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Solar Panels On Roof Problems

We do pigeon control in the Las Vegas valleyarea, and the reason that we�re so busy is that our roof construction is ideal forpigeon nesting, so we�re creating an ample habitat for them. They�re not an indigenousspecies here, so a few can turn into many pretty quick, and they produce an amazingamount of feces. Even for such a small animal, it�s really amazing how big of a mess andhow fast they can do it. You see the accumulation of twigs here? This has been going on fora while. We actually have a couple of chicks back there, which we can rescue. I�ll dropthem off to a friend of mine who raises pigeons. What we�re going to do is we�re goingto pull all this out, put it in the trash,

pressure wash, so a little bit of bleach spray,which just helps with the � changes the way it smells, so the pigeons are a littleless interested in it. In the future, if we have to come back, if the customer is stillhaving an issue, we want to be able to look at a roof that we know is completely clean.The main thing for prevention is, we�re going to screen out the eaves here, and whatthat will do is, that will eliminate the shelter that they need to nest successfully, and whatthat does is that forces them to go find another place to build the nest. In that sense itmakes them go away. There�s really no problem with a pigeon stopping by and landing on yourroof. The problems come when it�s consistent.

If there is some sort of attraction that you�renoticing, you should look for food or water sources dog food, bird baths, maybe it�sin your neighbor�s yard. You might have to talk to your neighbor. If there are potentialnest areas, you really should get them taken care of before they start nesting.�.

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