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Solar Panels Mounts

How to Install Solar Panels Mounting Rails on Roof for Solar Panels

All right, we're getting ready to mount our rails up here, and I've got some blocks of wood. Pressure treated lumber already mounted, from one of my last solar projects, so we'll reuse those when we can. This roof is over the laundry room, and it's facing almost directly south, which is perfect for a solar exposure. Not too difficult for that top end. Let's get some down at the bottom now. Drill a couple of holes here, so we've got a couple more blocks of wood, just to rise this up off the roof. Give a.

How to Install Solar Panels Solar Panel Mounting Rails

Now once we get our panels into position where we can mount them on the roof, we need a secure mounting. These are professionally designed, extruded aluminum rails that go together with extruded and specially designed aluminum clips. These slide together and are adjustable at that point, and once you have your rail actually mounted to the roof, you have a clip then that fits right over the edge of the panel and is easily tightened down. With four of these clips, your panels are sturdy in hundred mile an hour winds. Very important to mount.

How to Install Solar Panels Sealing Roof Holes With Caulk

As we mount our rails to the roof we'll be penetrating the shingles and we'll want to seal up all our holes. If you can picture this, here's our bolt, it's going to go through our rail and screw directly down to the roof. Picture this as a roof. Of course, this will penetrate into a stud inside the roof cavity and pull this entire thing sturdy. In that case we'll be using Henry's 209 is an asphalt based caulking that goes into standard caulking gun. Of course, very easy to use and that will allow us to fill the holes and prevent.

Rain from getting into the house once our panels are mounted. So this method of securing the holes is one of the most simple. Or you can find better methods of flashing if you're having it professionally done, you're installer may come with copper flashing to give you a nice finished look around the edges of your panels. Sometimes they mount them on tile rooves which use a slightly different mounting system, drilling holes in the tile and that takes a little extra time. If you're unsure which form of caulking will work best on your.

Why Teslas Powerwall Battery Is Amazing

All of humanity just won a really important victory in our battle to lower the CO2 emissions that are causing climate change. Tesla CEO Elon Musk introduced the world to the Powerwall, a wallmounted battery for your house which aims to accelerate our transition to clean solar and windpower. Before the powerwall, there was no way to store the energy generated from the panels that capture sunlight on our roofs. So during the day they could give you the power you needed, but at night, you had to rely on the grid, which gets most of its.

Electricity from coal, natural gas, and nuclear reactors. There had been some early home batteries out there, but nothing that was nearly this affordable. But Tesla, which has built thousands of large, lithiumion battery packs for its growing electric car business, was able to produce a similar battery for buildings at a scale that dropped the production costs dramatically. The lowest capacity model will cost just $3,000. And this is the first generation of the productbefore Tesla's even completed building its massive new Gigafactory, or any real competitors have entered the market, events that will surely push the price down.

Even further, while increasing the energy storage capacity of the Powerwall. Here's how it works. When the sun is out, solar panels will power your house and charge the Powerwall at the same time. And when the sun goes down, this charged battery will kick in to meet most or all of your electricity needs until the sun comes back up again the next morning. This is gamechanging. More and more people will go completely offgrid. Every building whether it's a home, office, business, warehouse, factory they can all.

Install solar panels and some Powerwalls and instantly see their fossil fuelgenerated electricity needs drop significantly. Not every building will be able to go completely solarpowered, but most will get pretty close, especially as our appliances become more and more energy efficient. And it gets even better. The powerwall will be connected to the Internet and the rest of the energy grid. Here in Southern California, and most other heavily populated places, the electricity company charges us a lot more when we use electricity during peak timethat's in the afternoon and early evening when the temperatures are warmest and most of us are.

Home and still awake. The Tesla battery is smart, and knows when electricity is cheapest, so that's when it will draw from the grid to charge itself. And then, during peak time when you need electricity, the battery will power the house. Sometimes, you'll be able to sell back unused power to the utility company during peak time to even make a profit. It's basically going to make each individual building its own power station. Overnight, Tesla seems less a futuristic car company, and more like the man who inspired the company's name, a revolutionary electricity engineer named Nikola.

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Which Solar Panels to Use

Namaste Solar primarily installs from three manufacturers SunPower, Sharp and Kyocera. Your Sunpower panel and your Sanyo are you two high efficiency high end panels, so must power per square foot but also the most cost per watt as well. Those panels are very popular when you have very limited roof space and you want to maximize how much power you get on your roof. Sunpower also has the nice added benefit of an all black ascetic that you don't get with any other panels and that is really popular with homeowners.

Then your Sharp and Kyocera panels are your low efficiency but lower cost panels so those can really make sense when you have a lot of roof space in order to fit the solar system. So which one has the most bank for the buck Sharp or the Kyocera They are actually quite comparable, Sharp has their own racking system now, which is called SRS aestecally is nice because black frame system which sits low to the roof but sometimes you do not get the flexiblity with that system because of the low profile and.

Because it is a frame you need to have some margin of roof space around the system to work so you end up losing a little bit of real estate with that system that you can't go over attic vents and those kinds of things. Where as with a panel like Kyocera can be used with standard 3rd party mounting systems such as Unirack or ProSolar and those tend to be pretty flexible and can often clear some roof obstructions and go right to the ridge of the roof or gutter of the roof.

SolarCity and Zep Solar Join Forces

We fully joined forces with SolarCity. The thing a think about the other day is that I feel like everything that we've done at Zep up to this point sort of got us to the Olympics and now we actually have a chance at the gold. So we are just super excited, like, everyone at Zep is really hyped. We have to get solar on as many roofs as we can and in order to do that, the next logical step is a full, what they call, a vertical integration move, where a manufacturing company.

Like ours weds itself with the company that's actually up there installing the systems. So that combined entity ultimately just takes the whole thing to the next level. The merger of these 2 companies is just awesome and I really feel like it is a key to enabling mass market solar and to making a real difference in the world. Oftentimes a product would go through 5 or 10 or 20 design cycles before we finalize it and we determine that it's good enough to get out there to the installers. It's really.

What is Hot In The Solar Marketplace Now Tutorial

Their great if you do it all sorted out , I'm asking John the top the land and see what is coming up in the solar marketplace is really that really gets them excited about the solar industry , and I alluded to it the last segment about a micromicro birders but the details is pretty exciting to the decision by the was over to this oneone is from her up and yet than the end of oneone of the benefits of that is that , first and foremost , we obviously know that that particular it micro recorder.

Without panel that because it's a scream out about it yet and secondly , and even though and face claims that operations the installation crews conceived by installing micromicro birders versus central birders and a end and there are some where we stayed from weak weekend we can get away with using last of master electrician 'szr time and so some of the higher values in overhead or is reduced by Bill at the installers have some more time on the job it needed the year I've read some stuff on an case site says you.

Save fifteen percent in installation , I think that that is some innovate , and they be truly didn't see that number somewhere , but I as I suspect they have in a use the high number I tend up oneone at a error on the side of caution or be in you I might use the per six percent number or something like that not being fifty percent say things we might see some saving my and the is that the UK and also we don't have to separately mount the micro inverter.

The real me right now were putting in radio were putting in a micromicro on the rail and they were putting the pedal over all of that is the the the the the the the debts corrected yet currently with the eighteen in the media murder is going to be on the back of the panel either I don't know if it will be connected to the frame of the for a fix to the backing sheet of in art are affixed to the of the panel like a J. boxer junction box is normally where the leads.

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