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Solar Panels Florida Homes

FloridaSingapore Team Interview Solar Decathlon 2015

Gtgt Team We are the University of Florida and National University of Singapore and Santa Fe College. gtgt Female The name is Solar Living House. So, that says a lot about what we're trying to do making livability a big priority, but it's the spatial organization, really thinking about our target audience as a median Florida family of average means, thinking about how we can design a home, not just a house for research that's not very interpersonal or things like that. So, we thought a lot about lifecycle costs, how to design a home that really grows.

With the family and really adjusts to different seasons of life. gtgt Male So we really wanted to make a house that is not this, like, foreign thing with all this technology, but that's really approachable. gtgt Female We actually already have a client. Since we are partnering with Alachua Habitat for Humanity, we have an elderly couple that we're building the house for, so we're building it kind of along the competition guidelines at first and then once we bring it back to Gainesville, we'll be adding on another bedroom module.

Solar Panels for Your Home AmberGreen Energy

Solar panels for your home Well my reasons for installing solar panels in my home were mainly to do with reducing the cost of my electricity bill and secondly to get a better return for my money than I've been getting at present because interest rates are so low and also thirdly to reduce my carbon footprint I contacted amber green and a representative came along and spoke to me about it and informed me how my investment would actually make me money as well as saving me money on my electricity bills.

And I found it very clear he left me to mull over the information me a given me and when I was ready I contacted them so I found it and easy enough to understand that this is a governmentbacked scheme and that I would be paid about a nine percent return on my money for the next twenty years and I felt that as it was government based my money was a safe investment for me. Having looked at the data I came to the conclusion that this was a better investment than some of ISAs.

This was such an easy process for me. On Monday morning at eight o'clock there were men at my gate and by four o'clock afternoon I was producing electricity. I absolutely love the solar panels an the fact that I am not polluting the environment I love the fact that I can use my appliances to me it's for free. It's a lovely feeling think you're not creating pollution at least you're doing your little bit well if anyone is thinking of installing solar panels for their homes I would say, don't think about it just do it.

Solar Panel Spotlight

STUART BLOCK One of the things that got me started with this initially was the University's 2025 goal of being a carbon neutral campus.I had actually asked our house mom if I could see our electricity bills and realized we are paying way too much money. JOHN LAWSON We've had projects that initiated and gone down those paths with various other technologies, lighting and some other types but not from a student or a fraternity member and making their house. STUART BLOCK This is only the second solar system installed on a fraternity house in the entire country.

JOHN LAWSON I met Stuart actually via email. He was inquiring how to get solar here on campus and how to do more to participate in energy conservation at his fraternity. STUART BLOCK We talked to them about the potential to get some additional funds to make it a more affordable investment. And they gave us that opportunity to pay back that loan through service hours. JOHN GONOS So our panels generate electricity when the sunlight hits them. The micro inverters on the back convert the DC electricity into AC electricity. That AC electricity is tied.

Directly into the building right on the roadside of the meters. So if the building needs it it'll be used by the building first. The electricity will go to the building first. Any excess will go back through the meter into the grid. STUART BLOCK I think this is definitely really important given the context of time that we're living in. You know, this is the first time that sustainability is really an oppressing issue. It's something that, you know, we all recognize is going to need to happen in the future for us to be more sustainable and sustain.

Florida Intl Virtual Tour Solar Decathlon 2011

Music We were very excited to finally be here because it took a long time to, first of all, get selected as one of the teams. Develop the house, finalize it, build it in Miami, ship it here and put it back together. Our main idea for the core is a centralized core, which affords an open floor plan and maximizes efficiency. So all of your electrical lines, your plumbing lines are contained within that core, making it a lot more efficient. Some of the things other things we integrated were sustainability. Obviously, our materials.

Are either recycled, recyclable. Other features are accessibility, which means that any handicapped user would be able to function freely and in this house perfectly. As you know, it gets really hot in Florida. Well, you can maximize crossventilation with the nanowall. So you can really open up the space. With the overhang, the interior space really extends out, so your living space is a lot larger than just the interior square foot. Also, in Miami, we have lots of nice views. So it helps with the views and helps with.

Day lighting, as you can see. We have perfect lighting in here. You don't really have to depend so much on energy. The name of the house is The Perform Dance House. That quality is in the sense of the idea that the core performs. This one centralized unit, as you can see, we have the kitchen on one side. It provides all the needs of the users. The idea was that on one side you have the kitchen. On the other side, you have the living room. Then on this side, you have a private bed space, which is off to the side. And when.

Team Florida Virtual Tour Solar Decathlon 2011

Music Well, we named our project FleX House. The flexibility of the space, the flexibility of the house, itself, when it's being put together from before you even enter the house, I think the approach becomes unique because of the shading element. Once you start approaching the house, you're already sort of entering a zone of transition that starts shading you and lowering the temperature at which you're at and making the space more comfortable. This is our umbrella louver system of cypress louvers that are meant to shade the house.

As much as possible from, like, the hot Florida months. So the air automatically is cooler between the louver system and just the wall of the house. The idea of the entry to the house was to compress you a little bit and architecturally make you feel that you're coming into an intimate space, the space of your home. Once you enter that space, however, you come onto an open floor plan and that contrast makes the space really feel much larger than it probably is. Again, that combined with the fact that we have the large glass facade and we're able.

Florida Solar Power Tutorial

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Home Solar Power System Miami, FL

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