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Solar Panels For Homes In Wisconsin

Power Your Entire Home Without Wires!

This episode of DNews is proudly brought to you by Subaru. BY TESLA WE'VE GOT IT! Wireless electricity might be coming to a home near you. y'know. Someday. Greetings programs, Trace here for DNews. In 1897, Nikola Tesla asexual genius and inventor extraordinaire wanted to QUOTE turn the whole world into a giant wireless dynamo. He was awarded a patent in 1907 for wireless electricity but then the Great War began and the whole thing was lost to history. Now, over a century later, researchers at MIT created wireless power transmission which.

Could realize his dream! Sort of. While Tesla was trying to power cities, this transmits wireless power around your house! Your phone, car, television, laptop, game console, controllers, remotes, toaster and every lightbulb in every frickin' lamp could all be powered by magnetic resonators. The Faraday Law of Induction describes how an electromagnet creates a magnetic field. When an electrified coil of wire is wrapped around a metal rod, the metal magnetizes. Similarly, when you pass a magnet THROUGH an unpowered coil of wire, the magnet creates electricity. Physics is awesome.

Researchers at MIT found a way to turn simple physics into a wireless way to transmit electricity using a similar technology to WiFi. By plugging in a resonator to the alternating current outlet in your wall, the device creates a magnetic oscillation. The magnetic field of the resonator is large enough to mingle with nearby coils installed in the walls and floors of your house and ultimately into every device and BOOM wireless power. One magnetic coil influences another and another all over the house. It's like the barking chain in.

101 Dalmatians! MIT spun off the technology into a funny named company called WiTricity. The system can already power televisions, cell phones and keep their special AA batteries fully charged all at the same time! To be honest, induction charging has been around for a while, as has wireless power transmission. Radio waves are wireless power, the pads you can buy to charge your cell phone, mouse or game controllers use wireless power, but this is a bit different. The ones we have now use nearfield induction and this blows it into a whole new proportion.

The problem with any of these systems, is the efficiency. Magnetic fields have to be relatively closeby to pick up other magnetic fields. The MIT researchers were able to power one 60 watt light bulb from 2 meters away but it was only 45 efficient. So they put in 133 watts to power a 60 watt bulb. Not awesome though according to the researchers, this system is 1 million times more efficient than the ones already on the market. and the CEO of WiTricity says it's 1,000 times more efficient than a battery!.

Koch Brother Admits Buying Wisconsin Governor

David coco one of course the proposed their world as above the cocaine mysteries orgasm forms of their personal prosperity actually given interview recently to the palm beach post where he had some startling admissions when talking about scott walker in wisconsin he said of course we're gonna give ackerman is on our side uses exact wills we're helping him as we should we've gotten pretty good at this over the years meaning we've gotten pretty good going given money to these guys and then they do whatever the but we don't need them.

I mean here's a guy basically saying we've been pretty good and buying off the system and that we we come in and we get the money to the politicians we get the results we get because we want second part of the school we've spent a lot of money in wisconsin we're going to spend more so he sent you people of wisconsin you think you're voting you think you have a fair election you know and but what do you what do you actually happy of millions of dollars of coke money.

In their buying these ads for walker with an attempt to deceive you so that walker could fire union workers of the coke industries asa payless further workers among many other benefits that they get logo look crony capitalism et cetera et cetera as they become says we've gotten pretty good at this you know how to do this to you you can i get you out by guys watched uh. on the president's meant the other night it was on tv and down as somebody made the comment about how did this all happened side the white.

House and someone said well they're not that bright and the thing about the coke brothers it's like so they pick this fight in wisconsin and ohio and they're losing badly and we like a lot to be really began they're not that right scott walker not so smart of the cold brothers not that bright day i think what they're trying to do we know what the polar billions of dollars is backfiring on them in wisconsin and ohio and uh. has delayed the co brothers are pretty bright distance of the wall.

Although overall a number of us here you know they're little and every time yes well it's not that hard to do when you have that minority becomes musing smarts to do it look at how they've screwed up in wisconsin and ohio label classic overreach too quickly hearings it's i don't think it's a matter of smart enough smart i think it's a matter of two things one robbers always decree at the it's a human nature one oh one number two they feel invincible because they feel like we've got this thing figured out many we've been doing.

UnboxingReview Bresser Solar Power Charger

Hi, welcome to the tutorial reviewunboxing of the Bresser Solar Power Charger, a compact and pratical solar charger. The packaging is well done and shows the various features of the charger with information and figures on each side of the box. In the rear we find the list of devices that can be charged and a description of the charger and of its parts. Out of the box, the device is protected by a piece of cardboard in which we find all the equipment. Endowment that includes Bresser Solar Power Charger, instruction manual in English and German, 4 rubber suckers, USB cable, 11 connectors, cable connectors.

The Solar Power Charger has many accessories, from the connectors to the suction cups to attach it to various surfaces. The instructions are written both in English and German, and explain clearly and detailed how to correctly use the device. The connectors are 11 x2 Nokia, iPhoneiPod, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, female USB, Mini USB, Nintendo DS Lite, Sony PSP. You can connect them directly to the output of the charger or using the supplied cable. The charger is very light and compact, it weighs only 100 grams fits easily into any pocket or compartment thanks to its compactness height 11,5cm x 7cm wide x 2cm deep.

On one side we find the USB port to charge the device from a PC, the port to which connect one of the 11 connectors and a button to select the voltage. The back is used for the insertion of four suction cups to attach the charger on smooth surfaces like plastic, glass or metal. The capacity of the battery charger is 2000mAh, not a little considering the size of the charger and more than enough in emergency situations or to fully charge a smartphone. The charger will take from 7 to 9 hours to charge via USB while charging via solar panels estimated time is about 12 hours. The duration of the internal battery is around 46 hours.

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