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Solar Panels For Home Reliant

Elon Musk on Superchargers and Renewable Energy

What we're trying to do over time is go to a 100 percent renewable power generation for our solar charge, our supercharge stations. We've sort of temporarily not added solar power, because in the interest of just having national and international coverage so you can drive anywhere in the US or Europe or Asia using superchargers. We haven't constrained that so that every supercharger has to have solar panels. There are a few that have solar panels, most don't. But in the long term, all of them will either have solar panels or otherwise get their power.

From renewable sources. And in long term expected to be solar panel to a stationary battery pack so that the solar panels can charge the stationary battery pack over the course of the week and then that stationary battery pack can then buckle the energy and release it during peak times. Cause what we see with superchargers is huge differences in usage. And you can imagine like when people go away for the weekend, like Friday nights and Saturday nights, Friday and Sunday, Friday nights and Sunday nights, huge peak usage, people are going somewhere, like on a family trip for the weekend.

Star Trek 4 The Voyage Home 110 Movie CLIP The General Idea 1986 HD

About 60 feet, admiral. Can you enclose it to hold water I suppose I could. Planning to take a swim Off the deep end. We've got to find some humpbacks. Humpbacked people Whales, mr. Scott. Whales. About 45 to 50 feet long. About 40 tons each. You're trying time travel in this rust bucket We've done it before. Slingshot around the sun. Don't pick up enough speed And you're fried. Prefer to do nothing I prefer common sense. You're proposing that we go backwards in time To find humpback whales, Bring them forward in time,.

Basic Home Maintenance How to Drain a Water Heater

Hi, I'm Tim Gipson and I'm going to talk to you about how to drain your water heater. Now if your water heater goes out, the first thing that you want to do before you change it, is you're going to drain it. So what you'll need is you're going to need a common garden hose will be fine, and the hose you select, you want to make sure that it's long enough because you want to take this hose and you want to run it all the way out to the road.

So that what you drain will go down into your storm sewers on your street. Every water heater down here at the bottom of the tank has this outlet, and again it just takes a standard hose attachment so what we'll do is we just screw this on, now very important safety tip right here is you never want to drain a water heater that has hot water in it. Okay, because there actually is pressure that can be built up inside the tank. So two things that you want to remember. Now when you're draining it in this case too, you also want to make.

Sure that your valve is closed at the top. This does have a vent here at the top, and you will need also as you see it has a little lever here, and I'm not going to do it for demonstration 'cause this is a live water here, but we want to flip this up and this actually acts as a vent line. So close your supply line, you will open your drain line, and then you'll also open this vent line. And the vent line is what will allow the water.

CQi Smart Microgrid Management System Intro

Ladies and gentlemen It's my pleasure to present to you CQi Smart Energy Management System As you can see This is our newest product CQi Smart Energy Management Box This product also wins the 2012 Computex Best Choice Award We use ICT technology to detect the energy and we provide the energy efficiency and safty environment to our end customers and those products.are. checking the power information and to our smart building controller and through our server pass to the cloud, internet so.no matter where you are you can control all the energy information.

In your home and we provide. like the overload protection function overheat protect function and also, we have the context management for example you can grouping all the lightings for your home moreover. For you go outside the OUT MODE can shut down all the equipments just in one key press If you have any emergency that including the overload or overheat situation you will easily just press the button and all the system, all the software and also your mobile phone can receive the signal immediately and we can also can combine our system.

Marjory Wildcrafts Grow Your Own Groceries Trailer

Gtgt Are you concerned about living in difficult times, well check this out. gtgt Marjory This DVD training is for those seeking to grow more of their own food using as little store bought feed or fertilizers as possible. The filming has been done on a family farm where we depend on these systems to grow a significant part of our diet. gtgt If you've ever considered growing some or all of your family's food this DVD may be for you. It's a tutorial tutorial to get you started and a reference to come back to as your skills.

And systems expand. Learn about water gtgt Marjory Different qualities of water depend on its source. Rain water is the best water and is often called the gold standard for garden plants and trees. Nothing brings your garden to life like a good rain. Pond water is the next best water if the pond is healthy and contains life and fertility. The guideline of about an inch of water per week is also appropriate in the garden. You can use this same equation to estimate how much water you will need based on how.

Many square feet of garden space you have. gtgt Vegetable garden. gtgt Marjory Different layers of soil have different levels of biological activity and the biointensive method takes care not to overly disturb soil layers. Regardless of your soil type, continuously adding compost is the main key to fertility. Clay soils, sandy soils, rocky soils,compost fixes them all. gtgt Raising rabbits. gtgt Marjory Rabbits are an easy food source to grow in a very small space. In our garden we have an eight cage rabbit hutch. Each cage has five square feet of space.

One buck and three brooding does take up four cages and the remaining four cages are used to grow up the babies. You can get about 90 rabbits a year from a setup like this. gtgt Home butchering. gtgt Marjory Rabbit fires are harvested when they are about two months old and weigh somewhere between three and a half and four and a half pounds. gtgt Poultry. gtgt Marjory Having chickens in your yard is a real delight. Chickens are a valuable part of your food production system. There are many different ways to keep chickens.

Are criteria of using little or no commercially bought feed and doing as little work as possible shaped the system that we've developed. gtgt Integrating dogs into your system. gtgt Marjory To make sure the dogs have easy access to every area we need protected, we cut this hole into the fence which lets the dogs through but keep the geese in. gtgt Growing perennials. gtgt Marjory Perennial plants are bushes, vines and trees that you plant once and they continue to grow year after year. Geese are a good complement to an orchard if you have room for them.

We put fresh water into shallow tubs placed beneath our fruit trees. The geese love it and they bathe and preen, copulate and of course defecate in the water making a good old mess which is wonderful stuff for the fruit and nut trees. We rotate the tubs around the orchard and every tree gets this liquid fertilizer every two or three months. gtgt Much more. gtgt Marjory The sweet potato is as efficient in caloric production and space requirements. Amazingly enough, the sweet potato does well in less than fertile soils.

Aspirated Radiation Shield Apogee Instruments

In the past, when measuring air temperature and humidity in remote locations researchers have always had to sacrifice accuracy to conserve power using naturally aspirated radiation shields that can produce temperature errors up to 3 degrees C. To solve this problem Apogee Instruments proudly introduces the TS100 Lowpower aspirated radiation shield representing a breakthrough in design and performance by yielding the same consistent and accurate measurements as the best aspirated shields on the market while drawing only 80mA and as low as 28mA on low power mode. How is this possible.

It's all about the design. The internal variable speed fan uses pulse width modulation and can be configured to reduce power usage in certain weather conditions, while the shield body features a Coanda inlet and Venturi contour to enhance air flow allowing accurate measurements in both strong winds and still air. Finally the shield is manufactured in a high precision injection molding process using Geloy plastic which offers low thermal conductivity maximum weather durability and a glossy white finish for high reflectivity. The TS100 is compact, lightweight, and rugged allowing for easy and extended deployment in the harshest of climates.

Solar PV Inspection Walkthrough Interconnection 7 of 8

We're at our last stop on the inspection. Here we have the PV system main disconnect. This is an 800 amp threephase switch that's fused. On our checklist, we're on the interconnection portion of the checklist. On the site, we're located in the main electrical room of the property. With the plans, we're located on page E13. We can look at the plan and get a good idea of where we're at in relationship to the rest of the system. At this point in the project, the whole system is shut down. We can see at the main switch here that this.

System is off. At this point nothing is running. This switch gets its power from the main service equipment. Here we have the main breaker for the service for the school Located on the top side is the supply side of this switch, so the conductor is attached here as you can see in the picture are from the transformer supplied by the utility. From there, the supply side connected service conductors go across this box and through the short pipe stubs. Let's take a look inside. Inside the disconnect here, we can see this is the service.

Conductors on the right. This is the inverter output circuit. The colors are brown, orange, yellow. They represent a 480volt threephase system. There is 3800 amps 600volt rated fuses. The grounding is located here on the top left hand side. Commonly, with these enclosures, the things that people do wrong are they don't protect the conductors properly. They don't identify the conductors, and they'll be missing a ground or something like that. On the exterior of the box, we can notice we've got a code violation. Here on the front of the enclosure, we've got a label. What's important to remember.

About labeling anything in a PV system is you want to identify what it is, what it does. Here we've got a Photovoltaic utility AC disconnect switch main. I would say that defines what it is and what it does. Additionally, we've got a requirement to identify the nominal operating voltage of the system which is 480 and the operating current of the system, which is in this case 632 Amps. Additionally, what we would need here is another label. That label is a requirement from section 705.10. Basically, what that says is that when you have more than one source, you've.

Got a utility here and we've got a PV system on the roof. We have to identify where those source disconnects are. In this case, we've got a source disconnect for the utility here in the basement and then outside where we just were at the inverters. It's important to understand we get permission to have the switch installed on the supply side of the service conductors in section 705.12 of the NEC and previously in 2008 in 690.64. Both of those articles are going to. sections are going to reference back to 230.86 where.

Reliant Home Solutions Tutorial Santa Fe Springs, CA United S

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DIY Solar Panel System Small Affordable Set Up

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