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Solar Panels 10 things you need to know Tutorial 25 solarwindheat

Here are 10 things that you need to know. It's about light, not heat. It can be overcast and the panels still generate electricity. In summer you generate more money because the days are longer and brighter but even in the winter your panels still work for you. Solar panels are suitable for the vast majority of homes and businesses across the whole of the U.K. as long the roof is structurally sound. Electricity is created by the solar panels during daylight hours. The electricity is not 'stored' in batteries. It's a boiler sized device called an inverter that converts the energy from the panels so it can be used.

The inverter is usually fitted in your loft or garage. Here's how you make money and you save money. You are paid by your electricity supplier for every unit you generate. The amount you are paid for each unit is called the 'generation tariff'. Whilst you're producing electricity during daylight hours you are allowed to use as much of it as you want for FREE! Electricity that you generate but don't use, you export back to the grid. You get paid for this too! This is called the 'export tariff'. Whenever your panels are not generating enough electricity for your home or business.

You draw electricity from the grid as normal. Your generation tariff and export tariff are set and paid under the government's feedin tariff FIT scheme. Your tariff rates are guaranteed in UK law for 20 years. They are also index linked, which means they go up in line with inflation. You receive your income every 3 months, into your bank account or by cheque, whichever suits you. It's paid by an electricity provider of your choice from the Ofgem list. You will still receive an electricity bill for the electricity you draw from the grid.

Solar Panels Solar for your business Tutorial 55 solarwindheat

Solar for your business There are 3 huge benefits to your business when you install electricity generating solar panels 1.It's an additional income stream which generates a very healthy 1014 R.O.I. 2.It reduces overheads costs and protects you from escalating energy bills. If you're a big user of electricity during daylight hours, the savings will be very significant. 3.It reduces your carbon footprint and improves your green credentials. And here are a few other things that you need to know The advantage of business installations is that there's usually more space to install.

More panels which generates more income. You don't need planning permission, although permission from your council may be required if your building is listed or in a conservation area. If permission is needed then we can provide assistance. However large, we can install it. A 50kW system of 200 panels will only take us a week to fit. As part of our free survey we'll check with your electricity provider to ensure they can accommodate your installation. So installing solar gives you a 1014 R.O.I, significantly reduced overheads and green credentials.

Solar Panels Understanding the numbers Tutorial 35 solarwindheat

Understanding the numbers When we do your free survey we'll provide you with a full breakdown of the numbers and explain everything. But for now, let's look at an example estimate to understand the headline numbers. Number of solar panels 16. The more panels you can fit on your roof, the more electricity you can generate, the more money you can make. Size of system 4 kW. A 16 panel 4 kW system is estimated to produce 3,400 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. This would satisfy the needs of an average household.

Cost 5,985. This is the total cost, supplied, installed and certified. There are no hidden extras. VAT is only charged at 5 as it's a green product. We feel it's important to let you know that the inverter will last about 10 years and at that point you will need around 800 to replace it. Electricity bill savings per year 260. This is based on the assumption that you use half the electricity that you generate. Remember though, you are allowed to use all the electricity you generate during daylight hours for free,.

And if you do the higher your savings will be. Total financial benefit over 20 years 22,200. This is the sum total of your income plus your savings. We are members of The Renewable Energy Consumer Code RECC and follow their strict code of practice to calculate your financial returns. This code is backed by the The Trading Standards Institute. This income is tax free for homeowners. Total financial benefit per year 1,100. So on average, you'll benefit by over 1,000 tax free per year. Payback time of your investment 6.5 years.

Solar Panels Installing solar, what happens Tutorial 45 solarwindheat

Installing solar, what happens Electricity generating solar panels can be fitted on any structurally sound roof, planning permission is not required. Permission from your council may be required if your house is listed or in a conservation area. If permission is needed then we can provide assistance. We'll send you a free, no obligation estimate, showing the number of panels that can be fitted, the cost and the return on your investment. If the estimate is of interest, we'll then conduct an onsite survey, again, this is completely free with no obligation.

Our experienced surveyor will provide you with a full breakdown of the numbers and explain everything. Installations on most homes can be completed in a day or two. The panels are fitted on a track system on the roof. We always take time and great care to ensure whatever type of roof you have it's integrity will be unaffected and it will remain watertight. The inverter is the size of a standard boiler, that's all the space that's needed. It's usually fitted in your loft or garage. Once installed, there are 3 steps to get things certified and signed off.

Step 1, as approved contractors of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme, we register your installation to get your MCS certificate. Step 2, an Assessor surveys the installation and issues your Energy Performance Certificate. This survey is included in the price that we quote. Step 3, we'll help you with the paperwork that's sent to your chosen electricity company. We'll then give you your handover pack and talk you through that. Every 3 months thereafter you'll be paid your income by cheque, or direct into your bank account, whichever suits you. Because of the way some electricity suppliers billing cycles work, it may take up to 12.

Why Should We Launch Solar Panels Into Space

This episode of DNews is brought to you by Full Sail University. This week the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency announced it wants to get solar power from space. I'm having flashbacks to disasters from SimCity2000. Hello! I'm Trace. Thank you for watching DNews. Back in the 1960s, American aerospace engineer Peter Glaser proposed launching solar panels into space, and beaming the power they collect back to the surface for our use. Since the late 60s the idea has been in a holding pattern mainly because of the expense and worries about maintenance and equipment, but thanks.

To recent developments in solar panel tech the Japanese space firm JAXA says they can finally try it. The plan is ambitious at minimum and cost hasn't yet been calculated, BUT JAXA is determined, and they're not the only ones. The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory is also interested in spacebased solar. The reason everyone's looking up, is because that's where the sun sits! If we can put a satellite in orbit to collect the sun's rays BEFORE the atmosphere filters them out, and without the worry of a cloudy day, that would be rad. The JAXA Space Based Power System.

Or SBPS will orbit 22,400 miles up, and if done to their specs, would completely replace a nuclear power plant by producing 1 gigawatt of electricity enough to power halfamillion homes. Their plan uses a 10,000 metric ton system, which is. well pretty ridiculous. The largest rocket ever launched was the Saturn V it took our boys to the moon and could only lift about 130 metric tons. Once the power is gathered, a converter in space will convert the electricity into a microwave beam not like in your house, literally waves of energy that are.

On the micro scale. Microwaves can be converted from energy at 80 percent efficiency, which means there would be some loss, but it would be pretty damn efficient about 48 of the power collected would reach consumers. Which doesn't sound great, but it really is. To make sure the array is getting sunlight 24hours a day, JAXA plans to put mirrors on either side of the planet to reflect sunlight at the collector all the time. The Japanese are announcing their plan so far in advance in the hope other countries.

Will gather and help realize the dream of solar from space. Once created, it could provide clean, unlimited energy anywhere on the planet, regardless of remote location. Here's the kicker. It would cost about a trillion dollars. Which sounds like a lot, but it's like 125 bucks per person on the planet in 2030. And that's WAY more than you're paying doe your power bill. Not to mention oil wars and all the pollution, ecological damage, mining and drilling that goes with fossil fuels. We've got commenting areaaassss, check them out and type your feelings on spacebased.

Solar so we can all talk about it! None of this would be possible without computers to run the system, and we need people to write the computer programs. Full Sail University in Florida offers courses to help train tech professionals by blending code and realworld experience. Students of Full Sail have handson access to technology on their first day, get a discounted laptop and all the software they'll need to earn degrees in software, mobile and web development. To find out more and support the show go to fullsail.edudnews! Thanks.

Solar Panels UK AmberGreen Man

Hi AmberGreen Man My Name is Depash and I'm from Yorkshire. We've had solar panels for a number of years My Uncle from Manchester looked at getting some solar panels himself so we looked around on the internet the best deals for the best deal we could get and the best value we found was with AmberGreen obviously renewable energy we putting a bit back into the world as opposed to taking all the way and obviously in generating income for us. I found it to be really good value for money.

Inside the White House Solar Panels

Cheery melody of bells and strings Secretary Moniz Solar panels on the White House I think are a really important message that solar is here. We are doing it. We can do a lot more. I am very bullish on the future of solar energy as a key part of our clean energy future. James Doherty The size of the array that we established here is the typical size for the average American house. Being at the White House, we do have some security concerns. We can't cover the entire roof with panels,.

Though that would be good from an energysaving standpoint. Laughter. Cyrus Wadia Everything from the solar components to the inverter technologies to the labor that put the panels on the roof was all America. Domestic source, domestic maintenance. It serves as a symbol that America technology in solar is available, it's reliable, and it's ready for millions of Americans across the country. James Doherty So the first thing what we did was we drilled down into the concrete and then basically epoxied a series of threaded rods back up through the baton tops.

We then were able to install a series of grids for a subassembly upon which the solar panels could then be secured. Secretary Moniz Clean energy revolution is not something for the distant future. It's happening right now and we want to capture that. Cyrus Wadia Every four minutes, some small business or home owner is going solar. In a sense, we're going through a transition here and the industry is going through a transition that we're just seeing the beginning of. Minh Le The President is basically doing what Americans.

All across the nation are doing right now. They're making the conscious choice to look for renewable energy like solar as the cheaper, cleaner, and preferred energy source for their homes and families. Cyrus Wadia You know, we need to diversify the clean energy portfolio as articulated in the President's Climate Action Plan, which we are actively engaged in now. And we also need to spur the economic sectors of the future. Last year alone we created over 23,000 new jobs in solar energy. James Doherty Obviously the more that we can install.

UKs John Anthony Talks Organic Solar Cells and Transistors

VO University of Kentucky chemistry professor John Anthony is making lowcost solar cells and transistors out of carbon, instead of silicon. Carbon is a lot more versatile than silicone. Silicone is basically a mineral, it's a rock. Which means you are very limited in, how you can shape it. In order to get the silicone they use in a solar cell, you have to take sand and heat it with coal at thousands of degrees. Carbonbased materials can be processed, they can be molded and shaped at much lower temperatures.

Right now, we're working on what's called a bulk heterojunction organic photovoltaic. That's a lot of big words strung together to describe a process that is ridiculously simple. You take a transparent conductor and you basically slather these organics on from a solution like an ink and then the materials just spontaneously selfassemble into a working solar cell. One of the grants we just got funding for, we're trying to get a little more sophisticated in using inkjet printing techniques to make organic solar cells. You'd put a transparent conductor sheet of plastic which are easy to make into an ink jet printer and use some.

Of our proprietary inks and zzzzz and out the other end pops a solar cell. What can we do on a big scale The dream I have is there are a lot of printing plants that are used to printing highresolution, fullcolor images that are idle, so if we can just design inks to make solar cells that way, think of the speed at which you could just start printing off solar cells. Lightweight, flexible, you can put them on anything. You know you can coat the windows of skyscrapers with solar cells and start generating some.

The energy that's used to cool down the skyscraper. So there's a lot of potential if we just get the scale up. VO Outrider Technologies, a company formed in 2005 based on Anthony's research, is making organic transistors for flexible, flat panel displays. We've been able to put transistors, basically, integrated circuits on saran wrap, so plastic that's thinner than thiswe can wrinkle it up and crumple it and it still works. We actually just submitted this for publication to one of the nature journals. So we know we can do the basic circuitry and that it's stable, it doesn't die when you crumple.

It up and fold it up and stuff it in your pocket, right. Then next question is can we get the performance out of it And that is where a goodsized effort of my research group is now turning its attention. VO With grants from the Navy, NSF and industrial sponsors, John Anthony's research team recently moved into the new laboratory building at the UK Center for Applied Energy Research. Now that I'm out here, I've basically doubled the number of current, active research grants. Just because now I have the space to support people.

What we have to do as chemists is, we have to figure out what needs to be made, we have to then figure out how to make it, and then we have to do the initial screening to see if it's going to have the right properties. My graduate students in my group, right, they need to know an awful lot of physics, they need to know a lot of electrical engineering, they need to know a lot of materials engineering, in order just to figure out what molecule needs to be made and then all of their chemical.

Knowledge can come into play. There are few things better in the world than having a different point of view. I really like having ideas thrown at me from every single direction and using those ideas to feed into new projects. I can't tell you how many new projects and how many grant dollars have been brought up because I've gone to a seminar that's completely out of my area. And hearing somebody complain, saying, you know we could really advance this field if only we could do this. I know how to do that. And a new collaboration is born.

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Solar Panels 10 Things You Need To Know Tutorial 25 Solarwindheat

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