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Solar Panels On Decra Roof

How Radiant Barrier Works AtticFoil Reflects Heat Coming Off The Roof

Hey, this is Ed with AtticFoil. In this short tutorial I'm going to explain HOW an atticinstalled radiant barrier works. All of the heat from the sun is transferred to Earth in the form of radiant heat. This is heat transfer without actual contact with the heat source. When your roof absorbs radiant heat from the sun, it heats up. Eventually, your roof will start to reradiate the heat in all directions. About half of the heat, or energy, will transfer into the attic. Radiant heat is the invisible part of the light spectrum.

It's the part you feel, not the part you see. For example, if you stand near a fire on a cold night, you feel the radiant heat on your front side, but your backside may still be cold since it's not receiving any radiant heat. Radiant heat travels at the speed of light until it's either absorbed or reflected. Normally your attic insulation will absorb all of this energy and it too will start to heat up. Eventually this heat will make its way through the attic insulation and into the home. Traditional attic insulation will.

Only slow down the heat transfer process. When you install a radiant barrier between the roof and the attic insulation, by either stapling it to the bottom of the roof rafters or laying it out over the attic insulation, it breaks this path by reflecting the radiant heat back towards the roof, and helps keep the attic insulation from getting as hot. By keeping the attic insulation cooler, we can significantly reduce the amount of heat transfer entering the home by making the regular attic insulation more effective. So think of it this way radiant barrier is your FIRST line of defense against radiant heat, and.

Traditional attic insulation is your second line of defense against conductive heat flow. Since your home is exposed to both types of heat, you need a different product for each one. In fact, radiant heat is actually EASIER to control than conductive heat since it can be reflected by just about any shiny surface. A lot of people talk about a COOLER ATTIC, which is nice but really what we want is cooler attic insulation. An attic installed radiant barrier will keep your attic insulation cooler. This means less heat will enter the home.

How to Roof a House How to Install Metal Roof Tiles in Transition Areas

I'm Tom Shean and today on behalf of Expert Village I'm going to show you how to install a metal roof. In this instance a minimum two courses of lower roof panels are laid through. If possible with continental tiles, lay it out so that the lower part of the panel is at the center of the valley. The backup stand of the tile is notched and then folded down. Start with a piece of valley less than 4 feet to ease this transition. Set the valley on the tile in a bed of cocking. After fastening the valley cut and mold the end of the valley.

To fit the panel contour. Seal and apply granules on the exposed edges. On a flat to pitched installation, allmet tiles are installed on the lower pitched tiles first. The back of the last course is cut off to allow the membrane to carry over and down. On the pitch to flat, again is in the hog valley, a filler strip is installed to allow the membrane to run up over and won't pass the first batten without creating ice or water damming. With continental tile, eave form closures are being used to close the opening under the last course and.

How to Roof a House How to Install Barrel Cap Trim

I'm Tom Shean and today on behalf of Expert Village I'm going to show you how to install a metal roof. Barrel cap trim is installed from the bottom up course to course with the panels. Install the end disc, position the first cap on the rig with the rear portion against the panel flange. Noting the open distance between the tile disc and fascia, notch the first cap only so the first barrel trim fits the fascia. Install the balance of the caps without notching. Position caps by rolling so that the exposed edge along.

The fascia forms a straight line while remaining tight to the panel. Fastening is by a single fastener down through the front flange into the wood blocking, scribed, cut and install the adjoining peak caps so one overlaps the other exposed right side. As a caution please ensure the caps are installed with correct slap. The small flange overlaps the large flange and faces down the roof. An end disc is installed in the first cap at the fascia. The barrel trim is then positioned and the disc scribed and notched to ensure a tight.

Fit of the panel and fascia. The balance of the barrel trims are then laid from the bottom up fastening again as down through the front flange and into the hip board. The junction of the hip caps at the peak is similar to the rig installation where they are coat and lapped over. At a valley termination cut and fold the cap closed. If ventilation is required, metal hip backer can be special ordered as vented. Please note, the fitment and design of the barrel ends particularly at the hips are varied and considered to be an installer.

Color Coating Process for aggregates and quartz

At UAS our color coating process ensures we have the highest quality colored quartz on the market. Quartz is known for its strength. So we combined our quartz product, with the ceramic color coating process that is also known for its strength and durability. First, our raw materials are washed and classified. The product is dried, screened into various sizes, and then tested for accuracy. Next it is fed into our mixing station, where each batch is blended with a specially formulated color dye, to ensure thorough coating and color matching. After the mixing process is complete, the aggregates are moved to the kiln for deep.

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