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Solar Panels On Church Roof

Solar Attic Fan How to Cool the Attic

Hey Michael Church here and in this tutorial we're going to talk about solar attic fans stay tuned. CrawlSpaceNinja I am sitting next to a solar attic fan that we just installed. this fan actually has a lifetime warranty and as you can see it's adjustable so we can tilt it to capture the most sunlight possible typically you want the solar cells pointed south according to the installation manual so if you have to put it on the back to the roof because a cosmetic reasons or whatever you can tilt.

The solar pane up to make sure that you get maximum efficiency the nice thing about solar attic fans is that you're 100 percent of grid when it comes to power as soon as the Sun hits this attic fan it's going so and then as a night approaches it turns itself off so you're trying to keep the air moving on the hottest part of the day but you also gotta make sure you do other things in the attic like a insulate properly air seal and possibly even install radiant barrier if you like.

This rooftop where there's no shade so here's our solar attic fan installed and I hope you like this tutorial you don't mind click below that you like the tutorial and subscribe to our YouTube channel and we will get more tutorials out to you as they happen have a great day! Michael Church again you know there was a couple things I forgot to mention wells up on that roof about solar attic fans so what I did was I wrote a blog and if you click on the Crawl Space Ninja Link down below.

You can I get access to the blog and learn a little bit more about solar attic fans and how they can benefit you like for example I don't know if you know this but there's a 30 percent tax credit or up to 30 percent tax credit I should say on solar attic fans including labor and materials until the end of 2016 so you learn a little bit more about that and also make sure you ventilate the attic properly and I may even have an installation instruction on there but.

Sullivan Solar Power Scales Fast with Intuit QuickBase

The mission of this company is to change the way this world thinks about energy. Sullivan Solar Power is an industry leader in Southern California, and we're what's known as a design and build company. We do everything in house, from generating sales leads, to sales, to engineering, to construction, and even many years beyond the installation servicing warranties and monitoring systems. In the early days, Sullivan Solar Power experienced explosive growth. We grew quicker than our infrastructure was keeping up with. Off the shelf software solutions weren't an option for us.

The solar industries is too new. There aren't solutions out there that fit our model, so from day one, we had to pursue something that was customizable, and QuickBase offered that. We started out just managing leads and the sales funnel, but we wanted to expand into purchasing, and HR, and payroll, so Sympo has helped us take our implementation to the next level by adding functionality that's used by the entire company. I think that with Sullivan Solar Power, the uniqueness was that here was a company that started an application that was what you would feel.

As solid ground, and they needed to break open the ceiling. So they sought us out and looked for our assistance in order to really make it scalable application that was more sustainable for their business. They spoke our language. They knew right away what we were looking for and how they could help us. We listened very carefully. We made sure that we didn't make any assumptions, that we didn't put our own ideas into the mix, but that we really were one and one with our client. We had a general understanding of what we needed and certainly.

Knew what our problem was, and Sympo was able to bring solutions to the table that not just solved our problems but went beyond that. They really added a lot of value. They were able to experience substantial growth, doubled in size, and their annual revenue is now $30 million a year. There is not a department at Sullivan Solar Power that isn't using QuickBase, case and the benefits of doing that is all our systems speak the same language. They're all on the same platform. Without that communication and organization,.

Metal Roofing Columbia, SC 803.220.1040

Hello and welcome to the top three mistakes when buying a metal roof brought to you by metal roofing Columbia South Carolina and metal roofing pros let's start with mistake number one which is assuming that all metal roofs are the same well nothing could be further from the truth metal roofs come in different sizes profiles finishes colors finishes and thickness not mention the pitch of the roof all these factors will affect the life span and costs of your metal roof Mistake number two assuming all roofers know how to install a metal roof.

This can be a very costly mistake Metal roofing is a specialty within the roofing industry that requires different skill sets than the standard composite shingles most roofers are use to installing so always always always make sure that your contractor has years of experience in metal roofing installation not just shingle installation Mistake number 3 buying a metal roof based on price alone now just like you would not buy a home based on price alone your choice a custom metal roof should be based on which specific product will meet your.

Solar Panel Project Nears Completion At Church Of The Redeemer

Solar Panel Project Nears Completion At Church Of The Redeemer,.

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Cranbrook Roofing Installing NU Lok Solar PV Panels To St Silas Church

Cranbrook Roofing Installing NU Lok Solar PV Panels To St Silas Church,.

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