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Solar Panels Gulfport

Clean Energy Innovation Deriving Biofuel from Pine Trees Pew

DR. GARY PETER For over 400 years we've been tapping pine trees to get resin or terpenes, just like we do for maple syrup. Here at University of Florida, we're working with our public and private partners to develop pine trees that we can extract terpenes from and convert them to advanced biofuels that can help reduce our dependence on foreign oil. In wood, there really are only three cell types the water conducting tissue, the ray cells and the resin canals. And it's the resin canals that we hope to increase as our.

Keys genetic strategy to make more terpenes and store more terpene in the wood. We believe pine trees are the superstar for biofuel industry, because there's already large stands of pine trees. We're working with a Loblolly pine, and they're found all across the Southeast from East Texas all way up to Southern Maryland. In a planted pine forest, they typically lived for 20 or 30 years. And during that time we can actually recover or extract the terpene just like rubber. We are going to be able to extract biofuels during the.

Whole life cycle of the tree, and still be able to convert it at the end into traditional products pulp paper, solid wood. And the landowner can see more value, the consumer can see more value, and the environment can be better protected. We really are at an early stage. This work could not be done without funding from the government. We received a large $6.2 million grant from INAUDIBLE to conduct this work. Innovation is really our best approach to reducing our dependence on foreign oil, and government investment in this.

Chemours Employee Testimonials Living Chemistry

Chemistry is a living thing. Always evolving. Ever changing. Constantly transforming. But what happens when we shape that change When we guide that evolution Chemistry changes life. That's Living Chemistry. When we harness its power, the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Everyday things become better. Cars cooler, air cleaner, colors bolder. Life is simply... better. Because Living Chemistry propels progress. It changes lives, shapes markets, makes manufacturing more efficient, and redefines industries. It inspires us to create a legacy of industry firsts and then improve upon them still. At Chemours, we live chemistry, every day.

3 Reasons To Build Your Own Shed

Hello and welcome to CheapSheds. Today I want to give you 3 good reasons why you should build your own wooden storage shed. The first reason is that you can save 30 to 70 off the cost compared to buying a kit or a ready made shed. Or you can build a larger shed with more accessories for the same or less money. The second reason to build your own shed is so you will get exactly what you want. Shed building companys usually only offer a few shapes and sizes and charge a lot more to.

Customize their sheds. But when you build your own shed you can make it exactly the way you want it. You choose the size, height and roof line. You can choose the siding and roofing materials to match your home if you like. You can get any door or window configuration you want. In short, you have total control when you build your own shed. And the 3rd reason to build your own shed is because it's fun. It's a project the whole family can get involved with. And equally important, it gives you a good reason to go.

Manmade Wall of Wind Creates Hurricane Force Winds to Test Construction Science Nation

MILES O'BRIEN A category five hurricane is a monster of a storm. These twelve giant fans can create the intensity of a Cat5 hurricane, with 157 mile an hour winds pummeling roof tiles and solar panels. ARINDAM CHOWDHURY When we have twelve of them running together at the full speed, we have 8,400 horsepower. MILES O'BRIEN With support from the National Science Foundation, civil engineer, Arindam Chowdhury and his team at Florida International University and the International Hurricane Research Center, designed this fifteenfoot tall wall of wind, nicknamed, WOW. MAN 1 I'm going to go up now to sixty miles an hour.

MILES O'BRIEN The goal is to see if lowrise structures and building materials can withstand the same wind forces they'd face in a fullblown hurricane. ARINDAM CHOWDHURY We did testing on rooftop equipment and we looked at the loads and based on the results, we send recommendations to the Florida Building Code and those recommendations are now in the Florida Building Code. MILES O'BRIEN Manufacturers work with Chowdhury to test the durability of new products. For example, they want to see if this solar panel will stand up to hurricane force winds.

Sensors measure the pressure on the panel as the wind starts to blow. ROB KORNAHRENS We want to make sure everything stays within the frame. That the whole unit stays on the racking itself. MAN 2 What wind speed MAN 1 It's about 120. MAN 2 Can we flip it around though MILES O'BRIEN A rotating turntable exposes all sides to headwinds. ARINDAM CHOWDHURY Now we can see effects from different angles of the wind and get the data from all directions. ROB KORNAHRENS I don't think we're going to see any damage to.

The panel based on what I saw. It's great. You couldn't get this in any other type of test. MILES O'BRIEN Next stop, some roof tiles and adhesive foam. MAN 3 It's solid as a rock, the way it's installed. That foam really works with this good tile. MILES O'BRIEN Will they withstand WOW's forces ARINDAM CHOWDHURY Right now we're testing 122 miles per hour. MILES O'BRIEN The tiles and foam pass with flying colors. The building itself, not so much. Chowdhury says such foundation failures are rare. But lessons learned here could.

Agencies Pay Tribute to Veterans

ANNOUNCER To stirring tunes of The Navy band, three government agencies paid tribute to our nation's veterans. The Department of the Interior, the General Services Administration and the Office of Personnel Management employ thousands of veterans across the nation. JOHNSON At the General Services Administration, we are fully committed to use our acquisition, design, and construction expertise to serve today's veterans and tomorrows as benefits their service to our nation. ANNOUNCER The Administrator of GSA says the agency is also committed to hiring veterans. JOHNSON In Fiscal Year 09 nearly 20 of our new hires were veterans.

Of which 6.5 were disabled. This is nearly double what our veteran hiring was four years ago, and I look forward to setting and meeting ever higher targets. ANNOUNCER And it's not just GSA, hiring veterans is a government wide initiative. JOSEPH KENNEDY Those veterans who come behind you, we're going to make certain that they're transition into the federal government is streamlined. We're going to make certain that they're getting the kind of opportunities in government that help us advance. We're going to make sure that we're taking care of those who took care of us.

ANNOUNCER Hiring veterans is just one small piece of what GSA does to support military members past and present. There are more than 1,000 veteranowned small businesses on GSA schedules. The 21Gun Salute program ensures three percent of federal contracting dollars goes to veteran owned businesses, and 25 percent of the participants in GSA's mentorprotege program are veteranowned businesses, including many owned by servicedisabled veterans. JOHNSON We also help today's war fighter. Along with the Department of the Army, GSA developed a unique patient evacuation vehicle that offers smooth medical transport for wounded soldiers coming home.

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