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Solar Panels For Sale Nsw

NSW Farmer of the Year 2014 finalist Scott Beaumont

Scott Beaumont runs a 635 hectare diversified enterprise over three properties near Dorrigo on the NSW mid north coast, involving producing Woolworths yearling cattle, growing 700 tonnes of crisping potatoes each year, and a contract planting business A three way Euro, British, Bos indicus crossbreeding program ensures progeny meet the required degree of muscling, fat cover, weight and age of their market grid. An onfarm feedlot finishes the slaughter cattle with maize silage grown on the farm under centre pivot irrigation. Crisping potatoes are produced under the HACCP pronounced 'HASSEP' Quality assurance program.

And contracted to Smiths crisps. The contract planting business uses the latest tractors fitted with GPS guidance and steering, a precision row crop planter and a specialist planter for pastures. Cropping activities are only carried out on areas with suitable soils and slope. Other areas are used for grazing, while timbered areas are retained for stock shelter and conservation. Scott uses the NLIS system to monitor animal performance with regular 3 weekly weighing for animals in the feedlot. Rotational grazing is employed to maximise feed quality, animal production, and pasture longevity.

LJW Solar tracking systems for off grid power

LJW Solar Trackers have been designed and made in Australia by Luke Williams the owner of LJW Solar for over 20 years. Luke's years of experience has resulted in a product that is proven and has stood the test of time. Solar Tracking is a way to increase the performance of a solar array by more than 30. Solar panels perform best when they are facing directly towards the sun. When Solar Tracking is used for an off grid systems there are a number of advantages. The additional hours of charging.

Will increase the longevity of the batteries. The extended life of the batteries will keep the running costs of the system lower. Your batteries will be charged earlier in the day resulting in more usable power available without drawing down on the batteries. Solar Trackers follow the path of the sun from sun rise to sun set rotating fully from east to west each day. Solar Trackers are also able to be adjusted according to the different seasons. When the sun is high in the sky for summer the panels need to be facing almost straight up. In the.

Winter when the sun is lower the panels need to be tilted towards the north, in the northern hemisphere trackers face south. Solar Trackers can improve the performance of a solar water pump up to 65. LJW Solar Trackers are a rotating solar panel framing system. Solar Trackers come in a range of sizes from 6 to 60 panels. The frame and head assembly are mounted to a pole which is concreted into the ground. The panels are bolted to the frame. There are two axis points, one for daily movement and the second for seasonal adjustment. On larger units the seasonal.

Adjustment is automatic. The daily movement is computer controlled and driven by an actuator. The actuator is programed for the location of the site to automatically follow the suns path. All of the components are weather proof and the metal structure is galvanised steel. The power to run the actuator is supplied from either the off grid power supply or a separate power pack. Our trained installers are able to install the trackers within 1 to 2 days. In most cases excavation of the trackers, the foundation and trenches is required to be done by the.

Client prior to the teams arrival. Footing sizes vary depending on the size of the array and we will discuss these with you before installation. Solar Trackers need minimal maintenance. There are a number of grease points that should be attended to every 6 months. The owner's manual will give specific instructions for individual designs. Solar Trackers are generally rated to 12 meters per second of wind screen. Larger units have wind switches which automatically adjust the unit to the center to prevent damage. The site inspection and shade analysis would be done prior to installation to insure the.

LJW Commercial Solar

Solar is rising in popularity, and for businesses the technology is at a point where it is a sound economic investment, not just a green flag to wave. The rising cost of power and the falling cost of solar power means that solar is competitive with the cost of power from the grid this is called Grid Parity. Solar power suits businesses because there is a great match up between the time of solar production and the time that power is consumed by a business. This means that solar can provide almost all the power that a business uses during the.

Day, therefore going a long way to eliminating power bills. LJW solar is experienced in commercial installations from 10kw through to 170kw and we have the experience to make a project successful for you. We use world class panels and world class inverters paired with monitoring systems to ensure your system is performing as planned. There's several factors that affect the viability of solar power for your business. They are the amount of power you consume, when you consume it, your roof space, the rate you pay for power, and other charges.

LJW Solar suppliers of components for stand alone power

As an established installer, we are also designers, manufacturers and importers of many components. Some of these are not commonly available, for example we are industry leaders in ground mount systems, pole mount systems, and trackers. We also carry stock of panels, inverters, and our own custom designed framing system with a wind rating of 300kmh. Some of these are not commonly available. Our full range includes Batteries, Tracking systems, Panels, Tracker controllers, Inverters, Frames, Ground mount systems, and non tracking Pole mount systems. If you are an installer and need specialist parts, or you already have your own stand.

LJW Solar Data logging

I'd like to discuss what we call prepurchase monitoring or data logging and tell you why it matters. One of the impacts of net metering is that solar may suit some people and not others, depending on their consumption of power during daylight hours. The amount of power you consume matters to determine the right system size for you. Our observation has been that many solar companies recommend systems that are too large possibly because they don't understand why it matters, or because it is an inconvenient discussion. By ignoring the impact of net metering on deciding system size, they often recommend.

System sizes which are too large. This means people pay for a system which is larger than their requirements. There's a few ways to determine your system size needed. One is to look at your bill and look at your daily kwh consumption, then estimate how much of that is used during the daytime. Another method is to take some meter readings morning and night for a period of time say a few week days and a few weekend days. By taking a morning and an evening reading you can say with some certainty how much power you use during the daytime.

We already know how much power a solar system produces based on its size a rule of thumb is that a 1.5kw system will produce around 6kwh of power. It can be more, or less depending on the weather, and can be as high at a 61 ratio in ideal conditions. If we use the average of 41, and apply this to your daytime consumption let's say your daytime consumption varies from 12 18 kwh. If we take the lower end of this, and divide by 4 , then we get a suitable system size. so in this case that might be a.

3 kw system. If you used 20 kwh during daylight hours, a system size of UP TO 5 kw may work for you. But if you only use 6kwh of power during the day, a system size of 3kw would be twice your requirements. So, buying it would waste some of your resources. Data logging is the most reliable method. It takes all the guess work out of the equation. We install a device onto your power cables even if you have three phase power and it logs all the power you use. screen shot. This way we can recommend a system size with.

National Solar Schools Program Coogee Public School

Voiceover Male Coogee Public School is a NSW government primary school located in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. Our oldest building dates back to 1876. Sustainability issues for us were a challenge both in terms of what we could to work with the space that we have, and work with the structures and facilities that we had. We worked really closely with our students to improve energy usage within the school. If our lights have to be on because our buildings are old and dark, then we need more efficient lighting.

Voiceover Young Male So we got a grant and we installed plenty of energy efficient lights that use eighty per cent less energy and they lasted four times longer. Voiceover Male They also then came up with a range of behavioural strategies about how they used the energy we currently had within the school. Voiceover Young Male 2 My job is to do a weekly carbon audit where I go around to all of the classrooms and making sure that their lights, fans and interactive whiteboards are off. Voiceover Female My role is to make sure.

That I guess that the staff and students are all being educated in sustainability. How best we can incorporate that into our teaching and into the children feeling part of the whole sustainable message. Voiceover Young Female Our canteen is a green canteen which means that our containers and cups are compostable or recyclable. Voiceover Female We couldn't do it, obviously without the support of the principal and the strong parent body and the staff backing it all the way, and of course the children who are our main message. Voiceover Male It's really been a bit of.

2014 Green Globe Awards Winner Mars Petcare

Glen Cuthbert So Mars in Wodonga is particularly focussed on wet pet food. So we make canned pet food in a couple of different sizes and we also make the tray size pet food as well, so 100 gram trays. So I think the achievement that we're most proud of is zero to landfill. Owen Hogg I'd have to agree. That's the one that stands out the most because it was the most out there target that we were given to reach zero by 2015. And when we first sat down and looked at what we had to do.

We were looking at 4,500 tonne going to landfill. The problem that we had was it was either in a can or in a tray. So we set out and we built our own machine, Shreddy Kruger The best part of this story is that the Shreddy Kruger was built out of recycled machinery that had already been retired. Glen Cuthbert So being the winner of the Green Globe Award in the category of Waste and Recycling was just an incredible achievement for us. You know we come from a rural community.

And to be able to take out an award like the Green Globe Award is just a fantastic achievement for us. But it also gave us quite a bit of, I guess, prominence in our supply chain community as well. Just being a. the type of partner that people wanted to do business with. You know Mars Pet Care was seen as being a preferred supplier because of our sustainability efforts and the Green Globe Awards has a lot to do with that. We've got a lot to thank for being part of that programme.

60 Kilowatts On Grid Solar Panel System For A Cherry Farm In Young NSW

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SolarPath Solar Panel Sydney

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Tariff Cut Leaves NSW Solar Industry Reeling.Australian Solar Energy Society chief executive John Grimes discusses a cut to the tariff offered to people who feed power from solar panels back into the grid..

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ABC News24 The Business (15/10/14).University of NSW students drive Sunswift solar car into the record books Fed up with soaring petrol prices and mounting fuel bills If a group of bright young..

Tariff Cut Leaves NSW Solar Industry Reeling.Australian Solar Energy Society chief executive John Grimes discusses a cut to the tariff offered to people who feed power from solar panels back into the grid..

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