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Solar Panels Kwh Per Month

Curiosity Rover Report Three Years on Mars! August 2015 NASA JPL

Hi I'm Ashwin Vasavada, project scientist for the Mars Science Laboratory mission and this is your special edition, third anniversary Curiosity Rover Report. It's a summer of milestones for Mars Exploration. Fifty years ago, Mariner 4 became the first spacecraft to take closeup pictures of Mars. ' years ago, the Viking 1 Lander became the first spacecraft to successfully land on the Red Planet. And now Curiosity celebrates 3 years on Mars operating well over a thousand Martian days. Since its arrival in August 2012, Curiosity has driven nearly eleven kilometers.

From its landing site to the foot of Mount Sharp within Gale Crater. The first year was spent traversing through ancient stream beds and exploring Yellowknife Bay, the site of an ancient lake. That's where Curiosity drilled samples from the lake floor to reveal mineral evidence of longlived, fresh water. It also found carboncontaining organic molecules and nitrogen in a form usable to life. So if life ever were present on Mars, a site like Yellowknife Bay could sustain it. Then Curiosity put the pedal to the medal to get to Mount Sharp.

That's when engineers noticed excessive wear on the rover's wheels. A lot of work went into understanding the cause and how to avoid it. But now we're confident that the wheels can take us where we need to go. It's been quite a road trip. Curiosity drilled at the Kimberley, drove through long valleys and took pictures of roadside geology before finally reaching the bedrock at the base of Mount Sharp. We spent several months studying these rocks at Pahrump Hills. The science team has been fascinated by all the signs of ancient water at Mount Sharp.

It's likely that Gale Crater once hosted many rivers and lakes, carrying sediment to the crater floor that now forms the bottom layer of Mount Sharp. Now that we're climbing through the foothills of the mountain, the driving is challenging. The team relies on images from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter to find safe paths to interesting geologic targets. Getting to the current rover location at Marias Pass required a steep climb up a 6meter hill. As we climbed the hill, Curiosity's ChemCam laser spectrometer noticed unusually high amounts of silica in nearby rocks.

What might that mean Were the environmental conditions friendly or hazardous to life Could the silica have preserved organic molecules in the rocks for us to study today We're hoping to find out. None of this would be possible without the dedicated team of rover engineers here at JPL. Every day that we operate Curiosity, a downlink team studies the information sent by the rover and makes sure it's healthy and ready to proceed with the next activities. Then an uplink team turns the desires of the scientists into sequences of commands that can be safely executed by the rover.

Solar photovoltaic energy project at Southland Leisure Centre

GIANNA This is a significant day because this is the largest solar installation thus far in The City of Calgary we have 600 solar panels on the roof behind me as a result of that some of the electricity needs of this leisure centre is being provided by these solar panels NAHEED one of the most interesting things for me is that Southland leisure Center has a very large flat roof we fully anticipate that as technology changes as the technology behind photovoltaic cells changes as storage technology changes we're.

Going to learn a lot here to become even more efficient in the use of solar energy we anticipate that having these solar panels in place will save us between $25K and $35K a year a second thing we'd like is to see if we can use solar energy on city facilities as an important contributor to our own environmental goals for the capital C City of Calgary and for the whole city Imagine Calgary suggest that we should be having up to 30 of our electricity generated from renewable sources in Calgary by 2036.

Can Your Entire House Run On Batteries

Wouldn't it be weird if one day in the future you were buying a home and the listing said, batteries not included Yeah well, that could totally happen. Hey there people, Julian here for DNews. Electricity is pretty great. It powers my toaster, my fridge, my hairdryer, my clothes dryer, my air conditioner, my humidifier, my dehumidifier, and my pc I use to watch science tutorials. I think I'm gonna keep using it. The problem is, everyone in all the other houses feels the same way, usually at about the same times.

Of day, and they're driving the cost of those tasty kilowatts up in the evening. Of course during the day if you don't want to use power from the grid, you could get some solar panels and harvest sunlight, but that's not helpful when the sun's down, also known as nighttime, also known as the time I need to have electricity to turn lights on to not bang my shins on all the furniture. Enter the battery powered home. The idea is a rechargeable battery stores energy from solar panels during the day or from offpeak hours when grid energy is cheapest, and uses.

That energy during the rest of the day. The problem is if you've ever bought batteries you know they cost approximately one arm andor one leg. Elon Musk thought that was a silly hangup for what is otherwise a great idea and decided to do something about it. Elon Musk, for y'all that don't know, is basically what would happen if Tony Stark lost the goatee. His interests range from online money movement to commercial space flight to, most importantly for this topic, electric cars. His company Tesla Motors has been refining electric car batteries for years, engineering them to be lighter, longer lasting,.

And more efficient. Why don't we take all those batteries, and put them on a wall So they did that. The Tesla Power wall Is basically a bunch of lithium ion cells in a sleek case. They're compartmentalized and liquid cooled to solve the knotty problem of overheating and burning your house down, something that is generally undesirable. If you wanted it as your main power supply there's a model that can store and discharge up to 7 kWh daily and costs $3000. Best of all it should last 10 years, which is approximately.

8 years longer than my laptop battery made it before it wouldn't hold a charge anymore. The trick to this longevity is how much power it outputs. It's only pumping out 2 kW continuously and peak output is 3.3 kW. The problem that then arises is some appliances will use more than that output. An electric clothes dryer could draw that much power on its own. So if you want dry clothes, I hope you weren't planning on using a microwave too. If you wanted to be not reliant on the grid at all, you'd probably need a few powerwalls.

To go with your solar roof panels. Depending on where you live, your power consumption can vary widely, but the average US home in 2011 used 940 kWh per month. A solar setup of that size would cost over $11,000, not including installation or taking tax credits into account. Then you'd need 5 Powerwalls to store all of that sunshine juice, so that's another 15 grand. It's an expensive prospect right now, but as the cost of batteries and solar panels continue to drop, individual homes that are independently powered could.

Become a great way to kick our fossil fuel habit. Inexpensive home batteries are looking like a promising innovation. They're not the only company innovating. Intel creates the breakthrough technologies that make amazing experiences possible. Having Intel inside makes for better experiences outside. Intel drives innovation with products like processors, wearables and IOT devices, and within data centers. In the PC and beyond. Going green sounds like a lot of effort. Is it really worth it Trace explains why yes, totally, it is, right here. Would you use the powerwall Would it be a supplement for your energy use or would you.

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