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Solar Panels Plus

Here at the alte store, we sell several quality brands of solar panels. I wanted to share with you 3 reasons that make SolarWorld brand of solar panels so darn cool. Number 1 SolarWorld has been manufacturing solar panels in the USA for 40 years. Theyve been making panels in the USA since 1975. Yes, making solar in the USA since 1975, the same year that BIC invented disposable razors, Sony introduced Betamax tutorialtapes,.

And ‘one flew over the cuckoo’s nest’ won the oscar for best picture. As of now, in 2015, they employ over 1300 people in America. Thats 1300 jobs in the US clean energy market! Number 2 SolarWorlds solar panels are really strong. Their new version 4 frame provides increased load ratings, reduces the impact of scratches, and drains water faster. As a result, you can mount the solar panels.

In any orientation, portrait or landscape, and it can withstand a static load of up to 113lbs per square foot. SolarWorld voluntarily puts their panels through extreme tests that go far beyond what is required by international standards. They test for hail, salt spray, snow and wind load. They repeatedly drop a 99pound, leadfilled sack from a height of four feet onto the middle of vertically positioned solar panels. They put their solar panels through extreme.

Temperature fluctuations in order to emulate 25 years of weather changes. In the climate chamber, they cycle from 40 degrees to 185 degrees Fahrenheit . Not just the for required 200 cycles, but 9,125 cycles. Number 3 You get more than you pay for. SolarWorld plus sorts each solar panel off the assembly line. What that means is every single panel gets tested under standard test conditions.

They get sorted in 5 watt increments, always rounded down. So if a panel measures at 264 watts, it will go into the 260 watt bin, it doesnt round up to 265 watts. If it is 269 watts, then it goes into the 265 bin. So you are guaranteed to get at least the rated wattage, not plus or minus, only plus or equal to. Their efficiency has gotten so good, that they are are currently making solar panels of up to 340 watts!.

Solarworld solar panels come standard with a 25year linear power performance guarantee. This guarantees that for 24 years, the solar panels will not lose more than 0.7% of their rated power output a year, and after 25 years, still output at least 82% of their initial power. And even after the first twenty five years, the solar modules will keep producing solar power for decades. Look for more details on the SolarWorld solar panels on our site.

Ring Solar Panel Review Stick Up Cam Update

What’s up guys! It’s Chris Majestic here with Majestechs. You remember a few months ago I did a review on the Ring Stick Up Cam. Today with me I have what’s called the Ring Solar Panel. This is going to be an accessory for the Stick Up Cam so we’re going to go ahead and check this thing out today so stay tuned.

So if you haven’t already go ahead and check out the stick up cam review i did a few months ago. I went into detail in that review. I’m not going to go into too much detail about the Stick Up Cam here but just really quickly. It’s basically a surveillance camera. They call it the Stick Up Cam because it’s batteryoperated and it’s wireless, it’s going to connect to Wifi and you can put it wherever you want.

The only real downside was that it didn’t have live tutorial ondemand. Most people would just expect to go on your phone to view the live tutorial feed to see what’s going on. The Stick Up Cam wouldn’t allow that before. It would remain in standby mode until it sensed motion, then it would connect to Wifi, and then push the tutorial.

They did this to conserve battery life since a constant wifi connection would put a strain on the battery. However, through a recent firmware update earlier this year Ring released Live View for the Stick Up Cam, and to address the possible issues with battery life, they introduced the Ring Solar Panel. So the solar panel is going to keep it constantly powered because it’s getting sunlight during.

The day and charging it at night, which allows you to have constant power so you don’t drain your battery. The price of the Solar Panel is a separate $49 so you’re looking at around $248 to get both of these together. Even though it is connected to Wifi now and you have Live View, the only downside is that it does take a little while for the tutorial to pop up once you hit the Live View button.

In my case, in most instances it took about 15 seconds, sometimes a little bit longer. So that’s something they’ll probably fix in the future but right now it does take a little while for it to come up so you have to be patient with it. As far as the design goes it’s a pretty basic solar panel design. It’s just going to come with a little slot for you to slide the mount into it and the mount is going to have a couple of screw holes for you to mount it to a wall.

It also comes with a nonremovable microusb cable that has a little rubber piece on the end to help make it weatherresistant. And just like the Ring Doorbell and the Stick Up Cam the Solar Panel is covered for theft. That was one of the major selling points for me, especially putting it somewhere where it can easily be reached. This is definitely a oneofakind camera on the market here.

It was already oneofakind to begin with but now you can just put up the solar panel right along side it and you can put it wherever you want and not have to worry about it. You’ve got your Live View, you’ve got motion detection and it works really well. I have no major issues with it. Alright guys thanks for watching the tutorial. Hopefully you found it helpful.

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