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Hi, my name is John Burnett. Were on the roof of the HI Miami Beach Hostel right next to our and newly installed solar array. It's right in the heart of South Beach. One block from the beach. One block from Lincoln Road. One block from Espanola Way and half a block from Ocean Drive. It's about as close to the action is gets. That right there generates 10,000 watts every sunny hour there is. There are 42 solar panels. Each panel is 250 watts. Which makes it 10 kilowatt solar system.

That's like a big generator burning gasoline making all this noise. They sit there quietly. There are also 32 SunDrum solar hot water on panels which sit underneath the solar panels Every sunny hour they're doing with that and 10,000 what generator would do just by sitting there quietly The SunDrums here are enough to provide over 1,000 gallons of hot water a day to the customer. N ot only generate electricity using the same panels in the same space on the roof go ahead and heat the water as well. So the PV panels themselves collect the thermal.

Energy and the SunDrum collector underneath it absorbs that thermal energy into a fluid. That fluid is pumped off of the roof and down to two storage tanks in the basement where we heat those storage tanks up when they can get the 120 and 140 in this climate and thats preheating water that will then be delivered to the natural gas boiler that when we're not able to hear it all the way up will top it off and delivered to the hotel. Done by the free sun of Southern Florida.

Amen! Well, I think we have a finite amount of time to consume energy the way we're consuming it. W e live in a and a very large fishbowl but a fishbowl nonetheless and if we keep doing things that are harmful to it's going to catch up to us so it should be our responsibility. I have two small children they live here in Miami Beach and the I don't want Miami Beach to be under water when they're my age. People tune it out they go about their everyday lives.

Mar Vista EcoFriendly House for Sale George Chung Realtors

Welcome to 3827 Coolidge Avenue in Mar Vista. With a native plant front garden and captures the rain water. Entry to the kitchen frmo the garage. This is where we enjoy our family meals overlooking the rear yard. The island, as a breakfast bar or for any light meals. Dishwasher, dual sink, refrigerator. Check out these drawers on rollers. There's lots of them. Microwave, range oven, and more drawers. And the dining room is adjacent to the kitchen. As you can see, from this dining room, you can check out the patio and the rear yard.

And look at this big bedroom with the deep drawers, and deep closets. Isn't that wonderful Check out this savior of a closet space in the hallway. Unusual for a house this age. The room is being used as a childrens room but can be easily converted into the master bedroom with an adjoining master bathroom. In this large bedroom with the built in organizers, makes it real easy to clean up. As you can see, this would make the wonderful master bathroom suite. Another deep closet. A happy bathroom with happy colors for the happy family.

A classic large living room. Hardwood floors, crown molding, what else can you ask for Enjoy the outdoor dining right here under the patio. The solar panels on the outside of the house, brings the energy here and turns the meter in reverse here. A main electric panel with a 200 amp circuit breaker, copper plumbing and a roof 5 years old. If you're feeling hot and muggy, not to worry.And the wonderful Mar Vista breeze comes right through the dining room. Our detached studio, office, or whatever man cave or woman cave.

Off the water grid energy efficient and sustainable Science Nation

MUSIC MILES O'BRIEN It looks like a typical college apartment. But, these students, and their water supply are definitely ahead of their time. JAMES ENGLEHARDT Our objective is to develop design principles for buildings of the future that are off the grid, in terms of water and wastewater. MILES O'BRIEN With support from the National Science Foundation, University of Miami environmental engineer James Englehardt and his team created this net zero water residence hall. That means all their water is treated on site, and reused again and again in a sustainable loop.

JAMES ENGLEHARDT We're in the courtyard. This is the wastewater treatment end of this system, so the water first comes here from the apartment back there. You can see right now, actually, we're aerating the water. So, this treated water is what goes into the garage, to be treated MILES O'BRIEN In fact, unlike municipal water plants, this system even removes common household chemicals, such as cleaners even pharmaceuticals. And, it uses a lot less energy. JAMES ENGLEHARDT We spend about 80 of the energy involved in water and wastewater management moving water back and.

Forth from central treatment plants. And, only 20 percent on treatment. MILES O'BRIEN Four residents in one apartment here use the recycled water for laundry, showering, and washing dishes. Water quality gets tested three times a day. JAMES ENGLEHARDT We got the result that we had met 115 of 115 drinking water standards as analyzed by an external certified lab. I was ecstatic! MILES O'BRIEN For now, the students aren't actually drinking the treated water, or using it for cooking. They use city water for that. But, Englehardt is happy to drink it.

And has high confidence it is safe. Englehardt and architecture professor Elizabeth Plater Zyberk see many additional uses for netzero water buildings desert communities, military bases, and progressive urban developments. ELIZABETH PLATERZYBERK Even though this is a big challenge, um, it could happen in fairly short order. But, the kind of smaller, individual or corporate efforts that could be made could be very meaningful next steps. MILES O'BRIEN The students who live in the netzero water apartment are excited to be part of something important. KATELYNNE STOREY If I wasn't living in this apartment, I.

2015 CAES Donor Thank You Tutorial

background music gtgt Miss Charlotte Goldman Coming to the College of Ag has really changed my perspective on everything especially coming from D.C., Bethesda, which is superurban. Being able to see things as an ambassador going to south Georgia and seeing real working farms is really amazing to me. And the ambassador program couldn't exist without donors. So that's been really important to me in helping me develop my leadership skills and be able to talk to people as well as find out more about the State of Georgia and agriculture here.

Gtgt Dr. Wen Williams So my love was the students and I was just totally dedicated to the welfare of the students and that was true throughout my career. Even when I went into administration I was still very actively involved in student organization and working with students. And I enjoyed every bit of it. gtgt Dr. Franklin West I think we really do an excellent job at teaching. We're the college that really focuses on handson experiential learning. So we get students out to the field that are learning how to integrate all these skills that they learn in books.

Into reallife settings. gtgt Dr. William Flatt My case, I was not able to have the advantage of being able to be in the classroom and get to know the students on a daytoday basis. But one of the highlights was to be able to interact with the students and in addition to that in the Extension programs to go to Rock Eagle, to interact with a 4H club members there, to see the ones that are going to be the future leader in our state and the future students in the.

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. That was really fun to be there. gtgt Dr. West I teach two classes in animal biotechnology. I also do research here in regenerative medicine. We look for stem cell therapies for the treatment of stroke and traumatic brain injury which are both huge issues. We're also developing things for biofuels developing technology for sustainable agriculture which is really going to be important in the future with growing populations. gtgt Miss Goldman I received the Cordelia Anne Ellis scholarship which was really great because I'm an outofstate student.

So I don't get HOPE tuition. So having that extra scholarship money come in was really helpful in really reaffirmed my love for the College of Ag coming here. gtgt Dr. Williams I knew when I went into academics that I would never be rich but it turned out that I was very rich in knowing the students that I knew, the contacts that I had over so many years with so many students. gtgt Dr. West Private funding here at the university is critically important for research purposes. They allow me to ask what I call highrisk highreward questions.

So these are the type the questions that are going to lead to the development of cures of degenerative treatments. gtgt Dr. Flatt It's paid off from the standpoint of the love that these students had as a result of the experience that they had at the University of Georgia. And they're going to pay back through whatever means they have. gtgt Miss Goldman I received a grant to go to Thailand and see medicine in Thailand through a shadowing program. And being able to do that really influenced my decision to be.

A doctor and someone gave me the money to do that it definitely makes me want to give more in the future. gtgt Dr. Flatt I was the recipient of a number of scholarships I think all together, probably a dozen of them. So I knew how important it was for students to get financial support. And so I became very interested in providing additional support. gtgt Dr. William I don't ever remember putting a dollar in a scholarship that I lost. It's well invested, there's a good return on that investment.


Hey guys, it's Ryan from PauseTheMoment and today I'm going to be doing an unboxing of the Wasabi Power HERO 3 Battery and Wall Charger. For those of you who don't know about Wasabi, they make aftermarket batteries for the GoPro HERO 2 and HERO 3 cameras. They're just as good as the original battery in my opinion. But now, since I got the HERO 3, I figured I'd go check online to see if I could find the Wasabi Power HERO 3 aftermarket accessories and yeah, they have them already.

I ordered this. This is two spare HERO 3 batteries and the wall charger and car charger. Let's unbox it. Inside the Wasabi power package, you have a wall adapter with a flip out plug adapter there. Also, a jack for the car charger cord. You can plug this into the wall and charge or you can plug this into your car and charge it while you're on the road. Again, this is the car charger cord. It also comes with a european adapter so that when you're in another country you can basically just plug this on here and you're good to.

Go with the two prong. These aftermarket wasabi power batteries are 3.7 volts and they're 1200 mah versus the GoPro battery which is 1050mah and 3.7 volts. These wasabi power batteries are going to have a little bit more capacity and they should last a little longer. If you're looking to pick up some spare batteries and a wall charger for your GoPro, I would look no further than the Wasabi Power Pack. You can find it on Amazon for around $25 dollars. It sure beats buying a GoPro replacement battery.

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