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Solar Panels Efficiency Table

Clean Energy Demand Solar Panels Power IKEA Pew

MIKE WARD The modern view on sustainability within IKEA, we've identified three change drivers, and one of those change drivers is energy independence and resource independence for the future. We had a program a few years ago that we called IKEA Goes Renewable, and that was meant to sort of get us kick started. So far, we've been able to achieve the step that 50 of our energy use is from renewable sources. I'm talking about globally now. We want to get to 70 by 2015, and by 2020, we actually want.

To produce more energy from renewable sources than we consume in the total operation. In the short term, of course it helps us reduce our carbon footprint, it helps us save cost. We have 38 stores in the US, and at the moment, we have 35 who are fitted with solar installations and one that has a geothermal installation. What is it actually used for It's for everything from refrigeration in our Swedish food markets, running our cash registers, charging the fork lifts, lighting the building. The stores are pretty big operations.

There's a lot going on, and we use it for all of those uses. I mean, you name it, it helps. What we've done so far is equal to 38 megawatts. If you translate that to something easy to understand, it can power 90,000 homes. We've always been extremely economical in our use of resources. The reason is because in order to deliver low prices, you have to be very, very efficient, so that sits in our DNA. We know that sense we put these installations on our roofs, we spend less on energy and that's proven, so we're.

Harnessing natures solar cells

Leaves and plants are nature's solar panels the first step in photosynthesis is to change sunlight into a little bit of electricity, that then, gets converted into the processes of life. If we manage to somehow hijack the molecules that are responsible for photosynthesis in plants and other photosynthetic organisms, and use them to generate electricity for our own needs, this would represent a fantastic and disruptive new step in the way we generate solar power or electricity in general. So imagine if the raw material for a solar panel would be something that you.

Normally think of as trash, and you actually pay people to take away. Imagine that your grass clippings can become the active ingredient in a solar panel that you can create in your own home. The way that you would do it is take something green and extract the protein that is at the center of photosynthesis. That is not very hard, it's not as hard as it sounds anyway the hard part is once you've extracted this protein, how do you stabilize it and how do you make sure that it still continues operating continues.

Living, in a sense inside of a solar panel, while normally it is used to living inside of a plant. That is a problem that we have attacked here at the lab, and after many years of research we've managed to make the process of extracting this protein and stabilizing it and putting it on a surface that is made in a way that allows for a photovoltaic effect to happen, to be very easy. So the dream is to eventually be able to send people just the stabilizing powder that is benign and inexpensive and entirely easy.

To work with and has a long shelflife and doesn't mind being transported by truck over unimproved roads. And then all the people who would be interested in doing this have to do is find some kind of substrate, some kind of piece of metal, let's say this, or a piece of glass, and use any of the various protocols that we have described into making this a little rougher so it has a higher surface area, so they can capture more light and have higher efficiency, soak it in the green goo that they've added the stabilizing.

Peptides to, and that's basically it. After that you can connect a couple wires and charge a battery, use it to illuminate something you've got electricity from the sunlight. And the idea is because we have lowered the difficulty involved in making solar power that we're going to allow crowds, and one hopes thousands of people, to try it and figure out what works for them and what local materials they can find, perhaps in their backyard or they can find it in the junkyard, what works for them to become not only.

NASA Silicon Germanium Quantum Well Solar Cell

Music The silicon germanium quantum well solar cell is a combination of different technologies, one based on our silicon germanium technology and the other is based on the quantum well and both of these increase the efficiency of the solar cell. The highest efficiency in a solar cell is when you have a single crystalline material and this is unique because this single crystalline silicon germanium, so you have higher mobility because the germanium has three times the mobility of silicon and also because you have a quantum well. When you have a quantum well, you confine the electrons to one plane and the only way that you can.

Create a quantum well is to precisely control the layer thicknesses when you build up your solar cell. And this is something that we can do in our lab. Another thing that makes this unique is that it's built on the sapphire substrate, so you can actually light it from the back side. Unlike conventional silicon solar cell, the light isn't lost by the conductive layer. That means higher efficiency. NASA would use that on spacecraft or any power application because if you have a more efficient solar cell that means you need less of them.

And so you have less weight and it takes up less volume. The commercial sector would also benefit because you can have smaller devices that have the same power requirements as a silicon solar cell but the solar cell would be much smaller. We knew something like this could replace that because it's a whole different structure it's a whole different way of looking at it. And so the silicon germanium technology has resulted in six patents so far and it and numerous different applications, so some of our other Research efforts are also based.

How to Make a Folding Table

Back to our tool tip, where we show you how to build this fold away Christmas table that seats up to 10 people out of these materials and simple hand tools. First thing we do, measure and mark the piano hinge. Certainly, take that end out. Yep. There you go, measure 2380. Piano hinge is just actually normal hinge although it comes in a continuous roll and it's used on pianos. Piano hinge is available from leading hardware stores and is perfect to join the 2 leaves of our table top.

Now when you cut it you better off closing it up so that it's a thicker piece of material and use a very fine tooth blade just so that it doesn't catch on the thin metal. It cuts easily with a hack saw. That's great, that's the long piece, that's to join the 2 leaves of the tabletop. Now we are going to cut 2 small ones for the legs. Yep. You right At 680 I think we need it. 680, yep. We then position the 2 leaves of the table top together and attach the hinge using small.

Long thread screws. Now if you are used to using these self drilling screws you wont need to drill a pilot hole. If not, you may have to drill a small one and before you start, make sure the hinge is dead align with the join. The screws are sharp and provided you start slowly, they go in easily. We then position the hinge, ensuring that it's straight and fix into position. That's great, then you do exactly the same thing with the legs. Ow! Pfft. We then repeat this on the 2 sets of legs and drill a central hole for the safety rope.

So, having tied a knot into 1 end of about half the length of rope, thread it through the holes and tie off the other end once you have opened the legs to 90 degrees as a safety precaution so it doesn't over open and keeps the table nice and stable. And now to stop the table top from moving around on the legs we are going to put a couple of locator dowels in the end of each leg about 30mm in from the end. We then glue and insert the locator dowels which help hold the table top steady.

Once you have cut off the dowels, sand off the edges so they slip in easily. Ally OOo. Then you place both sets of legs at each end of the table top and mark the position for the dowels. About 100mm in from each end but make sure that the hinges face opposite each other. You got that Dene Yes I have, yes. Good. If you haven't got a depth guide for your drill and you wanna avoid going all the way through your table top just mark with a bit of tape or nail polish or something the right.

Depth on your bit before you start drilling. In Yeah that's it. Ok, well there it is, it really is as simple as that but before you finish it with vanish or the stain that you like, just sand the corners off, cos' they can be sharp and you don't want any accidents. And we better get a move on. Yeah we gotta make sure the paint's dry before Christmas lunch. Not far away. Start sanding. Once painted, our Christmas table looks great and easily seats 10 and it folds away easily.

10,000 solar panels coming to Chicopee


Ooitech 20MW solar panel production line factory build in Egypt finished panel come out.

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Solar Fuels A grand challenge of 21st century chemistry Science Nation

MUSIC HARRY GRAY If they're gonna be useful solar materials, they've got to absorb visible light. MILES O'BRIEN Caltech Chemistry Professor Harry Gray is meeting with some of his troops in this laser laboratory. HARRY GRAY It's a tungsten aerial isocyanide. It absorbs an enormous amount of blue light MILES O'BRIEN Troops Well, Gray holds an unusual title. HARRY GRAY I'm the commanding general of the solar army! MILES O'BRIEN With support from the National Science Foundation and its Center for Chemical Innovation in Solar Fuels, Gray, his troops and a team of worldclass chemists are.

Spearheading a special campaign to harness the sun's energy to make renewable fuels. HARRY GRAY It is artificial photosynthesis that's what this is. It's using manmade components to do what nature has been doing for billions of years. MILES O'BRIEN They're searching for a metal oxide catalyst, essentially a chemical converter that will put the energy in sunlight to work breaking apart water molecules to make hydrogen fuel. That's where the lasers come in. Today, they are testing tungsten compounds to see how effective they are in splitting H2O into H's and O's. Up until now, the.

Most effective catalysts have used pricy precious metals. HARRY GRAY We have demonstrations where we can split water with sunlight, with high efficiencies. It's just, they cost so much right now. More importantly, the materials that are in them are scarce. Platinum is a good example. So, our program is aimed at getting earthabundant materials, things like iron and cobalt and tungsten. MILES O'BRIEN Gray's solar army includes college and high school kids from around the country, even Europe. Their primary task help identify the best catalysts out of millions.

Korea opens solar innovation center in Chungcheongnamdo province

It was a very fitting sunny day for the opening of an innovation center dedicated to the solar energy industry.part of the Park Geunhye administrations creative economy drive. The president was there for the ceremony and promised her full support for small and midsized firms there. Shin Semin reports. Koreas eleventh innovation center opened Friday with great fanfare in Cheonan in the western province of Chungcheongnamdo. The opening of the center which is dedicated to the solar energy sector coincides with Koreas drive to go green by cutting carbon emissions seeking renewable energy sources and lessening its dependence on fossil.

Fuels. President Park Geunhye who spoke at the opening ceremony promised to foster the solar energy industry by spurring innovation in the sector and helping smallandmidsized companies extend their reach into the global market. The center will provide support to small and midsize companies to help develop this new market which involves products powered by solar energy and related startups in the solar industry. President Park also referred to a global solarpowered product market that grows more than 15percent annually. She added that the global shift towards going green and using clean energy instead of fossil fuels poses great challenges but said.

It offers a myriad of opportunities for the Korean economy. To support the new center Hanwha Group has unveiled its plan to build a selfsustainable solarpowered island by wiping out diesel power generators and replacing them with solar panels. Hanwha Q CELLS one of the worlds leading photovoltaic companies is also investing some 27million U.S. dollars to build a plant in the western coastal city of Seosan. that will help smaller firms test their products. The government plans to open six more creative economy centers by the end of June bringing the total to 17 nationwide.

NRELs Sustainable Campus Overview

Welcome to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the Department of Energy's premier laboratory for research in energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. The technologies that we develop here at NREL are what help build a sustainable campus. NREL began with first LEED platinum federal building, the Science and Technology Facility, in 2006. Since then NREL has built seven LEED certified buildings, six of them platinum. The RSF is our flagship netzero energy project. Some the key strategies for efficiency and sustainability include maximizing the use of daylighting. So if you walk around the building when it's sunny out, the lights.

Will be dimmed or off across the whole building and lighting is usually one the biggest end uses in any commercial office building. The RSF also incorporates a large PV array for offsetting all of our energy use. We have a 2.6 megawatts of solar panels on the roof in our parking that on an annual basis, make more energy than the building uses. Usually, parking garages are tucked away and hidden, not central elements of sustainability but for us it's different. It also helps to power buildings, it has a large PV array on the roof. It.

Has electric vehicle charging stations for facility vehicles and staff vehicles to charge off the sun. The Energy Systems Integration Facility, or the ESIF, is a one of a kind research facility on our campus here, it is our flagship facility for integrating renewables into our energy systems. We have a supercomputer in ESIF that is the world's most energyefficient supercomputer in that it doesn't require mechanical air conditioning to cool it, enabling it to be one of the most efficient, if not the most efficient computer in the world. The cafeteria was built with a lot of daylighting,.

Radiant heating, all the equipment in it is energy starrated. It's a LEED Platinum cafeteria which is pretty rare and a leader in how to reduce energy use in commercial kitchens. So when the water comes off all of our roofs, in a big rain event, we divert it to our landscaping and ends up in our super pond which is a way to keep the water from flooding out the water system and streams we have in Golden. We have a living laboratory in our high performance buildings. We have a lot of metering, a lot of knowledge.

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