually walk the site, and identify all of those measures and opportunities.

And we use proprietary software to calculate the savings. It's important that we understand, not only all of the technologies and products that are available to customers to help in saving energy, but that we're also very familiar with and experts in working with the rebate and incentive programs that are available to customers and helping to educate them. In the past year we've worked a lot with lighting technologies. There's a lot of different products that are now available for customers, especially grocery stores. With the LED case lighting and the LED lighting that goes over the produce.

And the wine sections of the stores. We also work with a lot of refrigeration measures, putting in energy efficient motors, controls work, replacing compressors, condensers. We've seen great results, really impressive results and a lot of our customers not only are saving a lot of money on their energy expenses, but they also see reduced costs in their maintenance. And a lot of the new technologies that we have, have a long lifetime, and customers, not only aren't paying for the maintenance, but also don't have to worry about putting any time and energy into it.

Faces of the Recovery Act Sun Catalytix

DANIEL NOCERA I started this project 25 years ago, and I was always interested in solar fuels and sunlight that power the world. When we figured out how to split water and basically use the sunlight to split water to make a solar fuel, that's exactly what photosynthesis does. The day we made that discovery, at first we didn't believe it. It was too good to be true. Sunlight plus water makes fuel. So what does that mean It means when the sun is on all the time, you can use it directly, but then the sun goes down. You can't use.

The sun anymore. So if I could store the sun in terms of a fuel, then at night when the sun goes down, I can use the sun effectively. Sun Catalytix is the company that's taking that discovery to a real, live technology. What we've done is we just basically make sunlight available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Where Sun Catalytix is headed is that your house would become its own power station and gas station. All of a sudden you don't need any more energy from anybody else because.

You're using the sun at your house. We've made the discovery. We know the science works. We've even made prototypes, but what we're really doing with the ARPAE money is taking the prototype and saying, that's no good enough just to have a prototype. We need to make sure it's robust and lowmaintenance. What a lot of the venture capital companies are doing now is saying, well, ARPAE just went through a peerreview process, where they decided what are some of the most promising technologies, so no surprise ARPAE in some ways has been the seed fund for getting a.

Green Gym At Church

Lydia Lanni What are we going to do Darron Gibson Is that what we're going to do. Whoa! Lydia Lanni I don't know! I got to sit down. Darron Gibson Me too. Lydia Lanni Cass Community they have a green gym, and in those gyms they have bikes. While you're pedaling, you are creating energy. Stacy Leigh What they are essentially doing in this room will help power the machines in the mud mat room, operated by homeless guys who are part of a vocational training program. Faith Fowler The second room is a document destruction or.

Shredding room where we employ 50 developmentally disabled people to sort and shred paper and cardboard and Xrays. I'm Faith Fowler, senior pastor at Cass Community United Methodist Church and executive director at Cass Community Social Services in Detroit. At least three groups of people pedal the bikes here at the green gym some are residents, people formally living on the streets and now living in our transitional shelter. Darron Gibson Well when I'm working out it's really a lot of fun. It's keeping me working on my cardiovascular. It's a dual purpose.

Marcellus Sabra I work in the mud mat assembly room, where we actually take tires, used tires out of the community, and we bring them back here and we make mud mats out of them, like door mats. Faith Fowler So the fact that Cass is able to pick up the tires at no cost to the city, 17,000 so far, and actually turn that into jobs and keep them out the landfill is a terrific proposition. The second group is the staff of Cass. Very often they come over on lunch hours or after work.

Or before work. music The last group of people are all volunteers. We see 5,000 volunteers a year here. Lydia Lanni The cool thing about this part of Cass' ministry it's building pride for people. It's not about giving a hand out it's about helping and building up people. Delano Gayles I dream to start my own family and have my own house, you know be on my own one day. Andre Jones You know since I have been here I have been learning how to become a man.

So it's giving my integrity back, my dignity back and pride back. Marcellus Sabra They put me in a place where I can sit down and actually evaluate my situation in life. I feel I'm on the right track and I feel like I just need to stay on that same track. Stacy Leigh Most of my guys, two years ago they were on the streets, they were probably using. They were probably suffering from untreated mental illness and today these guys are on the front lines of the green revolution, and they're also learning skills.

Referral Solar Panels Portland, OR

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